Friday, October 31, 2008


I cannot tell you how awful I feel about this. We've been keeping Rocky on a tie out since he was jumping the fence by the steps. For some stupid, idiotic reason, neither me nor my husband thought to check the length of the tie out. For the last few days, Rocky hasn't had any water. I mean, nothing. He normally spends his days outside, where there is a steady supply of water, unless he's on a tie out. I went to let him in tonight and he was tangled up around a tree. He kept looking towards where the water is but never made an attempt to go TO the water after I took him off the tie out. And you know why? Because overall, he's a really good dog. He knew it was time to go inside and knew he needed to stay with me. I had just mopped the backroom so when we came back in the house, there were still a few wet spots. He went to those and decided that no matter how thirsty he was, THOSE were not drinkable. ;) It was at about that time that the bells went off in my head. I filled his bowl with water. I swear, I've never heard a dog drink like that. He might as well of had a straw. It made me sick to think that all this time, he's been thirsty and expecting us to take care of it for him and we haven't. I didn't give him a lot of water tonight as I was afraid he would make himself sick. He had that bowl and then smaller amounts since then. I'll be giving him some more at least one more time before I go to bed. I can't even explain how badly I feel.


Wes said...


You have a lot on your mind, and no matter what you forget, it is to easy to forget! It can be things like this ,and other stuff that you do all the time. The brain is in the human body, and can slip sometimes. Please don't be hard on yourself! You caught it in time, and the doggy will be just fine!

I have done similar things in the past, and it can happen sometimes. I know you love animals, and would never want anything bad to happen to them ,and that you care deeply about Rocky! I hope you guys have fun this evening, and enjoy the moments that you share with your family! :)


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Jamie, I often realize that my dog has had no water too sometimes. He will usually follow me around and stare at me if I'm at the sink if he hasn't. Don't beat yourself up, no harm came to him.

Beth said...

Jamie, I know you feel bad, and I would, too, but he's okay. That's the important thing! Wes is right, you just had a lot on your mind, so please don't beat up on yourself. Puppy is A-okay!

Hugs, Beth