Saturday, November 1, 2008


After about an hour of listening to Cash (doberman) and the two aussie boys bark, I decided someone needed to be let out to see if there was anyone out there. It's a pretty easy decision for me as to who to let out. It comes down to who will eat a person that is trespassing, rather than lick. Aside from Molly, Cash is the most protective. He went out and something was surely bothering him out there but after a few minutes, he got a drink of water and then just stared off towards whatever was out there. It was probably just a raccoon but being that it is very late on Halloween and there are quite a few parties within walking distance of my house, I figure better safe than sorry. Normally, I would've let Molly out but again, it is Halloween and it could've easily been kids playing a prank. Cash isn't going to go straight for the kill, Molly would. Molly is an attack first, deal with the consequences later type of dog. Cash would lay chase but I don't think he'd attack someone unless they gave him a reason to do so. Whatever was out there, probably won't be coming back after having a seventy pound dog chase them.
Jasmine did really good for her first time "really" trick-or-treating. She never once said trick-or-treat to anyone who was at the door but she did say thank you a lot. It was funny to see a three year old go up to the houses that had people in scary masks and costumes and then see an eight year old who wouldn't go near them. The only one that really seemed to freak her out was the teenager in a werewolf mask. She just stared at him and held on to her daddy's hand for dear life. We were out for over an hour and the kid scored a lot of candy in a small amount of time. (there weren't many houses with lights on, so there was more walking than knocking) She really seemed to enjoy it once we got going. One of the first houses we went to, a lady came to the door with cat ears on and then suddenly a dog almost as tall as Jasmine came and stuck his nose right up to hers. She just petted him gently on the head. Nice dog, just a little "nosy." There were a few other houses with dogs but none that we were able to touch. The owners were either outdoors already (in the case of the pit bull house, which.. well I don't really think they were all that pet-able) or the dogs were put in another part of the house. Several people had their dogs out for trick-or-treating. One was a little chi-chi that I swear had the same outfit Jasmine had on! I'm not a big fan of the chi-chi's or similar breeds but this little puppy was adorable. And there was one cat out. He was on a deck and sat so still that you wouldn't have known he was alive if he wasn't blinking. All in all, it was a successful event.
I did get myself a nice brace for my wrist. This one is actually made for women and my size. I would've slept in my husband's last night but it kept slipping around on my hand. I've read that you can go without them during the day as long as you were them at night. I'll try to sleep with it on and then during the day if it's bothering me.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sounds like a successful first Halloween outing. Glad you had fun and there were no incidents.

Hope your wrist is feeling better today :o)

Beth said...

Sounds like it was a great time out last night! I bet Jasmine was so cute! I look forward to pics!

Love, Beth

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good night, and Jasmine enjoyed herself! I know we did, and our weather was nice too! Most of the lights were not on for us either, but we did good on candy foe me, I mean MJ! I hope your wrist feels better. Have good morning, and a great Sunday!


Indigo said...

I have Carpel Tunnel in both wrist. I know it can be a pain in the ass with those braces on. Sounds like Jasmine had a blast trick or treating. I did the same thing with Pickles, kept her inside until the late hours. She's a working dog, but tends to get protective on our property. All in all not a bad thing. (Hugs)Indigo