Thursday, October 2, 2008


The husband and the little girl have been quite moody as of lately. Husband is stressed from work and little girl is just, well, mean. I think I've had about enough of it as of today however and am losing my patience with both of them. Mean little girl can get away with a little more because she's only 3. Husband wants me to take the binky from her effect immediately, however husband gets to escape from the tantrums, I am stuck with them. I bought her two new ones tonight. He knew I was going to do it but it was actually a part of my plan to remove them from her all together. I took the one that she had earlier today and cut the tip of it off. She wants nothing to do with it now and that's the only one that I will take anywhere with us. She asks for a binky, she'll get a binky but it's not going to be what she had in mind. I briefly tested the waters to see how she would react tonight if I told her (as we were going to bed) that it was the only binky we had and she curled her lip and began frantically searching for a "real" binky. We went to bed without one. Well, ok, she didn't know I had one hidden in case of major breakdown. It didn't take long for her to start to get upset and I said 'Oh, look what I found.' I didn't go into it tonight with the plan of holding out on her so I don't feel as if I've failed some mommy test. I would like her to be done with them by the time the baby is born but if she still has them at bedtime, I'm not going to have a nervous breakdown over it. Honestly, it's a bit of guilt on my part. I know that her life, as she's known it, is about to change drastically and I feel badly taking away her little piece of comfort. My husband seems to think it will be as easy as taking away the bottle but he seems to have forgotten that she was pretty much done with the bottle on her own so it wasn't a huge ordeal for anyone. If she was attached to some toy or a blanket, there would be no pushing to get her to be independent from it but since it's a binky and so many people flip when they see a toddler with one, it's an issue. *sigh*

For those of us who are transitioning from AOL to blogger, I've been trying to figure out how to have alerts sent to your mailbox when a new blog has been written but it's taking a little time. I know one of the blogs on here that I read (not from AOL) has a gadget that she uses but I haven't been able to figure out how to get it on mine. It's through feedburner and you just type your email into it and push ok and, bingo, every entry she writes, I receive an email. I'll let you know if I figure out if you'd like to use it on your blogs. Although, I wouldn't make major changes to your blogs until AOL figures out it's head from it's ass on this issue. I've also got some advice for those of you who have already gotten your blogger name that you wish to use, if AOL is able to get the change over so that we can just push a button and have all our AOL journals transferred. You can either create a new blog with a name similar to the one you have, for example I put in mine as animalrescuerslife... I can simply add "an" to it and then leave the link till everyone gets caught up OR (and I'm not sure if this will work or how well and you could lose any current information on your blog) you can change the name of the blog you are currently using before you give AOL the url, opening up that name for use once again. I hope that didn't confuse you further. I'll let you know if I figure out an easier way before the change over occurs. I know there's a way to keep your current name AND switch everything over but I believe you need to have some idea as to how to use html and I really don't.


Beth said...

Yes, I've seen the feedburner thing, too, and have had mixed results with those who have one on their blog. I know that between all of us, we'll figure out a way to get entry alerts via email!


Wes said...

I have come to the reality, that our children are our's. Meaning who cares what others' think about the methods we use. I too, am going to take the binky away soon! MJ just turned a year and half a liitle while back, and she can't sleep without one, unless she passes out. I say, we can defeat the power of the Binky!