Friday, October 24, 2008

Baby Blues

I think it's partly the hormones and partly the withdrawaling, but I found myself freaking out at the thought that this could be my last pregnancy. My husband doesn't want anymore after this one. I want one more. I have said several times, I want to wait till we come to a set in stone decision. (he plans on getting the snip-snip when we're done ~ his idea, not mine) I wanted to wait till the one I'm carrying in started in school and the decide if I wanted one last child. I just can't imagine never getting to do all this stuff again once this baby gets bigger. No more onsies, no more first steps, no more first giggles. I want to see what it's like to have these two together for a while and then try and gauge what the next baby's response would be to mommy being pregnant again. I originally told my husband I wanted four. He said he wanted one. I said we'll compromise at three. ;) He still hasn't went for that compromise. I guess if I've got to freak about something right now, this is better than more major issues. (money) I have also stated several times, if I have gestational diabetes, I will not be having anymore and that's probably the truth. I can't go through all the sticking and poking all over again.


cw2smom said...

I remember your FIRST pregnancy! How old is Jasmine now? I don't think there was another between there that I missed, so CONGRATS on this one! far as wanting another one in the we say in Al Anon-One Day at a Time! It's going to all work out so no sense it worrying about what has or hasn't happen, or may not come to be! Have and enjoy this one and all that life brings you with it!!! Love, Lisa

Beth said...

I agree with your commenter Lisa to not worry about this right now. However, most docs will want to talk to both of you before any procedure and make sure that it's what you both want. You can cross that bridge when you come to it.

Love, Beth

Wes said...


I hear you cry, and can relate. my wife and I agreed on a number, but now she is fine with just MJ. I wanted more, and figure she could change her mind. I will not get snipped, and will not ask her to get an operation either. I will say the same thing as Beth, that you don't have to worry about that now, and that if he gets snipped, I have heard it is reverseable. Right now enjoy your time with Jasmine, and next little one, you will using the stain remover on some onsies, and counting some first steps. Before you know it your beautiful baby will be crying for Mommy to love her/Him?
Please have a pleasant day, and good evening!


Indigo said...

Jamie, I understand the worries. Some of it comes with thinking of having an empty nest and no kids left at home. (Yes, I know your young, but those feelings still surface)..I went through all these thoughts when Paul and I first got together. He never had a child, I had a teenager. In the end the risk to me was far to great to consider it.(My last pregnancy was lost due to a beating, my body has never nor will fully recover)..

So Paul accepts Skye and treats her like his own daughter. Me? I would of loved one more, but you look around at the treasures and life you do have and...somehow it's enough.

Your husband might change his mind being around the next one. Play it by ear and relax, don't worry so much about this now. You still have to give birth to this one. Who knows with Jasmine and a baby you might decide your hands are full. I'm thinking of you dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo