Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In other news...

Looks like Rocky got himself into a rescue. Although we will be "fostering" him till a home is found, at least it's something. I was so glad when the lady wrote me back and gave me the go ahead. This is the only rescue that has given me the time of day. I wrote to all the major pit bull rescues around here and got nothing. One email to this tiny rescue and he's on his way.
Everything was normal at the OB's office today. He said it was my decision whether I wanted to get the 3 hour gestational diabetes testing. I think for my peace of mind, I will. I had him get me an order so that I can get it at the other place, however. Go figure, the nurse that drew my blood, was the same nurse that took me back today and was very aware that I decided not to have my blood drawn there again. I really hope I don't need her to poke me for anything in the near future. Yikes. It was after hours for the blood bank when I got out of my appointment however so I'll have to stop down there another day to find out what I need to do beforehand.


Wes said...


I'm glad to hear that Rocky got into a rescue! I'm pleased to know that all went well at the OB's office today.


Lisa said...

Happy for Rocky, I sure hope he gets a good home.

Glad all is well with you and your appt went well.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad Rocky has a rescue and that all is well in OB land.

Indigo said...

Awesome news on Rocky. I have the phlebotomist at my dr's that doesn't like me. She refuses to talk to me, and talks to Paul. Finally I pissed her off and said I can read lips, I'm right here. Some people can be so damn rude with my deafness. Not a good thing to piss off the woman taking your blood though. (Hugs)Indigo