Sunday, October 12, 2008

Taking Bets

I'm glad to be nice and comfy in my bed. What would I do without my laptop? My uncle's cake is made and almost ready for his birthday tomorrow. I say almost because I only frosted it enough to stick the two cakes halves together. It was still a little warm to be frosted and covered. And for the second cake in a row, I got both halves out without mutilating them! Ok, those are the only two times I've gotten them out without mutilating them. We also got the cd finished today. I'm ready to go when we get up tomorrow! That's a first. ;)
Yesterday I broke down and went bra shopping. If this is TMI for you... grow up. ;) My stomach and chest are in a competition right now to see who can stick out the farthest in nine months. They're at a tie at the moment. With my first pregnancy, I went up two cup sizes, from a B to a D and never went back down. Some women would be happy about this. I wasn't. I never was the type of person that wanted bigger boobs or implants, ever. The only store in the area that now carries my size since this pregnancy, is Victoria Secret. It would be nice if I could've bought a few cheap bras till after this baby is born but that's not the way it works in that place. I'm now a 34DD. It's no wonder my back hurts. Bad giant boobs, stop growing. They also seem to be the only thing the opposite sex can look at right now. I never got the obsession with boobs. Really all they are is fatty tissue and milk ducts. If I had fat anywhere else, it wouldn't be seen as attractive but the bigger those things get, the more attention they get.
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Beth said...

Jamie, LOL as always! I'm sorry you have to shell out the money for VS bras, and I hope they calm down soon! That's got to be really uncomfortable, although I wouldn't know. :)

Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Ummm, glad the cake turned out well. No comment on the rest of the post LOL :o)

Indigo said...

They are a bit of a burdomsome thing aren't they? I had no boobs, until my daughter. Now it seems we are both the same size. JCPenney carries our size and the price is a bit more realistic. Although the guys tend to like the VS better. I keep telling Paul I want a breast reduction. They get in the way, big time....Anytime your cooking and can turn around and swipe everything off the counter, your way too top heavy...Hopefully yours get to go down a size or so after the baby, if not...(hugs)Indigo

Wes said...

I always likes a nice pair of eyes myself! The thing I loved about my wife was her glowing chipmunk cheeks. They made her smile even more bright!

The Eye Man

Lisa said...

LOL, this is too funny! You have blossomed haven't you.. ;)

I wouldn't know about the double d's or how the back feels but I can imagine it isn't very pleasant lugging all that around.