Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The weekly photos

They said we probably wouldn't even notice it. They said it would melt the second it hit the ground. They said it would only be a tiny amount. Lies, all lies! I have an inch of snow on my front porch. A full, no doubt about it, inch. I'm sure it'll be gone tomorrow morning but for now, there is snow. SNOW. In October. Shows what "they" know. I was only initially aware of the snow when I was on my way outside to get the pumpkins to murder, er, carve. After I got all the *snow* off of them, I put them by the heater to warm up. Jasmine picked out which designs to carve. Although after the first carving, she was MIA, watching tv. First up, the lumpy ghost. ;)

And then this weird guy. She actually wanted a different one, very similar to him but it wouldn't fit on the pumpkin. I had to downsize to this guy. I'd still like to do a white pumpkin but don't know if I'll find one before Halloween. These two pumpkins were extremely easy to carve. In years past, it's been like sawing through cement. These were soft and didn't offer much resistance.

This is the vine that is now in my living room. It's almost as tall as I am. This plant really creeps me out. Within 24 hours of having it in the house, it wrapped one vine completely around our antennae, almost a full foot away from it. All the flowers began faces the exact same direction, which would be towards anyone walking through to the kitchen. It's like they have eyes and are following you. I turned it to face a different direction because they were freaking me out. The plants have eyes. ;)
Jasmine with Saffron, one of the foster kittens. I have two of her and him that are cuter but she is lacking in the clothing department so until I can photoshop them, they won't be up on the internet.
Speaking of lacking clothing.... I allowed this one because you don't "see" anything. You can't blame me for making her go underwear only while getting gooey with pumpkin guts. I think she enjoyed ripping the insides out a little too much.


Wes said...

You did a great job on the pumkins! I love the designs, and will have to consider doing some next year. An inch of snow! I'm not ready yet, and isn't supposed to rain at this time year?

The plants have eyes and ears, just remember to stay in small groups! Ha Ha

I'm off to your other entry.


Indigo said...

Love the pictures! We got our snow covering sometime in the night. My daughter had her electricity out in PA from 1 in the afternoon, until 10 last night. The light fluff is still coming down...(Hugs)Indigo