Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I wasn't feeling well last night before I found out about the electrical problems but thought it had blown over by about 6am. I even woke up at 9am to the UPS guy and felt ok. However, around noon I seriously thought I was going to throw up. I woke up sweaty and feeling awful. I laid on the bathroom floor for a while before I went into the coldest room in our house and sat in a worn chair for a while. Eventually I felt well enough to go back to the bedroom. I watched some cartoony crap with Jasmine for a while. All day I just haven't felt right. Here it is midnight and husband starts coughing in his sleep. Then he's sitting up waving bye to me. Uhm, no you get up in about four hours buddy. Whatever, I figure he'll realize his mistake by the time he makes it to the bathroom. Instead I hear him throwing up for a good while. When my kid throws up, I'm ok, doesn't bother me. Apparently, when my husband does it, it makes me a little.... symptomatic? I would like to try and sleep since I didn't get much sleep last night but I keep hearing his stomach rolling and I'm thinking 'dude please don't puke on me, please don't puke on me.' I think I'll end up watching some tv instead to drown out the noise. Poor husband. Hopefully he just inhaled wrong and it made him sick. (that's what it sounded like right before he woke up)
My mom had what sounds like a house full of people today. I wasn't totally "with" it when I talked to her so I can't recall all the details. She did have an electrician there and it sounds like he was there for a long time. The people who put in her furnace had to come out because when they got the power back on, it wasn't working. Blew a something or other. Several electrical things don't work from tv's to light sockets. I think they said that there was ice on the lines last night from the rain/sleet/snow we received and it somehow caused the power problems. I wish I could remember everything but my brain, as I said, just hasn't been with it. The homeowners insurance will be pleased to get that fax, I'm sure. At least they have heat now.


Wes said...


Everybody is getting sick, it must be going around? I hope you and your husband feel better. I'm glad to hear the heat is back on, and the electrician came by. "Cartoony Crap" Ha Ha I know what you mean, and feel you grirlfriend! :)

Mj is up late again, and Mom went in very early this morning.Lisa is sick now, she got what we have. I'm hearing Barney playing in my background. "Ick" No I don't really mind, whatever makes her happy.

Best Wishes,

Indigo said...

Wes had to say Barney...Now I have that horrendous "I love you, you love me" song going through my head. Sorry to hear everyone is sick. Glad to know your Mom's insurance is going to cover this mess. Speaking of which our house insurance is lapsed. I need to get Paul on that...we just paid the damn thing off.

I haven't been feeling right the last couple of days either, mine is more breathing issues...I hope it's not the colder weather. I sure as hell don't want to feel this all winter. Your in my thoughts dear friend. Take care of you..K! (Hugs)Indigo

Beth said...

Ugh, I hope everyone gets back to normal soon. That kind of icky virus is NOT fun.

Hugs, Beth

Adirondackcountrygal said...

ok you guys can keep that barfing stuff right there!