Sunday, May 31, 2009

I beat you to it Jeri!

I'm certain my aunt has some... interesting photos of me from today. I was at their house for my *favorite* cousin's graduation. I'll wait till either she posts them or I get them posted myself. (she has the evidence on her camera) Let's just say, you should avoid trampolin's after you've had two kids, because you just never know well your bladder is going to hold up. No I didn't wet myself but I came damn close. haha

This is my auntie Jeri. She is also the blog owner of Wayne Images to the right of my blog there. No, look down further. It's in alphabetical. Yes, down by XYZ. ;)

This would by my husband, sitting in the rocking chair on the porch like an old man. About ten minutes after this photo he went and took a nap in the car... like an old man. :) He has a sinus infection and wasn't feeling well at first.

Jasmine standing in front of their gorgeous house. The inside is just awesome. Half of their furniture was actually made by my uncle and most of the wall art as well. They are very artistic in every way it seems. And their house is very nicely decorated without losing that feeling of home. I don't think I've ever felt uncomfortable at their house.

This is Zuko. If I were to ever own a "real" horse (the only horse I want is a mini... they're the size a large dog) it would be Zuko. He's... my horse boyfriend. :) He's such a sweet and mellow guy. You just can't help but love him. And he really is a horse of a different color. Jeri, you should put something on the blog showing how much he has changed since you first got him to now. He wasn't always white. The last photos I have of him were from three-ish years ago and he wasn't completely white back then.

This is Bones. He kept giving me the donkey end of things so this was the only head shot I got of him. (get it... ass end... donkey? harharhar) He's all spirited arabian horse. I believe both horses came from the auction. Bones was in awful shape, hence the name, Bones. You can safely say that they are not starving now. :)

I just loved this one of Zuko so I had to throw it in there, along with the twenty other photos I'm subjecting you to. I just cannot get over how WHITE he is now. I wish I had some earlier photos of him on this computer but I only have photos from the last six months on here.

Whaddaya mean you forgot my swing at home? Oh you are SO going to pay for that! And pay we did. He wouldn't sleep on the carpet, in his carseat, in my arms, or on the grass. You know where I got him to fall asleep? On the cement porch laying on a very thin blanket. Of all the places to sleep, he sleeps there.

Jazzy on the trampoline. It'd be great to have one here if there was some magic guarantee that she would never break any bones because she would jump on that thing till she passed out. Now for the adults... it seems to have a sea sickness effect. You jump on that thing a good ten times and when you get off, your brain continues to bounce for a while. (stupid equilibrium) Very odd sensation to say the least. Especially when you're running to the bathroom to pee.

Auntie again! Look at those clean country girl feet. I'm awake half an hour and my feet are black. Although that may have something to do with the lack of shoes in the warmer months for me. My mommy is off to the left, although with all the netting, you'd be hard pressed to identify her in a line up. You Jer, I realized when we left that other than my kids and the horses, you're the only person I took a picture of. It was Chad's graduation and I didn't get any pictures of him and I didn't get any of my uncle. I'll fix that in July. :)

The rainbow that came out on our way home. There were actually two but the other one didn't show up till a while after this photo. (I swear they stalked us halfway home) I was having great difficulty trying to take a picture over the heads of two sleeping kids. Jasmine passed out before we reached the end of my aunt's road, no joke. I think Evan made it longer than she did.

The next group of photos were taken on a handful of different days but I'm lazy and didn't feel like making a handful of other entries.

We have BABIES! I thought for sure they wouldn't hatch since she never stayed on them for long as we were in and out the backdoor. But here they are. Daddy has been very attentive to mom, bringing her various foods. I actually saw her refuse something from him. I'm sure he wanted to say, 'You know if you don't like the food I find for you, I could always sit around doing nothing and you can go fly all over the neighborhood looking for stuff to eat.' I swear it was as if she looked to him and said 'Now, how long have we been together? You KNOW I don't eat that crap, take it back where you found it.... and bring me something sweet while you're at it!'

I'm not sure what I did to deserve that look of shock. He knew I was weird when he was in the womb, he REALLY knows now that he's here so nothing should come as a surpise and yet... the look.

And yet, ANOTHER. See how red that one cheek is? That's from the eczema. We'll get it under control and then all of the sudden, it comes back. Ok, so we only seem to be able to control it on his face, his arms, legs and torso... they always have splotches on them. I think this recent outbreak was from me kissing his cheeks over and over again... it makes him laugh. I'll have to start putting lotion on his cheeks after I do that from now on.

This was on our way to a creek. Some of the fields have these marshy areas. When it rains for a few days, these roads become impassable.

This isn't the best photo of her but I was more trying to show ALL her hair. I didn't take notice of how much hair the child actually has until I put these photos on here. This was her first time in a booster seat, giving her more freedom to move in the seat. She sat like that for the full half hour drive with the wind blowing her hair everywhere. It was cute till we got home and it took a full half hour more to brush out the tangles in her hair.
This is Evan's first time rolling over onto his stomach from his back. I actually had the camera on me and was able to photograph it. Now he won't stop. It's over and over onto his tummy but he hasn't really figured out how to roll back. He did it once tonight but I don't know if he'll attempt it for a while. He managed to crack his head on the floor in the process.

Holy crap, I did it. Now what do I do?

I didn't get these eyelashes from my mommy. These are all daddy. Poor red cheeked eczema baby.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ready for bed

Shawn came home from work today. He was coughing so badly that he almost threw up on one of the guys that works under him. I'm sure that would've just made that guy's day. I found him sleeping in the spare bedroom with almost no voice at all. I really hope we don't all get it. I have a funny feeling at the back of my throat but I've been having issues with my allergies the last few days as well so maybe that's all it is. I just don't want Evan to get it. I've never had a baby that young sick and I don't want to start now.

He has an appointment with the urologist for the beginning of July. Two months to get into this guy. I'm glad we got the ball rolling early and didn't wait any longer. He was supposed to see the eye doctor tomorrow but since my doctor's office made the appointment, the time isn't going to work for us. We'll probably do it next week in the afternoon. I'm not looking forward to any doctor's appointments for him for a very long time.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Still LOLing about the vibrator

Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day and remembered what the day was really about during the activities. I spent mine at my mom's, which we've been doing for, well, I think every year. We do what most families are doing on Memorial Day. Eating hamburgers and hot dogs and sharing stories as well as some good conversation. I think I love being with all of them more than anything else I could be doing. I'm lucky that I'm able to say that as I'm sure there are many other people out there that don't feel that way. Just be careful when you say some phrases. Make sure to enunciate when saying vibe reader... otherwise... it sounds like vibrator. As in 'I guess I'm just not a good vibe reader.' I laughed so hard, I snorted. For the family reading this, that one was from Jeff. :)

Last Tuesday I went into the doctor's office for some back pain I've been having. It started as a shooting pain I would get in the center of my back whenever I would sit up from a laying position. It has since become at the very least, a constant dull ache along with the shooting pains. My doctor tried (to the point of his arms shaking) to get that particular area to crack but had no luck. He gave me a few things I'm supposed to do once a day to try and get it to crack or at least stretch out the area a little. He found that I have limited movement when turning to my right and thinks it's probably from the same thing. I have one week before he would like to see the pain gone or send me to physical therapy. I'd really prefer to avoid P.T. What he did was uncomfortable enough and he told me they'd go more in depth with it. My husband wants me to see a chiropractor. I don't like the idea and it would probably cause me to pass out or get close to it. I have to feel comfortable with someone to allow them to fidget with my back and comfort, for me, takes time. I had my brother (as of yet the only person that can do it) crack my back today but he couldn't get low enough to do that area. He was afraid he would hurt me. I'm to the point where sleeping is uncomfortable. There's not a place I can pinpoint the discomfort, it just seems impossible to find a good position to sleep in. I've been cursing those vertebrae for a week now. :)

On top of that, I've been trying desperately to work on my posture. The other day, I was sitting here and realized I was slouched so badly that it would be painful for anyone else. I thought 'Crap, I honestly think my posture is worse that Kate Holmes' Since then, I've been trying to remember to sit up straighter and stand up taller. It's easy to forget. I have to remind myself it seems a thousand times a day. My hope is that eventually it will be five hundred times, then one hundred and then never. This is something I've let go for far too long.

While at my mom's, Evan was trying to roll over. He would just sooooo close and then roll back. He did this over and over again. Not an hour after we were home, he rolled over completely. I wasn't able to witness Jasmine do it. One minute she was on her back in her crib, I left the room, came back and she had rolled over. Therefore, when I placed him on the living room floor today, I never took my eyes off the little monster. Shawn missed it but I'm not sure that it's quite as big of a deal to men. Maybe I'm wrong. I took pictures. Yes, I remembered to sit there watching him like a hawk, camera on the entire time. At this very second, he is attempting to roll over in his co-sleeper. (one of the best inventions ever by the way, he's safe so I can't roll over on him and yet close enough that I don't have to move out of bed at all to feed him at night) Next one should be sitting up on his own. Then he may or may not crawl. Some babies just go straight to walking. Jasmine did a funny kind of crawl. She only really used one leg. I wish we would've gotten it on tape but back then I don't think any of us had a camcorder.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

To ease stress, play in dirt once a day everyday

Evan is getting better since 24 hours ago. He's still fussy as hell but no longer screaming for six hours at a time. Geeeezus, I am so glad I never had a baby with colic. I. would. have. died. Seriously, that was pure, unfiltered, effin' hell last night. It is so nice to hear only silence. The nice little click clack of keys and the whistling of air through Evan's nose is literally the only noise in this room.

In the last couple of days, I've been spending a ton of time outside, trying to get my flower beds ready. I have one of the medium sized areas fully planted now. It's just a matter of waiting to see what actually comes up. I may have planted... quite a few. I did this a few years ago as well and it turned out quite fantastic. I just threw a bunch of seeds onto the ground, lightly covered them and water the hell out of them. A few months later, I had tons of flowers that bloomed from summer through fall. This time around, I used flowers that don't get very tall. The only mistake the first time around was that I didn't look at the height of the flowers before just tossing them on there. This particular flower bed needs shorter flowers in order not to look ridiculous. The first year, I planted flowers that may or may not have been said to top out around three feet. :) This year, I made sure nothing went above 14 inches. I've also been working on a brand spanking new flower area. Before it had mulch down and looked very nice but I wanted some flowers around the bird bath and feeder so I pulled up the plastic crap that is supposed to keep things from growing there. However, I first had to remove all the crap that had been growing there. It's been quite an ordeal as I don't want to use the ever dangerous mechanical monster known as tiller. Hell's bell's that thing is scary. I will never operate something that has that many claws and moves that fast. It just wouldn't be safe for anyone in the general area. I don't want my husband to till that area as I'm worried the plastic stuff would get stuck in there and it would be a big mess to fix. I'd rather just use some good ole human muscle. (and a few curse words along the way) I had no idea how many freaky looking bugs lived under dirty plastic. It's not hard to see where early horror films came from. After almost finishing that area, Jasmine runs up to me flipping out that there are ants on her tricycle. The girl hates bugs, any bug... except worms. Worms she can handle, ants however, not so much. I walk over thinking there will be two, maybe three ants tops, as is the usual case. No, it really was covered in ants. I took the thing apart only to find the ants had decided the inside of the seat would make a faaaaabulous home with it's red interior walls and nice roof... oh and don't forget the built in central air. I had to wait for everyone to evacuate the eggs and then put it all back together once it was ant free. (I rarely kill anything if I can get away with it... even if it means waiting for them to move) I never did see the queen ant. I've stumbled across quite a few ant homes recently and never a queen to be found. She's elusive that one. :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Rock, meet hard place

Being a parent really sucks sometimes. The decisions you have to make are more than agonizing. Evan slept for twenty minutes before waking back up and crying for, well I honestly don't know how long. It went on for a while. An hour? He's sleeping in his swing right now and I have the tv on a station that plays music for spa businesses. (we bought this swing when he was a month old and the music on it no longer works already...) I may end up sleeping on the floor (which is made of hard frickin' tile by the way) because I'm really not comfortable with his reaction to this shot. I'm almost certain it was the DTaP shot and probably from the pertussis part of the vaccine. His reaction was considered one of the more moderate ones and I will have to make a decision on whether or not to get any boosters for pertussis. Whooping cough has gone up a great deal in the last twenty years. Do I risk him getting whooping cough or do I risk a more severe reaction to the shot? I have two months to consider it and I think I'll be calling his doctor tomorrow and letting them know that he's had this severe of a reaction. He's normally kind of a fussy baby but it's not hard to calm him down so for him to go on like this for hours and hours, is very unusual. And scary. The only solace I have so far is that his temperature seems to be leveling off now and staying between 100 and 101. That's even after the tylonel wears off. I don't think most dad's fret over this kind of thing the way mom's do. Dad's seem to expect the shots to cause problems and ask less questions about those reactions than women. At least in my case, considering my husband is sleeping soundly, while I lay here awake worrying that if I fall asleep, I'll wake up to a very sick child or worse. My poor little E... little problem child 'O mine. I want to cuddle him and make him feel better and he just seems to want his swing. Jasmine always preferred to be held when she was uncomfortable or sick. E... just wants to be left the hell alone. At least I have one cuddle bunny.

Never again

I will never willingly go through that again. Evan went to the doctor yesterday for another set of shots. This is the set that made my daughter ill when she was a baby. We were told her 102.3 temperature was normal and caused by the shot and that she slept for 24 hours, only waking to eat, was normal as well. I was uncomfortable getting these shots for Evan due to what I went through with Jasmine. Evan's temperature was over 102 today and he spent six hours straight crying off and on. He never slept once in those six hours. He usually stays awake for two, maybe three hours at a time before he passes out. It was pure hell. After going through this a second time, I have decided if we have anymore children in the future (which I would like to) that we'll put off this particular shot cocktail till they're a little older. He/she will still get the shots but not at four months. I just do not feel it is safe for a four month old to be in that much distress and have such a high temperature. I will be finding out in advance what his next set of shots will be as well and if I'm uncomfortable with them in the least, they will either be put off or broken up into separate appointments. I am done worrying that my kid's fever will get so high due to a shot that I have been told is safe that he will have a seizure. I just won't. I didn't get any sleep last night because I was worried that his fever would spike and then when I finally did fall asleep, he began to feel the effects of the shot. He was awake and asleep so much that I thought I'd lose my mind if I didn't get a full hour of sleep in. We were supposed to go fishing at eleven this morning but due to the fact that I'd only had maybe a total of two hours, I decided it could wait till the afternoon. Two more months and I may have to go through this all over again if it's only one shot that is affecting him. I won't know which one unless I ask them to break it up over two appointments and then I may still end up with a miserable baby.

I was hoping to have been given an appointment at my ob-gyn today. That was the issue I was talking about in the last entry. I've been having pain for a few weeks in my chest but it felt like a muscle so I didn't think anything of it. Yesterday I was really uncomfortable so I thought I'd just feel around to make sure. I didn't expect to find anything. But I did. They think it's a cyst and want me to wait two weeks. If I'm still having pain and it's still there, I should make an appointment. My ob wasn't there today so this was another ob telling me what he wanted me to do. I think if my doctor was there, I'd be going in. He never takes a chance, no matter how small of one, with his patients. Hopefully, it will be gone in two weeks and I'll just mention it at my appointment in July to make doubly sure.

I was also told at Evan's appointment yesterday that he needs to be set up with a surgeon to start things rolling to have his testicle moved into proper position. The idea of him going under sedation is scary as hell. It's too much to even consider until we see the surgeon. He'll also be going to see an eye doctor for a procedure to have his tear duct opened. We were hoping it would open on it's own but it has shown no signs of improving since his birth. The kid is a mess. And he's such a baby that this is all going to be a nightmare. Jasmine is a little hardass. When she was a baby, it took a lot of pain to get her to cry. She slept through several sets of shots and then when she would wake up, it would only be for a few minutes. She's taken falls that would have an adult in tears, yet she only cries for a minute and goes back to playing. It takes real pain to make her scream. (like when the cat bit through her finger) Evan on the other hand... ugh. Literally, no bullshitting, he farted really hard and he started crying. I'm. not. joking. He cries over every single tiny thing that could possibly cause pain. If he's startled, he cries, farts-cries, scratches himself-cries, feels a slight breeze and thinks it's too chilly-cries. It's ridiculous. Therefore, any surgery or procedure... anything done to him will surely be a screaming, crying nightmare. I should remember to take earplugs.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

LOTS of photos

Internet is back but I have some things going on right now that are occupying my creative mind so I've decided to overload you on photos for today. We'll start at yesterday and move towards today. Hopefully I'll be able to talk about one of the things that is going on in the coming days and even more hopefully, I won't have bad news.

We started off at the zoo.

They're actually playing here, even if he does look mean. :)
She loved playing on the tortoise. I wish we had one in the backyard, it would keep her attention for hours.

On the ridiculously priced train that goes around the back of the zoo. Doesn't matter to the kiddies, they love it anyway.

Daddy with Evan. Evan... could've cared less where we were.

And then we were to the river to fish. Well, Jasmine and Shawn were going fishing. I have a thing against killing things. Evan just ate his fingers.

I tried to make friends... I wasn't well received.

You see the cement barrier under the water? That's where the water is supposed to stop. I guess it didn't get the memo. The water was more than a little high.

A view of the river from where we were standing.

This was Jasmine's first time fishing so Shawn had to explain to her that she must be extremely cautious of the sharp hook on attached to the fake worm... and then he poked himself on it.

I like this one. Both of them fishing in one photo. He wants this one blown up. :)

She was getting ready to throw it back in. I was pretty far away as I don't like getting hooked in the face by a reckless three year old.

Today we spent the day in the backyard. Jasmine wanted to pose with her brother. Tarin decided he'd look good in the photo as well.

Jasmine on the swing. Probably starting to get annoyed that I was taking pictures instead of pushing.

All she ever says is faster and higher. The mom in me says to stay closer to the ground so when she falls, it won't hurt as bad.

I know most parents think they have the most beautiful kid in the world but I really do. :)

I beg and plead with her to put her hair in a pony tail but she'd rather have it down. The longest I've ever been able to keep her hair up was maybe ten minutes.

Some days she won't go near the camera, and then there are days like today when you can't take a shot without her in it.

Savannah... I have no words. :)

I know, Evan gets the short end of the photographic stick but well, babies are boring. He just sits there and drools unless I make a fool of myself for a good twenty minutes and then I might get a tiny grin.

My Cash, he may be a bully but I love him. When he's behaving, he's a goof of a dog. That's psycho Molly in the background.

You can just barely see momma peaking her head out of the nest. We do the same dance a thousand times a day, I walk in the backdoor, she flies away, I come back out and she walks, not flies, back towards the nest. There are no less than six dogs in my backyard and she chooses to walk.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You CAN be good without god

I've said this before but I'm going to say it again. Religion breeds hate. Right now it's a small issue in Indiana. Transpo has just decided to allow atheists to advertise. At first, they said no but then the ACLU threatened to sue and suddenly, Transpo had a change of heart. The ad being shown on the news says simply, "You can be good without god." It's not awful. It's not out and out saying anything bad about religion. I take the ad as saying more, just because we choose NOT to believe, doesn't make us an awful person. We have morals and values that we choose to uphold just the same as someone who believes in god, heaven and hell. All you have to do is take a look at the comments after these types of stories to see why I feel religion breeds hate. These so-called Christians are calling atheists idiots, saying we don't deserve rights in this country as it was founded on Christian values. Others are saying that we're a minority and we should just shut up, majority rules. Why not just call me a witch, get some wood together and burn me while you're at it? It's ridiculous and quite frankly, it's hurtful. These people choose to believe in god, go to church on Sundays and yet they are not practicing what they are preaching. If I'm not mistaken, a good Christian, treats others with respect and loves thy neighbor. I guess if you don't believe exactly what they believe, then all that is null and void. Every, single atheist I have ever met (and I've met a lot) I've found to be far better people than most of the religious people I've met. Maybe that's because there are more religious people out there than atheists. I don't know. We. Are. Not. Bad. People. We just choose not to believe what you do. The second someone asks me what my religion is and I say I have none, I am immediately demonized by that person. I have to "prove" myself to be a good person since I have no book to follow, no god to answer to at the end of this lifetime. And partially, that's why I try to live my life the way I do. I want to be a positive example of an atheist. I want people to meet me, find out I'm an atheist and change their views on us. In a lot of cases, it seems some people are just too close minded to see us for who we really are and not by the name given to us.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Router RIP

I may or may not be using someone else's wifi at the moment. :) Let's just put it this way, my router keeled over at some point and time while I was at my mom's house earlier. (hey, if you don't want me to use your shit, put a password on it) This is our THIRD router from Att in three years. Now they are going fiber optic so I can only imagine the problems we'll see in the future. The smarter the technology, the dumber the tech support. :) At any rate, you may not see many in detail posts from me in the coming days as I don't know how well the wifi I'm using is going to hold up. In the past, er, I mean, cough, cough, it may or may not have been very reliable for certain people depending on where the damn clouds were at any given point of the day. I have many a posts in mind. I will be posting on the hooplah surrounding Notre Dame this weekend. Mainly because, as some know, I could literally walk to campus if I really wanted to. It might take me a full day but I could walk. Now by car, it's more like ten or twenty minutes depending on traffic. So, that's that for now folks.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Revealing Eleanor

You woke me up for THIS?

Ooooooh, I see something shiney and wiggly.

Definitely wiggly....

And I will pounce on it in three.... two.... one.....
Hmmm, seems that was the picture taker. Ooops

I'm pulling out my multiple personalities one day at a time

I'm quite bored of my current personality. It's old. The flavor is starting to become saliva. Therefore, I'm getting a new one... often. Tomorrow, I will be pulling out my 1950's personality for some good ole fashion fun. Going out with friends for dinner and drinks. I even sent her an email about this exact subject. I can tell you right now, she's terrified that I will actually show up in a big poodle skirt. To be honest, if I had one, I'd totally do it. For me, the look on her face would be sooooooooooooo worth it. :) We're going to do our best not to cause a ruckus as we tear up the town. I wouldn't want to get the sheriff called on us. He might tell the school and then I'd be off the squad. I'm not sure what I'll go for on Sunday. Bible thumper is out of the question. When I walk into a church, my family watches me closely so we'll noticed the first sign of smoke coming from my skin. There's always a chance you can get out before you burst into flames so long as your mindful of the situation. Maybe I'll zoom to the 60's. Peace, Love and Rock 'N Roll maaaan. Pass the bong over here maaaan. Dude, where's the doobie? This bong blows only bubbles. Sorry guys, there's kids around. The bong is now a bubble blower. :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Here kitty, kitty

I just introduced my house cats to the fosters. I had to wait till they were completely healthy and it had been two weeks before everyone met. Oh, yes, I said healthy. As in the little black kitten that the vets said would die? She's alive and well. She runs, jumps and attacks anything that wiggles. :) I've named her Eleanor. It was the first name that came to mind when I picked her up and said you need a name. Usually when that happens, it's the right name for that animal. Hmmm, got sidetracked... where was I? Oh yes, introductions. This is Saffron's first time as a house cat and not as a foster so I was interested to see how he would handle meeting an intruder. He did very well. He wants very badly to play with Eleanor but he is entirely too rough and I have to stop him each time. He's unsure of Kassy. She wants to play with him and chased him around the foster room but he seemed to see it as... a little too much too soon. :) I think it's about time he got some of his own medicine for a change. I'm still sad that I lost two but I'm so impressed with Eleanor's will to live. Her new owner's had better not be the type to carry kitties around however, as Ellie is having none of it. I'm starting to get to the point where I can nail down a kittens personality before it leaves me. Some cats are easier to read than others but you can usually tell who will be a trouble maker, a whiner and a sourpuss fairly quickly. Eleanor is a little bit of a sourpuss and a little bit whiner. I doubt she'll end up being much trouble after she leaves the kitten stage of life.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some photos, starting with the birdies

I guess they didn't get the memo that they're supposed to be on the shy side. You see that piece of white on the far left? That's my backdoor. No privacy for these birds.

Their beautiful teal colored eggs. Three so far. Mom isn't sitting on them yet so there may be more to come. She does add to the nest here and there so she hasn't abandoned them. I'm glad the photo turned out as well as it did considering I'm a shorty and had to take the photos blind.

Magnolia tree, Magnolia tree... how I love you so. Too bad your flowers last a short time before the petals fall like snow.

I really don't think there are many things prettier than an apple tree in full bloom. When the flowers begin to die, the ground becomes littered with little white and pink petals. I always thought the most gorgeous place to be married would be in an apple orchard right as the petals are beginning to fall from the trees.

Jasmine outdoors with Savannah. She basically dragged the dog in front of me, plopped down and held her while I took their picture. She tried to hold some of the other dogs there as well but she could only control one of them at a time.

My mother's day gift, which got here today. It's plumeria tree I ordered off It won't bloom for a few years and I have no idea what color the flowers will be when it does finally bloom. I think of it as a present that sits in my house till it's ready to be discovered. However, I can't wait to see what color they will be. I could've ordered one that I already knew the color of the blooms but I liked the idea of not knowing more.

Typical day at my house. I lay down to rest for a few minutes and the dog steals my pillow, the kid takes my picture and there are two cats laying behind me.... on top of each other nonetheless. I can't count the number of photos I have with Saffron laying on Isaiah.

I found this outfit last week and just had to get it for him. He actually has quite a few baseball themed shirts. However, this is the only one that still fits him. :)

She kept opening her mouth when I'd take a photo so I thought, what the hell, at least we'll be matching crazies.
Yes, that tie is just a graphic that is on the onesie. Everyone thinks this shirt is hilarious. He thinks so too I guess. It was his big sister making him laugh.