Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Shakes head. Looks at living room. Shakes head again. Looks in kitchen and hangs head. There are plants everywhere. I have a vine in my living room that is almost as tall as I am, a tree in my kitchen, two bushes in the computer room, along with a spider plant and two spider plants in the kitchen. Oh and the rose bush as well as some plant I got as a gift when we moved in here. To top it off, the spider plants are gigantic. I need to find people who want baby spider plants so that I can start chopping off their chutes and trim them back to a reasonable size. All these huge plants in my house all winter long... I'm going to go crazy. You wait, one day you'll see on cnn, woman goes on plant killing spree after months of overgrowth.


Wes said...


I think the plants will grow on you, and in case they heard you, Say your sorry! Plants have feelings too, it's not easy being green. If you do go on a plant killing spree, play them some loving music, for I hear it helps calm them. Ha Ha

Best wishes,
The Plant Wisperer

Lisa said...

I would love to have plants in my house but with the cats I can't. They either use the pot for a litter box (unacceptable!) or they eat the plants.

It sounds like your home is a mini rain forest...sounds great to me.

Beth said...

I'll watch for you on CNN!

LOL at Wes...The Plant Whisperer!


Adirondackcountrygal said...

You can send me some! :)