Friday, October 24, 2008

Blah Blah Blah Grrrr

Rocky won't need to go to the vet this week. He stopped all limping yesterday sometime and hasn't had any issues since then. The injury, I found, was self inflicted. I let him out after they ate tonight but didn't leave him out long. He scared the crap out of me the other night when I was bringing the plants in off the front porch. It was the middle of the night and someone comes walking up the pathway. I look up and it's Rocky, out of the fence again. Tonight, I went to let him in and heard his tail hitting the backdoor but didn't see a dog. Ok, odd. I open the door and hear the fence shaking. I figure I misheard the tail and he got out of the fence again and was leaning up against it, waiting to be let in. I walked outside to get him and find that he's actually stuck. ON the fence. I tried to get him down on my own but he weighs more than my doberman. Eventually I gave up and went to wake up my husband. When I said the words your dog is stuck on the fence, he took it the wrong way, jumped out of bed expecting the fence to be protruding from Rocky. Of course, when I got to the backdoor, he had freed himself and was waiting to be let in. I had told my husband earlier in the night that I thought that was where he was getting out and that I thought he was jumping onto the trash can that was just outside the fence. Well, turns out my husband actually listened to me for once and moved the trash can. Looks like Rocky didn't realize it had been moved till he was halfway over the fence. Now to figure out a way to keep him from trying to get out that way again. The fence is chain link so it's not like I can attach a piece of wood there and some extra fence up high. Dumb dog.
The withdrawal symptoms aren't as bad today, particularly because I know why I'm feeling funky. I pretty much hate everything today however. Everything that anyone says or does makes me want to snap. Of course that means that the dogs and kid chose today to be obnoxious. Dogs eating cat food and cat pooh. Kid ignoring all punishments handed out to her. I might as well be yelling at myself. All the dogs ended up in the backroom, far away from me. Trust me, they were safer there. ;)


cw2smom said...

Hi Jamie! I am so glad I found you! Now I can "follow" you here on Blogger since stupid AOL is forcing migration! Hope all is well with you and yours! Look forward to seeing your post and hopefully you can stop by mine one of these days! Love, Lisa/Cw2smom

Wes said...


I'm glad Rocky don't have to go the vet.Good thing the withdrawls arn't as bad today, and I can relate a little about your day. Let's just say MJ is still up, and I don't really know why? It could have to do with her being up last night when the Ambulance came, And Grandpa having to go back to the hospital. He almost made it a day out of there, but while watching The World Series Last night, he was having major chest pains. We will go see him tomorrow if he can stay awake. Thanks again for stopping by my place, and I will email you back soon. I do hope your day goes better as well! Thanks for the advice!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I believe they make flexible slats that can be weaved into the chainlink to make it slippery and hard to get a "grip". Perhaps some of those strategically placed could help. Hope you have a better day today :o)

Beth said...

Here's hoping for a better day, Jamie. At least you don't have to take Rocky to the vet.

Hugs, Beth

Indigo said...

I used to have a Doberman (Yeah that was hilarious her back came up past my elbow. She was able to almost look at me eye to eye). Best dog I ever had, except...she liked to balance pigeon toed on the top of the fence and wait for me to come outside to see her jump over it. She never went away and would wait for me to re-open the gate for her. But damn she scared the life out of the neighbors she was so big. Glad Rocky is ok and hope you can find some way to get him to stay in the yard. (Hugs)Indigo