Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!
I had suspicions a few months ago but nothing concrete. Nothing that screamed at me. Just a feeling here and there. Every day the feeling has gotten a little stronger. (or at times the lack of) I'm pretty sure I have carpel tunnel syndrome in my right hand. A few days ago I woke up with very little feeling in my hand and then when I did have feeling, it was like tiny lightning bolts running through my wrist and fingers. Today my wrist has been sore all day with mild tingling in the fingers. It's the kind of pain that you expect to look down and see something swollen. Yet, no outward signs that something is wrong. I wore one of my husband's wrist braces for a few hours earlier in the day and it seemed to help. Of course, being stubborn, I assumed the worst was over, took the brace off and started cleaning. Or more like scrubbing. I tried using my left hand but you just can't get things quite as clean with your non dominant hand. I have things to do. Things that need scrubbing. (forgive me, I believe I'm also "nesting" and scrubbing was what I HAD to do today) I scrubbed the kitchen floor, and counters. After that I thought I was done scrubbing. However, there was a huge container of apple juice on the kitchen floor. It was clutter. I hate clutter. It needed to go. There isn't any room in the fridge for something so large. I could've just left it there. I could've thrown it in a cabinet until the other thing of juice had been drank. Nesting is like a horrible, awful cleaning addiction however and I just had to do something about that juice. I decided to not only clean out the fridge but also to scrub every inch of the thing. Ah that's better, now the juice fits. Hmmm, trash is way full. Trash must go. Trash heavy. Husband will pay for it tomorrow. Why? He didn't leave the trash can where it's supposed to be. He moved it so that I would be forced to take said trash out the back door, and out the fence. As I said, trash heavy. Trash went OVER the fence, where it sits on the ground. Husband will have to pick up the trash and put it in it's proper place tomorrow. Once that was done I thought I'll quickly mop the backroom. Hmpf. I should mention I told my husband I absolutely would not be touching that room with any cleaning supplies until there was new linoleum on the floor. The dogs ate half of the one that is back there so it's damn near pointless to clean it and next to impossible to make it look any better. Therefore it's been a while since I've done any cleaning of any kind. This is the same room where the dogs spend a great deal of their time. The dogs come in after swimming, then playing in the dirt. It gets dusty and dirty. It took a little bit of cleaning to get the dirt up. I'm paying for all of the above. Moving my wrist much at all is quite uncomfortable. I can't have the brace on at the moment because my daughter insists on playing with the velcro instead of trying to go to sleep. If the pain continues to get worse over the coming week, I may be making an appointment with my regular doctor. I'm fairly certain this is just another pregnancy thing however and there's not much they can do for it while I'm pregnant even if it's not. But it may not be carpel tunnel so if it continues, I should go in and have it looked at. (carpel tunnel syndrome is quite normal in pregnancy and is a result of swelling pressing on the nerves)
I had Jasmine try on all of her Halloween costume today. I wanted to make sure everything fit correctly in case I needed to run out and grab something. Everything looks fine and seems more comfortable than it was when we first bought it now that most of the witch's dress isn't actually touching her skin. I took several pictures of her today as you never know if you'll be able to get her back into something like that again. These last few weeks she'll wear dresses but only in the house. If we, god forbid, try to leave the house with a dress on, it's a massive meltdown of tears. I've tried to prepare her well in advance and let her know what will happen tomorrow to hopefully avoid the meltdown. This will be her first year actually knocking on strangers doors. It makes me laugh when I explain what I want her to do however. You're going to go knock on strange people's doors and take candy from them. Here you're supposed to teach your kid not to talk to strangers and most definitely don't take candy from them. ;) When I was a kid, I looked forward to Halloween. Now that I HAVE a kid, it's a different feeling. There's crazy people out everyday but I think they're able to fly under the radar a little more on this particular day. And then you have the child molesters who hopefully, don't have their lights on outside their houses but you never know. And even though I'm going to be with her (as will my husband and one of our dogs) you still don't want your kid taking candy from a molester, or speaking to them or having them even so much as look at your kid. Then there's always the idiots who go out and get smashed at some Halloween party, drive home drunk and cause accidents. Hopefully they wait till the trick-or-treaters have all gone home before they take their careless drive to where ever they're going, otherwise you have some drunk driving down the road with little kids walking on the same road. Yes, I worry a lot but when it's your kid, you're bound to worry. Having kids is like putting your life in their hands. If something happens to them, your life ends. So yeah, you worry. However, if it had been up to my husband, I would've been on the sex offenders website for Indiana, making a list of what houses to avoid. So, I could be worse. ;)


Wes said...

I hope you feel better tomorrow, and that is not that bad! If so it's very treatable, my father had surgery years ago.

If your nesting, whats my excuse? I can't take the juice sitting out either, I put in the cabinet, or in the fridge if the other one is low.

Tonight is the night! I get to take MJ out to get some candy, and hope that she don't get scaredof all the monsters! I hope the weather is good this evening, and the kids can enjoy themselves.

I agree with you about the FREAKS, who can give out candy! My fear is that one of the houses will be like a Rob Zombie Film, or much worse! (Like a McCain?Palin Supporter) Ha Ha

I have thought about that lesson about strangers, and then here comes Halloween. I feel that your night will be good, you, your husband, and a dog! Jasmine will have some Protection, and she will enjoy her time with you guys!

Happy Halloween!
Wes, Lisa, And MJ

Beth said...

I'm glad Jasmine is more comfy in her costume. I'll look forward to seeing pictures!

Jamie, hon...slow down and take a breath! It sounds like you've got some very powerful instincts going on there, but I hope you can get some rest, too!

Keep trying the wrist braces. Carpal tunnel is an occupational hazard for lab workers because of all the pipetting we have to do (repetitive motion). My hands and wrists were getting pretty bad, and the braces definitely helped. Once I stopped working, the improvement was huge. It sounds like this will pass, but the braces might help a lot in the meantime.

Have fun tonight!!!

Love, Beth