Monday, October 6, 2008

That's MY blood

I started bleeding as I was leaving my mom's house tonight so I've been taking it easy. I don't know how some women do bed rest. I had a hard time keeping my butt on the couch for a few hours. I kept thinking, I need to do the dishes, throw the clothes in the dryer and clean up what's left of the mess from last nights cookies. I almost got up several times before I realized I was supposed to be resting. The bleeding has stopped now and was very light to begin with so I think it was just one of those weird things. I wasn't really worried about it to begin with but thought I should tell my husband just in case it got worse. He'd have been mad if at midnight I said so I've been bleeding for about six hours and need to go to the doctor or something of that nature.
I did end up needing to go out and take care of the cats. There was no getting around it and I forgot till after my husband was in bed. The yellow jackets have left on their own. There was no need to kill anything. Even though I wouldn't have been the one doing it, I was ordering the "hit" so I felt bad enough. I'm glad they decided to find new digs. Dumb cats knocked their water over at some point and time. I hope they were out long. There was still a small amount in the bucket so I'm sure it was something that happened in the last few hours. And has anyone noticed the mosquito's are extremely aggressive right now? I mean, normally they're out for blood. *ha, I made a funny, ha* But these girls were just vicious. As soon as they bit, I felt them, which normally it takes till the numbing vomit wears off. I don't know if they even bothered to numb me. Sadists. ;)


Beth said...

Jamie, I'm glad you were able to take it easy! Give yourself a break, hon!

Good one, with the mosquito joke. Ha ha! Yes, they ARE bad right now. I'm hoping a few cool evenings will kill them off.

Hugs, Beth

Wes said...

To bloody hell with those little vampires! Why can't they buzz off already.I hope you feel better, and are able to sit still. I know easier said than done!

Take it easy,

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope you can find a way to slow down a little.

We had some good rain a few weeks back, and now, little buggers every which way we turn, arrrgggg :o)