Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kitties last photos before leaving

I really wasn't able to get a great picture of this cat, Pumpkin. He's not really people friendly (gee can't you tell by the expression on his face?) and wouldn't sit still. I finally gave up and decided to make do with what I had.

This is Nutmeg. I have quite a few pictures of her from her last day but tried to include the two best of them. She was a really cool cat. When you laid her on her back, she just went limp like a ragdoll kitten. Saffron does the same thing. She was extremely interested in the pumpkin and gourds. Every picture I have of her, she was near them. And yes, for those who know my house, this is the kitchen counter... I cleaned it after the kitties got down. ;)


Wes said...

You can't say the kitty was bored out of his gored! I know that is corney, but your used to corn. I just wanted to say Hi, and to let you know I will read the rest of yours today?

The Silly Sleep Deprived Man

Adirondackcountrygal said...

What great pictures! I would love that Nutmeg cat!

Kelly said...

The first kitten just looks disgusted with the whole process of taking a picture, poor thing! LOL..the second one is really pretty with those colors. :) I hope they both find wonderful homes. Kelly

Beth said...

Awww, kittehs! I love the pic of Pumpkin. What an expression! "What are YOU lookin' at?!"

Good job on getting them to the point where they can move on. I hope they find good homes, with people who will love them the way kitties are supposed to be loved.

Hugs, Beth

Lisa said...

They are precious - wow, everyone around you is intrigued with gourds! LOL

Indigo said...

I love that you gave them those names, it's perfect for them. I recognize the look Pumpkin gives you. I have an orney male cat who thinks the world should wait on him for every beck and call. (Hugs)Indigo