Monday, October 20, 2008

Late Night Musings

I received an email the other day from my dad. I'm fairly certain the entire reason for the email was to tell me that he'd stopped smoking pot. I'm really not sure what to reply. You may think I should be saying awesome dad! But I've known him long enough that I doubt it's permanent and he's doing "legal" drugs for the same purpose. It's just hard to know what is expected of me. Besides that, almost everything my dad does or says has an arterial motive. I take nothing at face value. On the few occasions that I've tried to see things that way, I've gotten burned fairly badly. I spent most of my very early adult years getting burned by him, I've learned my lesson. Knowing what I know now, it's hard to believe that my parents were ever together in any way shape or form considering how opposite they are, let alone together till I was 15. It's supposed to be easier to deal with your parents when you become an adult but with my dad, it's been nothing but. I've learned things as I've gotten older that I wouldn't have understood years ago or caught onto. When you're younger, the world revolves around you and you think nothing can get by you. You think you know it all. As you become an adult, you realize that many things are not what they seem(ed) and that you really know nothing. You spend your childhood wishing you could be older, wishing you could do what you want. You spend your adult years (at least some of the time) wishing you could go back to a time when you were younger, naive and with less on your shoulders. Funny how it works out.
HAHAHAHAHAHA I'm watching the most recent Family Guy right now. Stewie and Brian have stepped into a time machine and they're in Nazi Germany. They knocked out a couple of Nazi soldiers and on one of the soldiers collars was a McCain/Palin button. I think you can figure out what the writers were insinuating there. Ok, so there may be someone out there that doesn't see the humor in that. ;)


Adirondackcountrygal said...

I missed Family Guy watched the new Lifetime movie instead about the Dr. who discovered the drug Herpicin for breast cancer. Tear jerker.

Lisa said...

You never know, people can change but I would be reluctant to believe it too had I your history.

I used to watch Family Guy but stopped - I have no idea why.

Beth said...

Sorry to hear that your dad has such problems...and seems to want to lay some of them on you. What are you supposed to do about it? :(

LOL at the Family Guy scene you described. As you can imagine, *I* found it funny!


Indigo said...

I'm no good with the parent factor. My dad is the same way, only his is Alcohol and I look to damn much like my mother (his words)...

Loved the Family Guy episode, missed it but will have to tell Paul about it. He'll get a kick out of that one.

Heads up, the one and only picture of me is in my latest entry...(Hugs)Indigo

Wes said...


I know what you mean about trusting a parent, and being toyed with. My Mom was kind of like that, but the last few years she has been a different person. She now lives in Canada, and we get a long. Go figure it had to be a long distant relationship, and a new husband to change! I wrote a song about it called "Picture perfect Family" i might have to did it out of my old school bag.
It talks about basically the comments you made about opposite parents, and the thoughts of a teenager. I would do what feels right inside, and take it from there!

Take it easy,