Saturday, October 25, 2008

Movie selection, or lack thereof

I was hoping to possibly go see a movie tomorrow evening with husband and child. Unfortunately, there isn't anything out right now that is child friendly, aside from that chi-chi movie and I just don't know if I can sit through those little yapping dogs for an hour and a half without killing everyone in the theatre. I also don't know that I could stomach spending $7 a person to sit through such indecency. I'm not opposed to taking Jasmine to see an adult rated film. She's seen movies such as I Am Legend, the newest Batman movie, etc. in the theatre and had no ill effects from them. (ok, so she got bored and passed out in the Batman movie) But I also need it to keep her attention for however long it's going to be on. Saw V would keep her attention but I am NOT taking my 3 year old to see it. Hey, I DO draw the line somewhere. There are a few movies I would like to see but I'll have to watch the trailers to them later on to see if they're something she would even be able to stomach. I thought maybe she would like The Secret Life of Bees but I don't think she'd get into it just because there's a kid actor as the main character. It's a little teenie for her. We were going to go see Eagle Eye last week but decided we didn't have the money for it then. I've seen it since (I'm not telling how as it's not totally legal) and it's not worth seeing it in the theatre. Not to me anyways. There were too many wtf moments. Too many times where I said, 'C'mon, there's no way that is even possible and who is going to open every single case of weapons knowing their putting their fingerprints on them, seriously' It was just too much for me. It's a problem I have with a lot of movies. I can't just enjoy them, I have to pick them a part. I'm not saying I don't enjoy movies that are all but impossible. I really liked I Am Legend but they made it so you almost believed that it could happen. Some of these directors don't even try to make this crap believable. I mean really, you come home from a long day and your apartment is full of weapons. VERY illegal weapons. What would most people's reaction to that be? Hmmm, I would leave, call the police and freak out till they got there. Shia or whatever the guy's name is, decides to open every frickin' case, look over the weapons with a look of mock terror. Really? That's the BEST they could come up with? I would like to see Pride and Glory (and the theatre here has hardly ANY showings of this movie even though it JUST came out and yet 12 showings of high school musical 3... I really don't think that many teenie boppers are out that it's worth two screens), Body of Lies, Max Payne and I'd really like to see Appaloosa. No, it's not about horses for you horse people. It's a western. I love westerns. I've seen Tombstone a hundred times. I'll watch just about any western that looks promising. I'll bet most people don't know that about me. If it's got horses and gunslingers, ghost towns and sheriffs, I'm there. ;) However, I really don't think it's something that a 3 year old would be into. *sigh* Maybe I'll just have to find something else to do. The movies aren't looking promising. Oh and of course I saw one I know she'd like and can't find any theatre playing it unless I want to drive three hours. (The night before christmas in 3D)


Beth said...

I love love love Westerns! Too cool that you do, too! I love Tombstone, and Silverado. Have you ever seen Purgatory? It was a TNT movie, but it remains one of my favorites.

I think Appaloosa looks good, too. Anything with Ed Harris is okay by me.

Hugs, Beth

Wes said...

I saw Tombstone with my dad years ago, and I loved it! I love the lines by Val Kilmer in it, "Huckleberry" and many others! I love Westerns, they just don't make enough of them anymore. I love going to the Movies, but can't get find the moment to go anymore. I have looked for movies that a kid could go to, and there are not that many right now! I was going to the Drive in, but it is closed for the season. I know it is getting cooler out, and have to find things for us to do to!


Indigo said...

Westerns bring back the childhood serenity. Who doesn't remember a western being on tv growing up on Sundays? I used to have the same problem when Skye was little and the movie theatre. These days none of the ones around me cater to deaf folks (the bigger ones have a separate showing where the movie is close captioned)..
So I've had to basically wait till whatever I want to watch comes out in DVD. I kind of hate it, as I'm the last one to see the latest flicks. (Hugs)Indigo