Thursday, October 9, 2008


I've been attempting to migrate my old posts to a new blogger account. Each time, about a quarter of the way through, I get a failed to import message. After five years of blogs, a quarter of the way is a long time so doing this repeatedly is starting to piss me off. As you can imagine, I have been cursing AOL and Blogger quite a bit this last hour or so. Maybe I'll try again on my husband's computer, although I doubt it's a computer error on my part.
Jasmine has requested to watch the first part of The Lord Of The Rings tonight. It's caused quite a few questions on her part. What's HIS name? Why's he doing that? Is that a bad guy? What happened? Why is everyone freaking out? *sigh* Should've kept this movie hidden a while longer. She's already made it a long evening and it's looking to be a bit longer. At least I get to stare at Viggo for a while. *swoons*
And to answer the concerns, there was nothing wrong last night. I was just plain lazy and didn't feel like blogging. Happy Kitteh Post = Nothing Wrong. ;)


Wes said...

I love The Lord Of The Rings movies, my wife and I went see them at the movies. My father used to read them to us when we were young. I too was like your daughter, but as I got older I grew to love the messages from the books. Don't worry you will get it all straightened out, and you'll have them here at Blogger. I wish you a good day!


Lisa said...

LOL - sounds like me when I watched that movie. I was asking Doug all kinds of questions, maybe you should send Jas to me and we'll watch it together and continue to confuse each other ;)
Happy to hear the bleeding stopped. I am sooooooooo far behind in my reading (what's new right?). I'm going to do some catching up right now!

Beth said...

I think it might just be a lot of info. I was getting worried with mine a few times, but it kept going. I hope it works for you!