Sunday, November 30, 2008

Shoot, Sleep and Eat

I complain fairly often that my camera is not up to par. I'm sure a lot of this is the operator and not the camera. It was my first point and shoot, my previous have been SLR. I was used to setting up my shots, not having the camera use it's "brain." It's caused me a lot of frustration. The other day, I found the book to the damned camera and have seen some results. Yes, I've had the camera for a year. Yes it was egotistical that I thought I could just figure it out on trial and error. I've learned my lesson. Today was the first time I've been able to take a picture of my white cat and have it look like the cat. Before he had been a white blotch. He has beautiful blue eyes that I have yet to see on film. They're sensitive so he closes them the second the light comes on for the flash. One of these days he'll be in a room bright enough that I won't need the flash. Oh, that's something else! Every time I've tried taking a picture without the flash on, I've needed a tripod or the photos are ridiculously blurry. I've figured out that dilemma as well. I was actually able to take a picture, in the dark, of my Christmas tree without a tripod and the lights aren't blurred across the screen like a bad acid trip. Maybe I can get some decent shots with this camera occasionally until I can get my DSLR.

I didn't sleep all that well last night. I was too worried about Jasmine to sleep easily. In fact, I did my best NOT to sleep for as long as possible. Sometime between 5 and 6 I passed out however. She woke up about 11:30, no fever, nothing. I was still apprehensive and kept a close eye on her for several hours. She was looking pretty pale, just as she had yesterday but as the day went on, she pinked up. I tried to get some tylenol in her first thing, just in case but she never did take it. It shouldn't be a big surprise that I took a nap halfway through the day.

Once I was back awake, we headed to the bakery to order a cake. No, there's no special occasion, I've just had a craving for cake from this place. While we were there, we grabbed a few cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies. I liked the fluffiness of the cookies but still think mine are the best I've ever eaten. I'm going to heat the last one up and see if it changes my mind but I doubt it. I had to take half the frosting off the cupcakes. I just can't handle that much. Husband ate what I didn't want. Afterwards we headed up to Five Guys for some burgers. Jasmine really seems to like it there. It's a bit loud so she doesn't have to be mouse-like. I don't think we'll be able to get up there as much once the baby is born. It's not really baby friendly and as I said, it's loud.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Giving thanks and fevers

Thanksgiving was really good. Good food. Good family. Good times. ;) Jasmine had a blast playing with her second cousin. Never mind that he's 14 or 15 years older than she is. She was just happy to have someone new to con into hide and seek.

Today was another story all together. I knew immediately that something was off with Jazz. She said she wanted water and that her tummy hurt. Based on her track record, that usually means it's going to be a very long morning and that she's going to throw up at least once. Today there was no vomiting but I was shocked by the heat coming off her forehead. I didn't think she was too overheated as her cheeks were still just a little warm. I was quite wrong. After a few hours, I took her temperature since she was still not feeling well and really starting to look pale. It was 103.7, the highest fever she has had. I first called my husband to let him know she was really hot, then called my mom to see what she would do. I was in the process of getting her to take some tylenol. A half hour after she took the tylenol, I took her temperature again and then called my mom, as promised. Her fever had went down to 102.7 and within another half hour, it was down to 101.5. The last time I took it, it was normal but she was still under the influence of medication. While her fever was down, she was feeling really good and kept asking to go get our Christmas tree, since that's what I told her we'd be doing today. (we go every year the day after Thanksgiving) Finally, I broke down and we headed out. We took home the second or third tree we looked at. It didn't look that big, particularly compared to it's friends. It was 8 1/2 feet tall. Oops. We had to cut half a foot off of it once we got it in the living room. However, I think it's the most gorgeous tree we've had yet. It looks fake, it's so perfect. If it weren't for the very small bare spot near the top, it really would look perfect. Very pretty tree.

Back to Jazz, she's sleeping now but her tylonel is set to wear off in about a half hour. I'm nervous to go to sleep before then. Both times I've let the medicine wear off, her fever has spiked. I've always been concerned with fever induced seizures. I don't know how common they are but it's something I worry about. (one of many things) It probably won't make a difference any way, I usually can't fall asleep this early. I'm also concerned that Jasmine has no symptoms other than the fever. No sniffles, coughing, sneezing, nothing. The only thing she's said is that her tummy hurts and that she's sick. Being a parent is no fun when you have no idea what the hell you're supposed to do.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Today Jasmine and I spent the day out together. We went to the mall and bought her a couple of sweaters. Then we went to Kohl's to look at shoes for her. (clearance) She was fairly well behaved. She had gotten up about five hours earlier than she is used to (trust me, I had nothing to do with it). When you have an overly tired kid, one of two things happens 1) They're obnoxious monsters from hell 2) they're obnoxious monsters from hell. ;) With one of them, they're grouchy, cry easily and just in general not fun to be around. With the second, they are overly hyper, everything is a game and they don't listen... at all. Jasmine was the second. It's preferred over the first. If she's going to ignore me, at least she can be happy go lucky while she does it. After we ate, we headed to Walmart and I told her she could get a toy. Normally I don't reward good behavior in this way but I had already been planning on letting her get a toy before I knew how she was going to behave. She decided to pick out a horse that had enough glitter on it to suffocate a lion. I'll be picking glitter off myself for the next six months. She's been asleep for about an hour now. Ahhh, blissful silence. Now I'm off to take an ambien, hopefully fall asleep quickly, so I can eat till I want to puke... wait a few hours and eat some more. ;) You should do the same.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Baking and complaining

I'm sore and tired. I spent the evening baking. No, not for Thanksgiving, just to try out a few new recipes. I made Chocolate Truffle Cookies. I need to try a second (cooled off) one in order to give my official opinion. Based on the first cookie, it's just a little too much chocolate for me. I don't know where there was supposed to be cookie. The outside *looks* like a cookie but the center looks like a truffle. Oh, wait. I'm sure they could be really good with some tweaking. I was planning on making another type of cookie (wasn't sure which yet) but my husband had a particularly difficult day working on his car so I made him brownie's instead. I threw in some bits of caramel with the batter and omigod. All these years of baking and I've never put caramel in a brownie. What in the hell was I thinking? Next time I'm going to make the kind of brownie's I like (husband prefers the kind with frosting and nothing added to the batter, aside from caramel) with chocolate chips mixed in. I was going to make my cream cheese sugar cookies for Thanksgiving but it was 1am by the time I got to bed. By that time, my feet hurt, my back was killing me and my kitchen smelled. I was done. The kitchen does not smell lovely like I've been baking all night. A few days ago, I made macaroni and cheese in the oven... it made a mess... in the oven. We had forgotten it happened and husband preheated the oven for the ham when his mother was over for dinner. Stinky. And of course, I forgot to clean it between then and now... and I preheated the oven... more stinky. Hopefully it will be cooled off enough in the next hour or so and I can clean it out and avoid it happening again. It claims to be a self cleaning oven but I haven't a clue what that means or how to make it clean so I'll just use some water and a washcloth for now. I believe there is oven cleaner out there that is safe for the self cleaning ovens.

I had dinner with my mom tonight and it was the first night since the MIL was here that I was able to talk to her and tell her what had happened. It re-invigorated my anger over the situation.. as well as all the situations that have come before this one. I should point out (Beth reminded me) in my husband's defense, he usually says something to his mom, if I ask him to but it never seems to make a difference so we usually say nothing. I was telling my mom this evening that I'd really like to email her and tell her how over the line she was with her comments and how immature it is that she would USE her granddaughter in hopes of personal gain. I've never done this before. I've never said a harsh word towards her. And I'm wondering if it would at least make her think twice before she does these things. At the very least, it might make me feel better. A big issue with her is that my daughter is a quarter Mexican. My husband is half, my MIL is white as snow. For some reason, she seems to think everything we do with our daughter, should be based off the fact that she has a small amount of latino blood in her. I have no problem with Jasmine learning where she comes from and would encourage it but I'm not going to push something on her at three years of age. My MIL seems to think that Jasmine should already know where she comes from even though she's three. When she found out that my daughter doesn't like tacos, she acted like we were abusing her and forcing her NOT to like tacos. I'm sure there are plenty of people in Mexico that don't like tacos. When Jasmine was a day old, my MIL wanted to get her ears pierced and was shocked that we had no plans of EVER piercing her ears, let alone when she was still in the hospital. You know why she wanted her ears pierced? Because it's common in Mexico to have your baby's doctor pierce her ears at birth. I can't imagine having a newborn that is already pissed about being out of her warm comfy uterus, also have burning ears. She had even bought the kid earrings, she was so sure that we would just have it done. I decided a long time ago that I would not have my daughter's ears pierced until she was in double digits age wise. She needs to be old enough to care for them and old enough to know that those holes will always be there. Ha I'm sure a few of you would be shocked hearing that come from me who has had half her body pierced or tattooed. I didn't have most of that done, however, till I was older. I was thinking today, what kind of blow up will we have when Jasmine turns 15 and we don't have a quincera? In Mexico, it's a huge coming of age when a girl turns 15. They spend a year or more planning the kids party and she wears a big fancy dress, lots of people show up and really, I'm not sure what else happens other than the kids run around and the adults get trashed. Should I also start celebrating every Irish, and German (and whatever else me and my husband have mixed in our blood) tradition? I'm too busy raising her and trying to help her grow into a responsible person to worry myself with teaching about Mexican history. She lives in America, she's American, if nothing else, she should learn about that before she learns about a very small percentage of her background, in my opinion.

Now, I'm off to find out the hours of the Italian bakery downtown. I want a cake from that place and hopefully, I can get one tomorrow. Who knew that the Italians could bake as well?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Eeeeeeek" Screams the longhaired Siamese

I wasn't planning on posting a blog tonight (ok so by now you'll read this as this morning but seeing as how I haven't gotten to sleep yet, it's still night to me). Here I was, minding my own business, getting ready to go to sleep. I'm not sure exactly what it was that made me get up. Possibly to pee? It seems like I had to do something in the kitchen, seeing as how that's where I went first. Willow, my husband's fat cat was sitting on my counter, some where she KNOWS she's not allowed but has been sleeping there when she thinks I'm done for the night. (yet, no matter how many times I catch her and swat her down, she still risks it night after night) The cat is kind of weird and thinks that there are rodents living in everything. One night, after we bought the infant car seat, Jasmine was inside the box that the seat came in, with it all folded up and the cat circled it as if to wait to attack the giant mouse that was moving around inside. She looked a little displeased when a child climbed out instead. Since we moved in here, she has spent many evenings staring at the bottom of my stove because ONE time a mouse did emerge from there and she killed it. Once and she's still obsessed. I noticed over the last few days that Saffron now stares at the bottom of the stove. Great, you're making the other cat nutty. (Isaiah, the siamese has no instincts when it comes to rodents... or maybe he thinks he's too good for mouse chasing) At any rate, I was in the living room, looking out the small window on our front door as it sounded like there was a truck stuck in the snow outside my house. Suddenly I heard what sounded like cats bouncing off the cabinets, just pure chaos. I figured Saffron had latched onto someone's tail and they were in a tug of war... it wouldn't be the first time. (or the last) Willow and Isaiah were under the kitchen table... Willow had a baby mouse in her mouth. Ok, first thought, shit if there's a baby, there's a mommy... and a daddy... and more babies. Second was 'oh the poor thing.' I left the room without confirming whether it was alive or dead. I figured if it was alive, I'd want to save it and saving it would mean dumping it outside in freezing temperatures. I'm sure the mouse would prefer the quicker, albeit more painful death via cat. Eventually, I went back into the kitchen, saw there was no mouse in Willow's mouth and asked if she killed it or let it get away. Just as I bent down, I got my answer. She dropped him... alive... and he got away. Goddamnit Willow, if you're going to catch it then you need to KILL it. She looked after the mouse with a 'We'll meet again' look on her face. Isaiah had still been next to her and his expression was more 'EEEEK a MOUSE!' The only cat I have that is a proven mouser is the evil monster that lives outside. The cat that bit through my arm, down to the muscle last year, causing the most painful infection. (who knew things could get THAT infected in less than six hours) I just got done telling my husband, I'm not losing a limb just so a mouse can die. (and no, we're not sure what the evil cat from hell's deal is... he's fairly normal outside but you bring him inside and he attacks anything and anyone for no reason and I mean looking to seriously injure in these attacks. And yet, he gets upset when you put him back outside. We've decided that when, for whatever reason, Jake needs to be indoors, he will stay in the backroom with the dogs... they're crated, they'll be safe and yes, I'm concerned for the DOGS safety) Saffron was just coming out of nap during all of this so I'm not sure if he really knows what happened. Last I checked, he was in the living room playing with one of his fake toy mice, completely oblivious to the intense search going on in the kitchen. Apparently, after Willow allowed the mouse to be on his merry way, she changed her mind and wanted him back... but the mouse is no where to be found. Gee, Willow, wonder how that all happened. My dogs could mouse better than those cats...... but I think they would actually pull the stove away from the wall, roll it over a few times and chew a hole in the wall to get to the mice.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Oh no she didn't ;)

I don't normally post anything in detail about my MIL but today, well I just don't care if she reads this. I draw a very strong line in the sand when it comes to my daughter and she crossed it today as far as I'm concerned. Her main tactic with my husband has always been manipulation, usually with guilt. It stopped working a long time ago with him but she continues to try any way. We have had this conversation with her numerous times on where Jasmine will be when I go into labor. She WILL be with my mom, at my mom's house. I've gotten very frustrated the last month or so that she has known about my pregnancy as she just won't listen. She has went as far as to say that Jasmine will cry if left at my mom's. Well, she'll have a frickin' panic attack if she's left at my MIL's house for ANY length of time. My husband and I were in the kitchen (which is open to my living room) getting dinner on plates for everyone when we heard his mom ask my daughter 'Are you coming to stay at my house when your mommy has the baby?' It wasn't really said as a question but more of a fact, as if this had been decided. This is the second time in as many weeks that she has tried to use my daughter to get her way. The last time we were with her, she asked if we had found out the sex of the baby, which we said no and then she immediately turned to my daughter and asked her if we were having a boy or a girl, as if since we're not telling her, my daughter will. Since my MIL has left the house, I have had to reassure my daughter SEVERAL times that she will NOT be going to stay at my MIL's house. Do you have any idea how hard it is on a three year old when major plans suddenly change in her little mind? It takes a lot to get her to understand what is going to happen while this baby is being born and then get her to accept it on top of everything else. For my MIL to go in and completely destroy all the work I've put into this, is just maddening. She upset my daughter for no reason other than in hopes of personal gain. I was so beyond pissed that I literally almost had to go outside in order to keep from losing it. My husband was standing next to me, yelling into the living room that Jasmine was not to listen to her and that she was NOT staying with her. (my MIL was completely oblivious to this as she is almost totally deaf) Do you have any idea how many times I'm going to have to reassure my daughter that none of that is going to happen? Normally, when my MIL does these types of things, I say nothing to my husband, at least not till I calm down but this was one of those times where the words 'WTF is wrong with your mom?' just managed to come out. I just don't know how much more crap I can take before I can't keep quiet anymore. My husband has told me many times that he doesn't care if I blow up at her but I'm a keep the peace type of person. I typically take the stand that if I don't have to deal with someone often, then there's no need to make future visits with them uncomfortable, particularly when it doesn't change them or the way they act. (my dad is the king of manipulation so this is nothing new to me but I hate dealing with it from anyone)

On the other end of things, I have most of my Christmas presents picked out for people. My husband is pretty much the only one that I have no idea what I'll be doing. It's a relief because I usually agonize over it for weeks at a time before I either a) find the "perfect" gift idea for each person or b) say screw it and get them a gift card. I also found a new recipe for cookies that I'm going to try out before Christmas. You actually use cake mix in these and I can mess with the recipe a little to make them fluffy. Unfortunately, they all have to be eaten with about two days or they start to get gross. I'm off to find some more things that sound good to make. (oh and the macaroni and cheese I made in the oven today, new recipe, was really good... next time I'll just use a little less cheese as this was more cheese soup than anything else) Then I'm going to create voodoo dolls and stick them till I feel better. ;))))


I didn't fall asleep till after 8:30 sometime this morning, meaning I slept all day. (just couldn't fall asleep to save my life) When I got up, we spent quite a while deciding on where to eat. We ended up at this new place at the mall, Five Guys. It's a burger place. Burger's were really pretty good but the fries I thought could've used something. Afterwards we went and did our grocery shopping and picked up some Christmas decorations. (which I put up when we got home so I don't have to do it all when I'm even more pregnant and I turned the lights on that I put up because Jasmine insisted) When we got home, Jasmine went straight to the bathroom to pee. She calls me in there to "help" her. She's standing next to the toilet, soaked. She happened to walk in on my husband the other day, who, being male, pee's standing up. I guess she thought it was all mind over matter. I don't think she'll try it again. I wasn't particularly happy about cleaning up her or the floor and at first didn't realize that's what she was trying to do.

Tomorrow my MIL will be here. I'm going to spend as much of that time as possible in the kitchen cooking and trying not to hear anything she says. Most of the time she ends up aggravating me so it's just best to make myself scarce. Seeing as how we have furniture everywhere right now, it's probably going to be a nightmare regardless.

Friday, November 21, 2008

White 'N Fluffy

Omigod. There is 4 inches of snow on my porch right now. Woah. My husband has to leave for work in an hour and I can't see where our yard ends and the road begins. Holy hell.

We still haven't found a name for this kid. Nothing sounds right. Or, I'll like a name a LOT for a few days and then change my mind. The name I currently like is very... old fashioned and my husband hates it. Although I like another one but it's a little... country. He doesn't seem to feel extremely strongly about any one name either. I mentioned before that this is my least favorite part of pregnancy.

On Monday I received my flu shot. (I know I've mentioned this but I thought I'd state the day for the purpose of this entry) On Tuesday I began to get a rash around the injection site. For any other person, this may be something to be worried about but I'm used to getting hives and rashes. Once I reached my twenties, I began to get irritated over anything and everything that touches my skin. A new make-up can easily (and has many times) cause hives around my eyes. I've had two or three reactions to antibiotics, causing hives, fever, changes in taste, etc. Basically, I'm used to looking funky. ;) Yesterday, the bruising finally started around the flu shot area. Now I have a blotchy funky bruise and a bumpy rash around it. Glad I got it in my leg. This doesn't happen every time I get my flu shot, only while I'm pregnant. I must be more sensitive to things while harboring a fugitive in my uterus.

It's all about the purse

It's snowing here like we lived in the Rockies, not northern Indiana. I don't think at least one of the weathermen was expecting the winds to blow the way they are. "We" weren't supposed to get as much snow as we are. It was "supposed" to be to the areas, well, everywhere BUT us. That's what happens with lake effect snow. There is no way to predict exactly what it will do. Every winter is a big guessing game. When one meteorologist gets it right, every commercial for that news station is all about how they called it and the other guy didn't. Really, you or I could do just as good of a job of calling lake effect snow accumulations with the same equipment. It really is just a matter of the best guess. It's rather frustrating for the everyday person around here however. You will go to bed being told that in the morning it's going to look like a blizzard. You make preparations, bust your ass doing this or that and then get just a dusting of snow. Other times, you're told nothing in advance. When you wake up, you think a flour company exploded outside your door. Some people around here still don't get it. They seem to think that the weather guy should be 100% with lake effect. They don't understand there is no exact science to it. It all depends on how the wind blows across the lake. The slightest change in the direction of the wind, and all that snow goes to the county next door.

Took a quick trip to the mall this evening. I went to bed last night with the intent of doing this before my husband got home from work but I don't like to drive in the unpredictable fluffy white stuff. Once he got home, I casually mentioned it oh, a hundred times in hopes that he'd figure out I wanted HIM to drive. ;) Last night, I was getting frustrated as I still hadn't found anything for Jasmine to wear on Thanksgiving. Every year, I've bought her some fancy thing that she won't ever wear again. I didn't want to do that this time but I still wanted to find something that was a little more... than average. I went looking online at even the expensive stores last night, hoping to at the very least get some ideas. I eventually decided that a jean skirt would be fine as she can wear it again at any time without it being a special occasion. But I still wasn't sure on the shirt/sweater. We went to The Children's Place store to get the skirt. (I could get the skirt at just about any kid's store but they have the kind with an adjustable waistband and she has a tiny waist so it's almost a must have) There were a lot of really cute shirts and sweaters but I eventually went with something a little more casual, a henley with a hood. She LOVES it. I'm not sure how she really feels about the skirt but she really loved the shirt once we got home. (she paid no attention to it in the store, instead preferring godawful ugly and brightly colored shirts) Now that's done. All that's needed is some cute tights... oh and some shoes, which will be worn for Christmas too. I hope this is one the entries that my husband happens to miss reading otherwise, he's already doing the math in his head. Maybe I should title this entry something really boring to divert his attention to a sports site. Maybe something about purses....

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Being pregnant is kind of sucking right now. Baby is laying so that my stomach is hard as a rock. (no, it's not braxton hicks) Oh, and that kind of hurts too. But the restless leg syndrome is the worst of all symptoms I've had being pregnant. I did however, get to eat cake today. ;)

Got the cats some more toys today. I wish we could do it for the dogs but they don't really seem to enjoy them that much. And then when they do... well it only lasts long enough to rip them to shreds. The cats toys are a little more long lived. The fake mice I just bought this past weekend seem to have disappeared except for two. I don't know where they hid the rest of them. Not under the couches because I just moved them yesterday.

My god, my husband needs some bean-o. Breathing in this room is becoming difficult. I think my brain cells are dying as we speak. Why does this never seem to really bother my kid? There must be something wrong with her sense of smell. Lucky kid.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A post is a post

We waited quite a while in my doctor's office yesterday. Jasmine wasn't being very well behaved either. Seems to be expected anymore if we have to wait for anymore than a few minutes. (it's not the wait, she just seems to be a in a mood on the days where we have to wait) Not much more embarrassing as a parent than trying to get your kid to come to you and instead she avoids you by going around a group of chairs. That got her on a time out, which was highly embarrassing for HER considering there were still some people around. Once we got in the room, I asked the nurse if she could do our flu shots and I insisted that the only way she was to do them was if she would still get to leave at the same time, which is why we got our shots before the doctor came in. (it was at the end of the day, we were the last patients) My doctor came in and started asking about my pregnancy. (this is my regular M.D., not my OB) He guessed that I was around five or six months. I kind of smiled at him and said 'Try closer to eight.' He laughed and said well most of the time when women come in here that far along they're walking like this. And then did this hugely exaggerated pregnant belly and walked across the room. I love my doctor. ;) I was actually in there to get my prescription updated for my inhaler since they don't make the kind I normally use anymore. (and I hear the replacement tastes something awful, which my doctor agreed with) Then I asked him about a mole that I have been wanting to have removed. I needed to know how long to make the appointment for (20 minutes) and then I told him I'd been putting it off because I'm such a huge baby when it comes to needles and such. He then proceeded to tell me several times that the procedure would definitely sting. This is a doctor who never says anything is going to hurt. Fantastic. I just keep telling myself it can't be that bad. The numbing medication they use is supposed to be the worst of it and I've had that before. (granted it was in the middle of a contraction and I really didn't feel it at all due to the worst pain of my life coming from my uterus) It still won't be an easy appointment for me to make and then follow through with. He couldn't have said it would tickle?

Today I'm feeling a little better. I was pretty tired several hours ago but it seems to have subsided some. Yesterday I just felt awful. I ended up crying for an hour in the middle of the night because Jasmine just would not go to sleep and my restless leg syndrome was the worst I've ever felt it. I wanted to kick the walls, claw at them, anything to feel something other than the creepy crawlies. After several hours, Jasmine fell asleep and I took an Ambien. I don't know how I would sleep if I didn't have them right now. I hate taking something to fall asleep, (or more like the idea that there is no other way for me TO fall asleep) but it's nice to have the option when sleep is all but impossible on my own. My legs are bothering me tonight but for now it's tolerable as long as I occasionally stretch my legs really well. Much better than 24 hours ago. If I had to feel that every night, I think I would lose my mind. I can't imagine being someone who has RLS really badly. I normally only have it here and there when I'm not pregnant and I can usually fall asleep on my own, even if it does take quite a while longer than normal. While I'm pregnant, it's ten times worse. I don't want a newborn already but last night I was begging for my water to break just to have my body back. I'm just about sick of sharing it with someone else. It's mine damnit, stop messing with the way it works. ;)

Real Person Award

First off, I want to thank Beth for awarding me with the Marie Antoinette Real Person, Real Award for my blog. You're supposed to award it to seven more blogs but I'm lazy. ;) So again, Thank you Beth. I have a feeling Sheeba was not happy about your nomination. ;)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sorry all

Sorry, I have blogs to read and one that needs written (Beth) but I am just exhausted. I have been the last couple of days and even though I sit on the computer for a while looking at stuff, I just don't feel up for a "real" post or commenting. I feel more like sleeping for a week, getting up to pee and then sleeping another week. Oh, got the flu shot today. Didn't pass out or come close as they gave Jasmine her's first so I was more worried about getting mine over with so I could be with her. (she didn't start crying until the bandaid came out but then it was a meltdown from hell for five minutes) This was my most painful flu shot thus far, I've been getting them for four years. Must be something to do with where exactly the needle goes in. It hurt when she did it (I usually feel nothing at all) and still hurts now. Won't kill me, just a little sore. Now I'm going to stare off into oblivion for a few hours. Yeah, I'm exhausted but that doesn't mean sleep is coming any easier.

Monday, November 17, 2008

For once, your crazy comes in handy

Today, Molly the retriever proved her worth to me. This is a dog that is not only extremely in your face annoying, she also tries to eat everyone who comes through our house, even my mom who is at my house at least once a week. In the afternoon, she was outside with the other dogs and was barking like mad. I assumed one of the neighbors happened to walk out of their own house, that's usually all it takes for her to go psychotic. After a few minutes, we hear a car horn honk twice. Shawn goes outside to investigate. Turns out it's Jehovah's witnesses. They attempted to go through the fence to knock on our back door. The woman almost lost her arm. (there were six dogs in my backyard at the time, she would've been in pieces by the time anyone noticed she was back there) Of course, then she went on her spiel about the "truth" and husband said 'I'm good, thanks.' and walked back in the house. It's not like Molly doesn't warn you that she will eat you. She was barking the entire time and it sounded like the lady was still going to attempt to go to the door. (which is, behind the fence, with the dogs) Not a lot of brain cells left in that one.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Big, Bad, Invisible bugs

I'm going out of my mind with discomfort tonight. The restless leg syndrome is probably the worst it's ever been right now. (took a very small dose of Ambien so hopefully, that will ease after a while) I've been having a lot of just pain in general since about 9pm and have had a few good contractions in that time. (all sporadic, no need to even call the doctor) I just want to throw a temper tantrum, lay down and kick my feet. To top it off, every so often, I feel like the biggest ant known to man keeps biting me on my arms, legs and torso. (I guess it would be more of a handful of those ants)
I had so many plans for today. I didn't really get anything done however. I think the only thing I had planned to do, that actually was accomplished was to buy some Christmas lights for when we get our tree. I'm going to go with the mini LED lights and have been buying a few boxes here and there since they're a little on the expensive side. (I was lucky tonight and they were 3 dollars off a box!) We bought Jasmine's dress for Christmas today. I've been casually looking for something for her for a few weeks. The other day, I was in Macy's and thought while I was there, I would take a look at the kid's clothes. Omigod. That store is ridiculous. I found the most gorgeous dress in her size, looked at the price and my jaw hit the floor. $78 for a kid's holiday dress. A dress she would wear once. We ended up with a dress from JcPenney that was half off and almost as cute as the one from Macy's. Ha, take that overpriced store. I can only imagine how much the adult dresses were. I've also been looking for a casual outfit for Thanksgiving for her. Something not quite as fancy, that she could wear whenever. I saw a cute little skirt and shirt ensemble today but left without it, I may go back and have her try it on. For now, I'm just going to try and concentrate on not taking a wire brush to my skin to get rid of the invisible bugs that climb on me. (you'd think I was on pcp)

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I keep forgetting to mention, I added a slide show to the very bottom of my page. I made it several years ago when Jasmine was under a year. I've tried to do it again but the music options they have for that particular slide, suck now. Also, mom, don't hate my backgrounds over the next few weeks. They're in no way already Christmas related. Just see them as pretty colors... with a splash of holiday stuff thrown in. I can't help it! ;) I love that the Christmas stuff is already out.

The good, the bad and the evil

Saffron is home and doing... good. Well, HE'S good, not so sure how the rest of us feel. ;) Apparently, locking that cat in a cage for two days did not have a calming effect on the cat. My husband picked him up and when I got up, I went looking for him. (husband dropped him off at home before going back out) I was excited to see him, picked him up and he just freaked out. The cat ran around the house for HOURS. Even when he was so tired, he couldn't keep his eyes open, he would still wake up for a few minutes to try and eat you. I told him he's never staying the night at the vet's office again unless it's life or death. I guess the car ride home wasn't any better. It's about a half hour from my house to the vet's office and Shawn didn't have a cat carrier. We didn't think it'd be an issue because Saffron likes the car and likes to sleep in the car. However, this was the first time in days that he had been let loose. He was jumping from the back window to my husband's shoulders throughout the car ride. He went under the driver's seat and climbed up my husband's legs. Eventually, Shawn held him down for the rest of the drive to prevent a car accident or a cat being thrown from a moving vehicle. I'm just glad they cut his nails during the neuter or it could've been ugly. It doesn't help matters that Saffron absolutely LOVES my husband. He likes to chew on him, sleep on him, climb on him, aggravate him. Tonight is Saffron's first full night out. Every night previously, he has spent in the foster cat room. I have a feeling we won't make it past 7am before the howling begins and I have to put him away. He's extremely attached to people and gets lonely without them after a few hours.
I made an appointment for my flu shot/inhaler change today. Jasmine will be getting one with me. I wasn't expecting it to be so soon. We go in Monday. I got lucky, it's the only appointment they have with my doctor till at least next week. (maybe longer, I just know he was out the rest of this coming week after Monday) I also lucked out with the time, 4:50. That means, husband will be able to go with us and he can be the bad guy and hold Jasmine while they stick her. (I'll probably have my head between my knees at that time anyways... I really hope that Jasmine doesn't "learn" this behavior)
The next 24 hours are going to bring some major temperature changes in northern Indiana. Today I believe the high was 54, tomorrow the high is to be 39 and I think we already hit the high at midnight. In fact, it doesn't look like we'll warm to above the 30's for a week or two. Most winters, I'm the one whining about the heat and wanting to turn it up. This year, it's been my husband. He never gets cold and typically likes the house to be around 67-68 degrees. I prefer something closer to the 70's. (yes a few degrees makes a big difference) Last weekend, when it was colder out, he had a hoodie on, and blanket but was still whining about being cold. I was in a tank top and shorts. I'm not sure if it's being pregnant or that I've just gotten used to the house being cooler. However, the second I step out the front door, I'm freezing, even today when it was in the fifties. While pregnant, I like the house a little chilly at night because I get night sweats. They're a little more tolerable when the house is already on the cooler side. Jasmine doesn't mind either way. I swear the kid would run around in shorts all winter long, in the snow if we weren't around. When I was a kid, it took hours of playing outside in the winter before I noticed the cold, now I walk to and from the car and I'm ready to light a fire in the middle of my living room.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Not much Time

Had my 31 week appointment today. Everything is normal and dandy. It's hard to believe that my next appointment will be just over a month before my due date. (due date is January 12th, next appointment is December 2nd) It's gone by entirely too fast. There's still so much I have to do. For starters, I need more sleep before I can face being woken up every two hours. The last week or so, my legs have just been awful at night. My doctor prescribed me some more Ambien. I'm only taking it when I absolutely have to this time around. He only gave me eight pills so it's not enough for my body to become dependent on. What I really need to do is make an appointment with my regular M.D. to get my inhaler prescription updated and my... gulp... flu shot. Ok, it's not that bad but I'm not the only one getting it. Jasmine always gets hers the same day as I do and it's awful to tell your kid everything is going to be ok, and hold her while the nurse puts a needle in her leg. At least she's tough and only cries for a second. Other little kids cry about it for the longest time, even though you know it only hurts a second.
I've been kitten free for 24 hours now. They all went to the vet yesterday to get fixed and now the other foster has them. (she picked them up from the vet) I need to send her an email to find out when I can pick up Saffy as Jasmine is driving me insane wanting her kitten back.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Odds and Ends

This was taken tonight after I rearranged the furniture. This is the cats version of pouting. Isaiah is the flame point on the left, Willow is the tabby on the right. I just let the farting dogs out and that's where the cats are still sitting.
You see why I'm beginning to hate my plants? Those shutes are all the way to the floor. My mom thinks it's cool. Guess what mom? You're taking one of those plants. ;) (by the way, that one is in the sink because I just watered it. The planter has a crack in it so it leaks onto the floor if it's not in the sink)

Jasmine and her Daddy playing.

Jasmine holding Saffron. She was very excited when I told her that he was HER cat to keep. She always asks me whose cat Isaiah is and I say he's mine, then she asks whose cat Willow is and I say Daddy's. Now she has her own cat. She's just lucky he's extremely tolerant of her. (or just dumb, we haven't decided which yet)

This is MY dog in a Bears outfit. I am a Packers fan. My husband thinks he's cute. Cash wasn't pleased when we took it off him.

Can you believe this is the kitty formerly known as LBK? Her name now is Raven. She's the most annoying kitten I have right now. If she's into something and you get on her about it, she runs and gets into something else. She's the reason that I don't have curtains up in my living room. (she pulled one side down and I haven't found a replacement rod) The white you are seeing isn't a trick from the camera. She looks like she's recently rolled in ashes. Let's hope someone finds this to be cute and takes her away from me.

Halloween Night

I'm doing the best I can to try not to think about the annoying email right now so I'm uploading photos. This is Jasmine in her Halloween costume. It was slippery so she was having fun squirming on the floor.

Engrossed in some cartoon or another.

These were actually given out as part of the candy at one house. Jasmine loved them. They kind of freak me out to be honest.

The loot

Throwing in a belly photo. This was taken at about seven and a half months. Stop looking at my stretch marks. Yeah, I saw you. ;)


Is it normal to hear you dog audibly fart... several times? I thought it was my husband farting in his sleep, then I realized it was his border collie who sleeps on that side of the bed on the floor. When did this start???

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good day with an ok end

You know when you have a lot of stuff on your plate, you really don't want any extra added. I particularly don't care for having petty things added. Apparently, in the company of my step-mother, I am not referring to her properly in front of Jasmine. I guess refraining from calling her an idiot isn't enough. (and many worse but we won't go there right now) I've tried to remain pleasant over the years that they've been together. I've done a damn good job. I can't help it if it's not easy for me to refer to her as anything other than by her first name to my daughter. Jasmine calls her what they've asked her to and that should be enough. I'm to the point that I'm sick of bending over backwards to appease people over stupid things. I include my step mother in every single conversation that I have over there and if nothing else, I end up talking to her more than my dad in an effort to not appear like a total bitch. I keep repeating to myself, I will not reply to that email while I'm pissed, I will not reply to that email while I'm pissed. It would be all too easy for the resentment from my entire life to come pouring out right now if I were to go there. My feelings on most issues are rarely considered and yet I have to be extremely sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others? Particularly those I don't really care for all that much? I won't say my dad hasn't made any effort the last four or five years but don't expect miracles from someone who is already stretched thin. It's not like I asked to be put in the positions I'm in. Those that were forced upon me. If he doesn't like what I call her to her face then it's a damn good thing he can't be a fly on the wall at my house. (apparently referring to her as a SHE or a HER is demeaning in some way... I'll have to ask my husband how inappropriately I'm behaving around them. He always gives me an honest answer) I had a really good day until I got that. Do you ever see an email in the inbox and just KNOW you're not going to like what it says?
Let's get to the nicer parts of my day for now. I only got a few hours of sleep due to some awful restless leg syndrome that is being worsened by pregnancy. You'd think I'd be in a bad mood but I actually wasn't. (lack of sleep is not attractive on me, at all) I actually, get this, played video games for quite a while today. You know when the last time I played a video game was? Sometime around last Christmas. I've never used the PS3 and it took some getting used to. Hell, I'm still getting used to it. Apparently, at some points in the game, if you move the controller, even a little, you player moves. Holy hell do I suck at those parts in the game. My husband thought it was pretty funny. Afterwards, we ate dinner and Jasmine ate quite a bit for once. Then, since I had so much energy I thought I'd better use it in a productive way instead of playing a game. I started to clean the living room and I mean REALLY clean. Every corner has been picked up, swept and mopped. Every year I have to move our couch for the Christmas tree so I got that out of the way early. (although I hate where it has to go... there's not a lot of options however) The only thing out of place is the large mound of toys in one corner. Hopefully, we can tackle at least some of the spare bedroom to move those into this weekend. We're planning on making it a room for Jasmine. That way she has her own personal space where the baby can't go, unless she wants it there. She'll have a dvd player in there, bed, her toys and whatnot. I wish I could blame the lack of work being done in that room on my husband but I've been putting it off just as much as he has. It's mostly a lot of clothes to fold and decide where to put them. I told my husband after I finished the living room, I would stop as I knew I was coming up on my limit before my back started to protest but I threw in some dishes in the dishwasher and threw my clothes in the dryer before coming to bed. At least I didn't go too far overboard after that, clothes and dishes don't weigh too much. ;) Now that the living room is moved around, my cats are upset with me. Cats are not big fans of change for the most part and my flame point siamese definitely prefers things to stay the same. Now he has to find a new favorite spot to sleep. You see, even though the same furniture is in the room, it's in different places now. Can't you see the dilemma??


I fell asleep really early (for me) last night. I woke up quite a few times during the night (and was afraid every time that I wouldn't be able to fall back to sleep again) and was looking forward to getting up earlier than usual. Well, that didn't happen. Instead, both me and Jasmine slept for 13 hours straight. Since I ended up with so much sleep, I wonder how long it will take me to fall asleep tonight.
The phone company is sending out a guy tomorrow morning. He'd better get our internet fixed. Some days it works all day without a problem and others, we get kicked offline a dozen times in an hour. (we have broadband, we should not be getting kicked off, ever) They've been out for this same issue several times now and almost every time the guy says there's either nothing wrong or it's the filters on our phones. Ok, they've changed the filters, we've changed the filters, it's NOT the filters. It's the fact that ATT has incompetent idiots working for them and I fully plan on going elsewhere if they don't fix it ASAP.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cold Air is moving in...

Husband is at a Bull's game in Chicago. I've been bored. He's been gone since 11am, despite the fact that the game didn't start till 8:30pm and it's only a 2 hour drive. Their first stop in Chicago? An arcade place. *shakes head* I married an eight year old. I spent the day with my mom. We picked up the car seat and went to dinner. Since then I've been hanging around the house. I should've used the time wisely and cleaned or something to that effect but I just didn't feel like it.
I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night. (probably not helping my lack of motivation) When the heartburn finally subsided enough to lie down, it was early morning. It wasn't long after that, that Jasmine woke up. Hopefully I'll have an easier time sleeping tonight. If I fall asleep before husband gets home, I at least won't have to listen to his snoring. There's nothing more dangerous than for you to start snoring when I can't sleep. Every single breath you are to make after that point is like a razor blade to my nerves. He got kicked quite a few times last night. Didn't make a difference, the man sleeps like the dead. You there, hush or face bodily injury. ;)

Had Enough

I swear if I read one more blog from some republican whining, bitching and moaning about losing... I'm just going to lose it. (many of them are on my blogroll and I'm seriously considering removing them and losing their html) STFU. You lost, it's over and all the griping in the world isn't going to change it. And by the way, if half of you did your research, you'd realize that most of your "fears" are unfounded. The scary black guy isn't going to take your guns. Abortions aren't going to be on a revolving door. None of you that I've read are making enough money to be affected negatively by tax increases. Quit your goddamn belly aching. If Obama was a republican with the EXACT same ideas, you'd be cheering for him. The idea that any of you would think that it would be better to have Palin anywhere near the top of this country is insane. Really, you have to be bat shit crazy to think that was a good move on your party's behalf. I've said before, if the democrats had pulled some shit like that, I would've been changing my official standing to independent. How long are we going to listen to your shit before you grow up and get over it? You had the last eight years and your party screwed us in some of the most uncomfortable positions known possible so again, STFU. Now, as usual, the democrats will come in and clean up what the republicans so badly destroyed.

Looking for a distraction

Heart burn is killing me. Really. I think I'm dying as we speak. It actually feels like I'm being stabbed all the way through my chest.
I've been looking for a new digital camera for a while. The current digital is a point and click. I thought it would make my life easier and the pictures would be about the same quality as a SLR. I was so wrong. Don't get me wrong, the camera takes adequate pictures but I miss my SLR. The only SLR I have is a 35mm. Yeah, FILM. You all remember that stuff right? It's a Canon Rebel T2. I love that camera. I love the quality of the photos that it takes. The ONLY thing I don't like about it, is that it's not a digital. It sucks to take all those photos, only to find that you could've taken half a dozen of them better if only you'd been given a chance at the time. Originally I was looking to get a Nikon D40 as my next DSLR but I love that old Canon so much that I think I'm just going to get the Canon Rebel DSLR. It'll be a while before I can afford it as the price is a little steep but it'll be worth it when it's here. By the way, the photo at the top of the page was taken with my old Canon Rebel T2 before I knew ANYTHING about photography at all. Is it any wonder why I love that camera?
We took Jasmine to see Madagascar 2 tonight. It was a spur of the moment decision, although not surprising considering both me and my husband have wanted to go to the movies for the past several weekends. It was a cute enough kids movie with MANY innuendos throughout. Quite a few times I was like 'Can they really put that in a kids movie?' But then I realized that no one under 13 would really get the meaning behind it. It was opening night so there were a lot of parents and children there. Despite that, almost every single kid was well behaved. I actually thought the parents were far worse than the kids. One woman sat on her cell phone through the first thirty minutes, talking at a regular volume. Nice example for your kid lady. Jasmine loved the movie and that was what was important in the end. The movie is partially responsible for the awful heartburn I'm currently having however. I don't know that I'll EVER eat another pretzel with cheese again. Ok, I will but not while I'm pregnant. No food is worth this much discomfort. Wow, never thought I'd say that. I love food. ;)

Friday, November 7, 2008

What? No way!

I hadn't mentioned this earlier because I honestly didn't think it would happen. I had to get my husband to say yes and then I had to get a group of people who don't care for me too terribly much to also say yes. My husband was the easiest of the two. Then I had to wait to find out the others decision. The longer it took, the more I thought it would be no. I got an email today saying - yes. I get to keep Saffron the little evil kitten. I'm a little shocked at the moment because that's how much I was expecting it to be a big fat no. My husband is going to be even more shocked. I'm sure he was banking on them to say no. I just can't believe the little awful monster is staying. I fall in love with the worst of them, at least when speaking of animals. ;)

Car Seats

After looking at a lot of the reviews online, I had known for a while that the car seat I would be getting would be made by graco. The main thing that swayed me between the Safeseat and the Snugride was a rumor I heard on what to expect when you're expecting forum. Someone claimed that they knew someone that had the Snugride, had it properly installed and were in an accident. The accident was at a low rate of speed but it flipped the seat over on top of the baby. I'm starting to wonder if this is a completely true story. The Safeseat by all standards is one of the safest you can buy without spending over $300, however it is extremely bulky, heavy and doesn't fit in either shopping carts or restaurant baby seats. Basically, it's really safe but a pain in the ass for the parent. I've been uncomfortable with my decision from the beginning. (the seat weighs 16lbs WITHOUT a kid in it, carry that to and from the car till the kid is a year old... heavy) I decided to look around again before we make the final purchase. The most recommended car seat in most of the research, was the Snugride. It was considered the safest and most versatile. Now I think I may go with the Snugride. I found no other reports or rumors of this car seat having any issues. The seat looks just like the other one except it's small, and lighter. (and slightly cheaper) I'm just hoping to find one that has a cover with it since this kid will be born in the winter. Speaking of baby, I have awful, nonstop heartburn. It's been going on for weeks now but steadily getting worse. I should buy stock in Pepcid with as much of it as I'm going through.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Damn cats

Why am I always in the right place at the right time? It's a shitty gift at times, let me tell you. I was tired, didn't feel like doing anything except feeding the dogs, changing the litter box and going to bed. I didn't want anything extra added that list. Who would've thought taking out the cat pooh would've been anything other than ordinary. Our back porch light is out so I have to use a flashlight while going out at night. As soon as I shined it out the door, I saw two eyes shine back. There was a little calico cat seriously considering entering my backyard for a drink of water. NOT a good idea if you're a cat. My dogs will eat a cat if it's roaming their yard. I tried to get her to come to me after I was outside the fence but she was too skittish. No worries, I wasn't going to keep her, just wanted to check her out, make sure she was ok physically and let her go. She went towards the front door however. Being that I would worry about her the rest of the night if I didn't do SOMETHING, I went back inside, gathered up some cat food and a small bowl for water and put it in front of the door. It was only a few minutes before she was eating. I went out again later to try and get a look at her (after she was finished eating) but the food didn't make her any more social. I warned her not to expect that kind of thing often. It's weird to see cats wondering around our neighborhood. Smart people around here keep their cats inside or confined some other way, otherwise you're just asking that they get hit by a car. I just hope she was fixed.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Next Four

I'll try not to gloat. I'll try to make this my only post on the subject. Really, I will. When McCain began his concession speech, tears welled in my eyes. It was for purely selfish reasons. This is the first election that the guy I voted for, has won. I've never known this feeling. Knowing that millions of others believed in what I believed in. Enough that the person we voted for, was designated to be the next president of the United States. It's awesome. I even shook my husband awake to tell him the news. He looked less than pleased to be awoken just hours before he has to get up for work. I HAD to tell someone and he's one of the few people who doesn't yet know. Here's to the next four years. They'll be a rough road, with many bumps. It didn't matter who was elected, they were going to have a rough go at this presidency due to what the idiot for them has done.

Just a Warning

If you are 18 years of age or older, a US citizen and make the choice NOT to vote, I do NOT want to hear you moan and bitch, not even once, about whomever becomes president. You have lost your bitching privileges for the next four years. If you want a right to your opinion, go out and vote, otherwise STFU. Sorry, just wanted to get it out there ahead of time. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Slow Days

I wish I could say that the reason I haven't blogged for a few days has been something exciting and fun... but it hasn't. I've been hanging around the house, not doing much, being lazy. In the last three days, I've finished two of the books in the Twilight Saga. I'm almost finished with third one. It probably won't make it till morning. I bought the fourth and final in the series tonight. I've picked up the first book at the store several times but thought 'Vampires? Really? No, I'll pass.' I tend to go with something a little more... realistic. But I'm finding that I've actually enjoyed these books quite a bit, although book two was a little disappointing due to the intensity of the first book but the third one is looking pretty good. (it wasn't a complete waste, just not as good as the first of the series)
Yesterday, I went with my mom to help her pick out new cabinets (well she was already decided on the cabinets, so I wasn't helping there) and a new counter top. Good thing I went too, although it's more of a good thing that Jasmine was with us. The counter top she was looking at was a coffee colored brown and I wasn't a fan from the beginning but I thought it would look alright with the cabinets. We couldn't figure out how to get the cabinet sample off the wall so we couldn't set the two next to each other and get a good look as to how THEY would look TOGETHER. Jasmine was messing with things the entire time we were there and just pulled a counter top sample off the wall. Who knew it was so easy? We snapped the sample off that she was originally interested and both said 'Um, no.' The colors did not mix well at all. We found a lighter brown that meshed better with the cabinets. That was my excitement on Sunday.
Today, Jasmine and I got up earlier than usual and it was so nice out. We decided to spend the day outside till Shawn got home from work. She didn't make it the few hours outdoors without some scrapes and bruises but the second in looked like we would be going indoors, she acted like she was in no pain at all. Funny how that works. Once we did come inside, she was right back out after my husband got home. I was able to get ready to leave for the evening while they were playing. (Husband was busy with pushing Jasmine on the swing and throwing multiple frisbees for six dogs) The other day was my MIL's birthday so we took her out to eat tonight. That's all I'm saying about it. As the saying goes, if you can't say anything nice...
The other morning, as soon as I got up, Shawn said go look at your dog. Which usually means one of two things, the dog is either hurt or ridiculously dirty. My response was 'Can I pee first?' ;) I literally hadn't even made it to the bathroom before he was telling me to go look at the dog. There must have been something in my voice because he immediately said it was nothing bad. The dog in question was Cash. He was sleeping in his crate... with a Bears jersey on. Uhm, honey, I'm a PACKERS fan. Mortal enemy of the Bears. He had bought it for Rocky, HIS dog and it didn't fit him so he put it on MY dog instead. hmpf He did look cute. And quite disappointed when Shawn took it off him. I'm not a fan of dressing up your dog so I just rolled my eyes at him and said 'You're a DOG. If we put clothing on you, you're supposed to roll of the floor and whine in agony, not look sad that we removed the clothing from your body.'
While we were outside today, Jasmine was running after Cash and fell in a hole. It was completely my fault. I had used the rake to get the leaves off the pathway down our yard and a large pile of the leaves ended up in that hole, making it almost invisible. She cracked her elbow on the cement pretty good. This was one of those times where the pain suddenly went away at the thought of going inside. Later, Jasmine was riding on her tricycle down the same pathway. Savannah (my youngest Aussie) was following dutifully beside her. When we go anywhere, Savannah is almost always at Jasmine's side. Before Jasmine got back to that same hole, Savannah ran ahead and dug out the leaves. I don't know if it was a coincidence or if Van had actually been paying attention to what happened earlier. I try not to put anything passed my dogs. (While I was pregnant with Jasmine, I had a horrid infection in my uterus - I wasn't aware it was there till the second she was born. Shawn's border collie, Mia tried to tell me for days that something was wrong. She wouldn't get off the bed when I told her to, always laying with her head on my stomach. It was very unlike her. She was trying to tell me, hey stupid you're dying a little, you may want to see a vet about that.)
As I said, I've been lazy lately. However, if you're at the side of this page with the blogs I read, I've been keeping up on you. I just haven't been commenting. Remember, been lazy. ;)

Saturday, November 1, 2008


After about an hour of listening to Cash (doberman) and the two aussie boys bark, I decided someone needed to be let out to see if there was anyone out there. It's a pretty easy decision for me as to who to let out. It comes down to who will eat a person that is trespassing, rather than lick. Aside from Molly, Cash is the most protective. He went out and something was surely bothering him out there but after a few minutes, he got a drink of water and then just stared off towards whatever was out there. It was probably just a raccoon but being that it is very late on Halloween and there are quite a few parties within walking distance of my house, I figure better safe than sorry. Normally, I would've let Molly out but again, it is Halloween and it could've easily been kids playing a prank. Cash isn't going to go straight for the kill, Molly would. Molly is an attack first, deal with the consequences later type of dog. Cash would lay chase but I don't think he'd attack someone unless they gave him a reason to do so. Whatever was out there, probably won't be coming back after having a seventy pound dog chase them.
Jasmine did really good for her first time "really" trick-or-treating. She never once said trick-or-treat to anyone who was at the door but she did say thank you a lot. It was funny to see a three year old go up to the houses that had people in scary masks and costumes and then see an eight year old who wouldn't go near them. The only one that really seemed to freak her out was the teenager in a werewolf mask. She just stared at him and held on to her daddy's hand for dear life. We were out for over an hour and the kid scored a lot of candy in a small amount of time. (there weren't many houses with lights on, so there was more walking than knocking) She really seemed to enjoy it once we got going. One of the first houses we went to, a lady came to the door with cat ears on and then suddenly a dog almost as tall as Jasmine came and stuck his nose right up to hers. She just petted him gently on the head. Nice dog, just a little "nosy." There were a few other houses with dogs but none that we were able to touch. The owners were either outdoors already (in the case of the pit bull house, which.. well I don't really think they were all that pet-able) or the dogs were put in another part of the house. Several people had their dogs out for trick-or-treating. One was a little chi-chi that I swear had the same outfit Jasmine had on! I'm not a big fan of the chi-chi's or similar breeds but this little puppy was adorable. And there was one cat out. He was on a deck and sat so still that you wouldn't have known he was alive if he wasn't blinking. All in all, it was a successful event.
I did get myself a nice brace for my wrist. This one is actually made for women and my size. I would've slept in my husband's last night but it kept slipping around on my hand. I've read that you can go without them during the day as long as you were them at night. I'll try to sleep with it on and then during the day if it's bothering me.