Thursday, October 9, 2008


I don't know who I'm more pissed at, myself or the BMV for screwing me. I was watching tv tonight when a political ad came on for the current governor of Indiana. It was saying how the lines at the BMV have gotten better, better this, better that, blah, blah, blah. Now I still think the guy is a waste but I thought I should check and see when my driver's license is due to be renewed. I couldn't find it anywhere in my purse. I was at my mom's so not only did I have to drive home without it, I had to go home and look for it. When I got home, I went and looked in my old purse, of course that's where it was. I mean what better place for it considering I moved every other piece of plastic into my new purse. Why the hell did I leave one of the most important pieces in the old one? I don't know why my brain does what it does. At any rate, I look at the expiration date and it was for December... of LAST year. Jesus, I've been driving with an expired license for almost a year. Now at first I was pissed at myself, really pissed. Then I looked at the date issued, 1/27/2006 and date to expire was December '08. Anyone else see something wrong with that? A driver's license in Indiana is supposed to be issued for four years at a time. WTF was I only given two years? There was no reason that I can see (and I looked at the Indiana BMV website forever trying to find one) that I would've only been issued a two year license. I was over 21 when it was issued, so it's not like I had to renew the day I turned 21, as I would have if I'd gotten it a year before. I just don't get it and I know when I go into the BMV to deal with this mess, they won't have any answers and I'm definitely going to look like a dumbass who doesn't know what she's talking about considering it's almost a year after it was due to be renewed. Which by the way, there are some bartenders out there who should be in trouble and shouldn't have served me between the months of January and approximately March. I can't even get the good OTC sinus medication right now because of my expired license. (you know the stuff you have to get behind the counter) Grrrrrrrrrrr


Wes said...

Don't be so hard on your self, it sounds like they goofed up here. It is too easy to forget things, I have left to bank cards in the machine to be shredded this year! Since then I keep a close eye on my card, and always double check that its in my wallet. Thank you for the suggestions, and for stopping by my place. I wish you a good day!


Beth said...

Whoops, that can sure sneak up on you! I try to remember to check mine periodically and remember when I need to get it. As for the 2 year expiration date--weird! Even bigger'll probably have to take the test again! :(