Wednesday, October 1, 2008


As most of you are aware by now, AOL journals will be no more as of November 1st. I'm not sure what pisses me off more, the fact that AOL decided to terminate journals and there by take away what has become a wonderful community online or the fact that they gave us just barely a month to transfer all of our past entries. I think it's more the latter as most of you (as will I) will be moving to blogger and therefore not much should change in our relationships. On November 1st I will have been blogging on AOL journals for exactly five years. I have five years worth of entries to back up on another forum. Five years in one month. I don't know how I'm going to do it all. The thought is a little overwhelming and this is coming from someone who has no formal job. I can't imagine what it would be like if I also worked full time and had to worry about backing up all my past entries. I will continue to post my daily entries on here but will be putting them on blogger as well. If you are going to blogger or another forum, please, please let me know. Some of you I am already aware of and have already put in to "follow" your blog through blogger. I do not plan on quitting blogging. I wouldn't know how quite frankly as I've been doing it for so long. It's my "out" at the end of the day and will continue to be so. My blogger address is posted below. After November 1st you will have no way of accessing this (the AOL version) journal so make sure you bookmark sooner rather than later or if you forget, you can always email me. Damn you AOL.

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