Sunday, October 19, 2008

Picture Day apparently

This is Savannah, my red merle Aussie. She's a love bug. Oh, and there off to the right side is Saffron. ;)
This is Savannah's face when she's hoping mommy doesn't crush her. I has kneeling over her while she was on her back. She seemed concerned.
And this is Savannah when two people make an irritating sound at the same time. Seriously. I was trying to get her ears up and her head to turn so I made a strange noise, then in the living room, Jasmine started making a weird noise to copy me. This was the end result.
She was talking out the side of her mouth when I took this one. One of those 'yes mom, now just take the picture.' The gourds behind her... she holds them all the time. She even took two of them with us when we left to go shopping tonight. I made her leave them in the car.
I included this one because it's one that I found on my camera. Jasmine took it at some point and time today. I always think it's neat when she's able to center objects in the view finder considering she's 3. If she gets some kind of artistic eye, it will be a miracle, as me and her daddy have none. Lucky for her, there is something in our family as my uncle is a professional photographer and my brother is a pretty good artist.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

She did well with the picture :o)

Kelly said...

Savannah is a BEAUTIFUL dog! I am partial to the herding breeds anyway, she does look lovebuggish. :) Jasmine looks so cute, she is growing up so fast. The picture she took was very good! Kelly

Beth said...

Good job, Jasmine! She's really a little cutie, as is Savannah! I love the "I'm not listening" expression.


Lisa said...

Love the pics, it is adorable Jas is carrying her gourds with her..too cute. Savannah is a beauty!

Indigo said...

I'm calling this my smile entry. Savannah and Jasmine make it so you can't help but smile. (Hugs)Indigo