Monday, October 6, 2008


I'm doing my best to actually look at this baby naming book. It's hard to when they have names like Veejay. Really, who names their kids some of these things? You're just asking for your kid to spend their high school years with their head in a toilet if you name them Veejay. The entire book is filled with nonsense. After staring at the entire list of T's, I started to see hieroglyphics instead of letters. I've been through most of the book and only have a handful of names, none of which "feel" right. I actually looked at my stomach and said 'couldn't you just name yourself?' I've used all the good names on the damn animals. ;)


Wes said...

I know what you mean, we had a boy's name picked out. We couln't pick Malayna Jane's name very easily. We had her first name picked, but couldn't decide on a middle one. Malayna was the name of one of our cat's we had. One out of a litter of three, plus the three moms. Don't worry one will come to you soon enough.

How about Dia Ria? That way if they act up, with friends over at the house. You can yell, Dia Ria run your little butt over here to mommy!

Have a pleasant day!

Beth said...

Maybe you could grab a page from the Palin parenting book and name your child after objects in nature: Shrubbery, Pin Oak, Crabgrass. All lovely names, and there are almost endless possibilities! Verticillium Wilt, Sumac, Yellowjacket....

;) Beth

Indigo said...

I'm sure whatever name you decide on it will fit like a glove. When Paul and I first got together the question of kids came up. Believe it or not if we had decided on having a baby the name would of been "Spirit". Why? in honor of the spirit of it's parents and their love. I know strange, maybe it's a good thing we never had any kids. In my defense it would of worked for a boy or girl. Skye's dad wanted to name her who knows what goes through a persons mind when they name a child. (Hugs)Indigo