Friday, July 31, 2009

Just a thought

This might sound odd but sometime I wonder if I'm not on the cusp of an eating disorder at times. I eat as little as possible and many times, don't eat, even though my stomach is screaming at me for food. I typically eat a halfway healthy dinner and that's the extent of my food intake for the day. It started off years ago. It wasn't out of a fear of gaining weight, I was just all over the place all the time. I didn't have time for two meals a day, let alone three. After I had Jasmine, I became much more aware of what I was eating. (particularly after a heavy summer of baking that made me realize I no longer have the metabolism of a 15 year old) After Evan, it seems to have gotten worse. I still bake but typically send most of it to work with my husband, only leaving a 1/4 of what I made at home for us. (seriously if I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and DIDN'T send them with him, I would eat the entire thing) We still eat out, which is always going to be higher in fat and calories than if you just cooked at home and I usually get dessert. It's the day to day eating that I think I should be concerned about. One day this week, I ate a hot pretzel at the mall. That was my meal for the day. I didn't have so much as a cookie the rest of the day. There have been several days since Evan was born that I can recall not eating anything for 24 hours. I've come to find that after you get over the initial I'm-so-hungry-I-could-die pains, that you don't feel too bad. Sure you still realize you're hungry but it's not overwhelming. I. will. not. eat. past a certain time of day. No matter how hungry I am or what I've had to eat during the day. I don't want that food sitting there overnight. Now, when I'm working out regularly, I eat more. I don't want to completely deprive my body of food therefore, when the extra calories are being burned off, I eat a little more. Don't think that if you saw me tomorrow, you'd be shocked and want to rush me to the hospital. :) I'm small but I have hips, thighs and a butt that still carry some baby fat on them. I've stored it away for the winter... you know, in case of a blizzard. I have reserves. :) This isn't something I'm seriously concerned about but I do think I should eat more. This coming week (if the doctor would ever call in my Ambien) I plan on working on my sleep schedule. If I get up earlier in the day, I eat lunch and dinner. I'm not sure why. It's almost as if, despite the hours I'm awake, it still feels somewhat odd to eat after dark. I'm sure I'm not improving my mood much. When I'm stressed, I don't sleep or eat. Sure, I bake like crazy but I don't eat it.

The realtor was here today. We signed all the paperwork. In a few days, we should know what we'll be listing it at and then a few days after that, it will be officially on the market. I have a feeling everything after that will just become more stressful. I don't like having people in my house, even if they are shelling out some cash for it.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


1. Do you like blue cheese? I don't know, I've never had it
2. Have you ever smoked heroin? Jesus! NO
3. Do you own a gun? Yeah, lots... they all shoot water
4. What flavor do you add to your drink at sonic? I don't eat or drink at sonic or even sit
5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? Depends on what it's for
6. What do you think of hot dogs? Yum, best at the ball park
7. Favorite Christmas movie? Rudolph
8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? If I had my choice, coffee but usually I don't drink anything till later
9. Can you do push ups? Yes. Do I WANT to? NO :)
10. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? I don't have a lot so probably the ring my hubby got me a few years ago
11. Favorite hobby? Baking... that's a hobby, right?
12. Do you have A.D.D.? Not. At. All.
13. What's one trait you hate about yourself? I try not to "hate" myself... bad juju dude... I'm not all together happy with my boobs though
14. Middle name? Lynn
15. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment: (1) Worrying about the meeting with the realtor tomorrow (2) Hungry but it's too late to eat (3) Hope the doc calls in sleeping pills tomorrow
16. Name 3 things you bought yesterday. Absolutely nothing
17. Name 4 drinks you regularly drink? Dr. Pepper Cherry, chocolate shakes, Baileys, Chocolate shakes with Baileys... wow I sound like a lush
18. Current worry? All house all the time
19. Current hate right now? Again I'm not big on the hating... don't really like all the rain
20. Favorite place to be? Here... most of the time
21. How did you bring in the New Year? I was still pregnant so MISERABLE
22. Where would you like to go? Florida, Hawaii, Caribbean
23. Name two people who will complete this? Every single one of you will fill this out... in your head as you read my answers... :)
24. Do you own slippers? Somewhere.... where did I put those things?
25. What shirt are you wearing? Tank top with stars on it
26. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? No... I wake up feeling like I peed myself
27. Can you whistle? Yes, at least well enough that you know it's a whistle
28. Favorite color? I really do love them all... no favorites
29. Would you be a pirate? So long as I don't have to wear the eye patch
30. What songs do you sing in the shower? Whatever allows me to take a full shower without Evan crying
31. Favorite girl's name? Jasmine
32. Favorite boy's name? Evan (yes I took the easy way out on both)
33. What's in your pocket right now? Uhm... nothing... I'm in my undies... LOL
34. Last thing that made you laugh? Husband
35. Best bed sheets as a child? They were all pretty plain man
36. Worst injury you've ever had? I'm not sure which was more painful... having a 1500 pound horse stand on my foot (causing me pain to this day) or a rat biting straight through a nerve in my hand, thus leaving the nerve exposed
37. Do you love where you live? No... it's not cool to hear gunshots at random points in the day... just sayin'
38. How many TV's do you have in your house? 3
39. Who is your loudest friend? Abby, but to be honest, I'm probably the loudest one out of my little circle
40. How many dogs do you have? Shit, this answer always gets me odd looks... 7
41. Does someone have a crush on you? I sincerely doubt it... if they do, I'm completely unaware... although that drunk guy DID say I was gorgeous... LOL
42. What is your favorite book(s)? Probably still Intensity by Dean Koontz... been years since I read it but still a fav
43. What is your favorite candy? anything milk chocolate (so long as it has no nuts)
44. Favorite Sports Team? Green Bay Packers
45. What song do you want played at your funeral? LOL... If you're happy and you know it
46. What were you doing 12 AM last night? Trying to clean
47. What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up? Where the hell is my husband and why isn't he home yet?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just one of those days

Really stressed out. Always tired but can never sleep. This week is the longest week in the history of weeks. Have too much to do and too little time to do it in. Can't wait till Friday when I can go shopping. I've never felt like I "needed" to shop but now I really understand the term retail therapy. I guess I'm just in a really shitty mood right now. I had plans (which never work out... I don't know why I rely on these so-called "plans") to get our bedroom cleaned tonight. I was going to put Evan down for his evening nap, which usually goes between two and three hours and then I was going to clean the entire time. He slept for half an hour which was long enough for me to take the closet doors off (easier to clean that way and easier to see) and get one tiny area cleaned up. (i.e. toss it or put it in a box to be packed) My realtor will be here tomorrow and this room needs to be at least halfway there. I also have the cat room to take care of but it's mostly done. I just need to sweep it and then clean the hardwood floors. Only bonus to the day, while I was in the closet, I found two shirts I forgot I had and they're super cute. I want to work out but time is limited to cleaning and kids right now. After tomorrow, I think I'll feel a little better, especially since I'll have some time to work out over the next week. (hubby is on vacation for a week) At some point, a dinner date is in the works with a fellow blogger. I'd like to go up to Chicago for the day. Maybe to the Indiana Dunes another day. If you can find a spot where there aren't many people, it's very peaceful up there.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


A new day, a new litter. I'll have pictures of the last litter up here soon. I picked up a litter of four and their momma late tonight. (about 11pm) They are beyond adorable. My last litter was definitely my favorite so far and probably the least attractive of them but looks can be deceiving sometimes. They all had fantastic personalities and were just all around nice kitties. It's the first litter that I've teared up when I've dropped them off. I would've kept Rylee if we hadn't just adopted Saffron last year. I told my husband last year that I wouldn't have anymore than three indoor cats at a time and I intend to follow through on that. I am envious of the family that gets to call her their own. Some of them just get to you more than others.

Been cleaning last two days. Lots of cleaning. I want to be baking. And eating. But that's a stress thing, I'm sure. One more week and this house will be up for sale. And then I'll be more stressed. It's funny but I wish my realtor was here half the day so she could calm me down when I start to freak out. She has a calming way about her. Just having her in the room makes people feel better. As if your house isn't about to be opened up to the entire world to come and go on their terms. Yuck. I'm just glad we have fosters right now. Sitting in that room with them is like popping a xanax.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Just the usual

Evan had a doctor's appointment Wednesday. Just shots and check growth. He's in the 50th percentile for everything. Honestly, I never pay much attention to what percentile they're in but thought it was funny he was 50th in every way. I was hoping to get some cream for the eczema he has on his inner elbows and inner knees. However, my doctor is very anti-prescriptions and tries to fix things without them. He thinks Evan has an intolerance to milk so we are to switch him to soy formula. Great. He doesn't tolerate food switches very well. He was also given his shots at this appointment. The last time he had shots, he screamed for four hours nonstop and then for two more hours on and off. It was an effin' nightmare and vowed not to go through it again. I told the doctor I really wasn't totally comfortable with him getting the three in one shot. He talked me into it though. (I just wanted to stagger his shots, not omit any) He only cried a little this morning for my husband but as soon as I got up and took him, he was fine. I haven't had any problems since then except for a little upset tummy that had nothing to do with the shots.

I was a walking injury yesterday. I can't tell you how many bumps and bruises I ended up with by the end of the day. At one point, I was scrubbing the floors in the kitchen (getting ready for the sale and whatnot) and a mouse ran across my foot, I screamed like a sissy (I'm so not afraid of mice. You just don't expect on to go galloping across your toes!) and then the cat sliced open one of my toes. Which reminded me the cat needs his nails trimmed. I chased the cat around and eventually caught the mouse and let him live wild and free - outside. Shortly after that I was making hot chocolate for my daughter. (the only child who asks for hot chocolate in July) I must be the only person in the world who would cut themselves making hot chocolate. I couldn't remember where I left the scissors last so I grabbed a nice to slice open the cocoa package and instead sliced open my finger. Jasmine told me I should be more careful with sharp things.

I was going to drop all the baby/toddler clothes off at Goodwill seeing as I don't know many people having babies right now. Then I realized my best friend from high school is pregnant with baby number four. I took a chance that she might need them but didn't think she would since he last baby was a girl. Well her last baby is messy so she more than needs them. :) I've already packed up one large box for her and probably have at least one more to go. One less thing under foot for now.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No more

It is damn near impossible to get anything done around here. The house needs to be done by the first, not packed but cleaned to the point of spotlessness. We're packing as we go along because it's just easier to have stuff packed that we won't be using anytime soon. Without fail, every single time I start to make headway with something, Evan starts screaming his head off for no reason other than he wants someone to sit and entertain him. I feel like I'm trying to dig a hole to China and have only gotten as far as getting the shovel out. And I am so ridiculously tired. Evan hasn't been sleeping well the last few nights and last night was the worst yet. He was awake about every hour screaming. He didn't want a bottle, didn't want a pacifier, he just wanted to be picked up and carried around. I, however, just wanted to go back to sleep so he didn't get carried around. He got the bare minimum of maternal niceness from me and that was it. I have been able to wash about seven loads of laundry in the last two days and actually fold them all as soon as they were dry. I know I should use the this time to be cleaning but I am so sleepy that all I want to do is pass out and wake up nine hours later in a puddle of drool. That's how you know you slept good and deep, when you wake up swimming. :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I have half a beach in my crack... TMI?

I may very well be cleaning up sand till the day we sell the house. Whenever we go to the beach, Jasmine makes... snow angels, in the sand. As you can imagine, she brings back a great deal of sand with her. It doesn't help when I brought move home in my pants than she did on her whole body. I made myself a nice little recliner out of sand to lean against on the beach... and then I tried to get more comfortable and slide... backwards. Where do you think all that sand went that was behind me? Straight down my jeans. This was after the sun set. When the sand was cold. Really cold. We had headed for Lake Michigan tonight to go to the Venetian Festival and watch they yearly fireworks. I got several pretty decent photos on Shawn's phone. I no longer have a camera. Jasmine dropped it and, well, apparently you can only drop a camera so many times before something in it decides to die. The fireworks were nice and probably the last ones we'll see unless we go out in September or October to another festival. My guess is with the way finances are at the moment, we're done till next year.

Usually my husband is a bit on edge in large crowds. Tonight he was very well behaved, very laid back. He even commented several times on how good he'd been feeling thus far. We were walking back to our car which was about a mile away from the festival. Throughout the walk, you're passing houses and many times there are people sitting outside at those houses. We came to one house that has a group of guys sitting on the porch every single year. Some years there are girls with them but I don't remember seeing any tonight. It was obvious they had been drinking most of the day. I don't like to... tempt trouble so I made it a point not to even glance in their direction, lest one of them think I'm checking them out. As soon as we were directly in front of the porch, the guy closest to me says "You're gorgeous." It's strange how you can actually feel tension the second it's there. Before the guy could even inhale, my husband's chest was puffed out and he said something along the lines of "You'd better shut your mouth or you're going to get f---d up." One of the guys in the group that was a little more sober (out of about fifteen guys) said "I think you should do it." Wow, you guys aren't really that great of friends with the drunk dude, huh? The drunk dude never said another word after that and we continued on our way. (we never even stopped in front of the house and I never, not once, glanced at any of them... I just kept right on going as if they didn't exist) I laughed pretty much all the way to the car and then some on the way home and then some at home. I don't know, the whole situation was just funny to me. Not at the time of course. Things could've went very differently if the drunk dude decided to keep on going and I don't want my kids to see their daddy get into a fight and then proceed to get arrested. What I thought my husband should've said was "You know, I really tried to look good before I left the house today too. Thanks for noticing, I'm touched." And btw, I don't think Jasmine even knew anything happened or that any words were exchanged. She was walking behind us with my mom. Otherwise I would've had a mountain of questions to answer.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ooooh What a night

Went to the drive-in last night (one of the few left in the US) and watched the new Potter movie. The ending was a little disappointing. You leave going THAT'S the end?! Really? It's not some kind of trick? When the movie was nearly over, we noticed that the lights were a bit dim. We tried to turn the car on and guess what?! The battery had died. It may have been because we were using the wipers for the car since it was raining and then occasionally turning on the air to defog the windows. I've never had it happen before but the guy that gave us a jump said he's up there all the time and sees it happen quite often. They clearly tell you not to leave your car on while you're there since carbon monoxide is, you know, deadly and they also tell you "this will not drain your car's battery." Right Mr. Large Screen. We decided not to stay for the second movie, as we were concerned that we may not find another kind soul to jump us if our battery were to die again. Evan slept almost the entire time. I was extremely grateful to the little screamer, even if I did have to sit perfectly still or he would wake up screaming. Jasmine had quite a large dose of cotton candy throughout the movie... I clearly wasn't thinking when I handed the giant bag over. She was wired when we got home and stayed that way until around 2 or 3 in the morning.

Earlier this evening, I had bought a large coffee from Gloria Jeans. It must have had a delayed effect. We came home, made dinner and then left for Walmart. The caffeine kicked in about the time the door shut to the car. My husband had to listen to loud and purposely off key renditions of whatever song happened to be on the radio. When every station had on commercials, I would sing 'Oh it's Friday night And I feel all right, Oh it's Friday night (oh what a night)!" Over and over and over again as I don't know any other words to that song. (yes I know it's ladies night but tonight was FRIDAY night) Eventually Jasmine joined in, just as loud.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Really shouldn't look at foodie blogs when you feel like vomiting. Seems to intensify the effect. I keep telling myself this is what I would feel like for a full three months if I decided to get pregnant again. Myself keeps telling me back that it doesn't care, it's only three months. Myself is going to is going to regret telling me that some day.

Nonsense, nonsense I say

I've spent a good portion of the night looking up nonsense rhymes and folk rhymes. (although some of you are quite aware of that by now if you're on the bookface) I'm enjoying them a great deal. It's as if you're reading things a little... backwards.

We got rid of some furniture today. Gave some to a friend who needed it and some to Goodwill. We still have some that needs to go but didn't get around to it tonight. The house is starting to look a little... desolate. I swear I saw a tumbleweed earlier but it turned out to be some of Mia's dog hair. The less that is here when we sell, the less we have to take with us. Only a few pieces of furniture actually have any meaning to me, everything else I'm not attached to at all. The pieces I will absolutely not part with are, two worn recliners that belonged to my grandfather, which I plan to have them re-upholstered, a china cabinet that was my grandmother's and a small dresser that was also my grandmother's. It will be a very long time before I'll be ready to part with those recliners so they'd better hold up a while after I get them done. The realtor will be here in the next several days to take photos. This part it happening quite fast but I doubt the selling will go as quickly. I'm a little concerned however as I saw a realtor at my neighbors house a few days ago. You never want to have your house for sale directly next door to another house and the fewer houses for sale in your neighborhood, the better. You don't want people to have too many options in one neighborhood or else they may find a house they like better, is better priced, etc., than your own. I think the house across the street sold recently though. The lights were on in the garden tonight and it's the first time there's been any lights on at all since she died.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Is it wrong that I just found baking chocolate online that I plan on buying (someday) that costs $72.00? Am I really that bake crazy? I think I must be.

I made them, I can pout about them

I made cookies tonight. Cookies should make one happy. I. Am. Not. Happy. I was so excited to make this recipe. I have been looking for something similar since I was a kid. I'm starting to think I really dreamed up these cookies from my childhood. They are a soft, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth type of cookie and if that's not awesome enough, the centers are filled with creamy milk chocolate. The cookies I made tonight... *sigh* they are nothing like that. I had to drink half a glass of water after ingesting one of these tiny bits of food poisoning to keep from choking they were so dry. And the chocolate in the middle? Couldn't even tell it was there. I even drizzled vanilla icing over the tops and they still weren't to my liking. Jasmine on the other hand, had six in a row. Sorry kid, this is the first and last time I will be making them. I have been searching the interwebs for an hour now trying to find my recipe. If it's not out there, I will create it the damn cookie myself. In my searches for the chocolate filled cookie from heaven, I have found a skillet cookie that I think I'll make for dessert tomorrow after we eat dinner with my mom. It's a Martha Stewart recipe... usually you have to tweak Martha's recipes to make them have... uhm, flavor but this one looks to be on the up and up.

I get to keep the foot. :) There is nothing wrong with me other than the fact that I need to watch where the hell I'm stepping (apparently even if I have shoes on) and wash my boo-boos like a good girl. I think the lines that were spreading from the puncture were indeed from the pink paintballs that me and Jasmine had been smooshing with our feet since most of it had faded by morning. (and yes I tried to wash the stuff off the night before but it wouldn't budge, which is why I feared death by massive infection)

Jasmine goes to the doctor tomorrow. She just found out about the appointment today. She is not what you'd call pleased. The day after the fourth, she got this rash and has been itching ever since. I've had it with being woken up in the middle of the night to her trying to scratch the flesh from her hand and made her an appointment on Friday. I figure they'll just take a look at it and then tell me to put some cream on it. (I've tried the over the counter stuff) And wouldn't you know it, she hasn't itched it once tonight. Even if it's better tomorrow, she still needs to go as she gets canker sores in her mouth at least once a month and some of them can be monsters.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Need a little quiet time

It's just been one of *those* days. We started off the day (me on only four hours sleep) going to Lake Michigan with my mom for a day of sun and swimming... or neither. The beach turned suddenly cold shortly after arriving, there was no sun and the water was like ice. And then it started to rain. We came home and just kind of stared at the walls for a while. After a few hours of nothing, Shawn wanted to go outside to see if the paintball guns he borrowed worked properly since he will be playing in the morning. Jasmine realized he was out of the room and wanted to go with him. Seeing as how a few hours earlier she had escaped out the backdoor and then out of the fenced yard without making much noise at all, I figured it would be best to go with her. I was just reaching for her hand as we opened the backdoor and Mia (border collie) rushed out the door, shoving Jasmine out of the way and causing her to face plant off the back steps, which are cement, onto the concrete. I thought I was going to be sick. I had no idea how bad it would be when she came up but a million images pass through your head in a matter of seconds. The way I said 'oh god no' quickly got Shawn's attention and he came around the side of the truck and was in the backyard so fast that I swear he must have just flew over the fence. She wasn't badly injured. She has multiple scrapes on her legs and hands, along with one just under her nose, making her appear to have a constant nose bleed. She was still crying as she asked 'Can I please play outside now?' After that she ran around stomping on and breaking paintballs as well as scolding her daddy for getting mad at the dog, stating that the dog didn't mean to do it and it was just an accident. We all ended up with a great deal of mosquito bites before we came inside (Evan was napping... for about four hours). Once the screamer woke up, we headed to Walmart to get a few things for tomorrow for the boys day of shooting each other with paint filled balls. That went fairly uneventful. However, it was a lot of walking. Now yesterday, I was out trying to get the wood pile to burn and being quite unsuccessful to the point of quitting. While I was out there, I felt a stabbing in my foot. My initial thought was what the hell was that... and then I realized I had flip flops on, nothing should've been stabbing my foot. I lifted up my foot and saw that there was a small piece of wood with several nails sticking out it, one of which was stuck through my flip flop and into my foot. 'Well, isn't that just effin' fabulous' I thought. I took off my flip flop, thus removing the nail from my foot and then from my flip flop. I threw away the board but neglected to do what any moron does after getting a wound of that kind... I never cleaned it. Fast forward to tonight. We stopped at the gas station on the way home as I was planning on some running tomorrow and didn't want to get gas then. A neighbor was getting gas at the time and we started talking. Suddenly we hear 'Moooooooo.' In the middle of the city you don't expect to hear that. There was a trailer with a big brown and white cow in it. I, being the animal dork I am, said 'oooooh I want to pet the cow!!' Tyler, being just a dork, said 'Let's go ask him!' We jogged over and asked if we could pet the farmer's cow. He looked at us like we were on acid but said sure. Turns out the cows name is Spanky (I do n.o.t. want to know whatever story is behind that as it got a laugh out of the farmer) and he was not for dinner but rather his son's cow that he raised from a calf and they were just showing him at the fair. I hobbled back to the car and saw Jasmine in full tears because SHE wanted to see the cow too. (duh mom) I grabbed her out and jogged (carrying her since I didn't stop to put on her flip flops) so she could see him, although she wanted nothing to do with petting him. (He was stressed and drooling... enough to fill a small pond) I took her back to the car but still holding her as we stayed out of the car to talk, suddenly I had some awesome pain in my foot and handed her off to Shawn. The pain stayed the rest of the time we were there and only intensified after returning home. If my foot wasn't elevated as much as possible when I was hopping through the house, it would start throbbing and cause my breath to catch. I took an antibiotic (I figure it's better to start one NOW if it is an infection, rather than wait till I get in tomorrow) and put some antibiotics on the puncture (which by the way was only deep enough to cut the skin a little) and then I took some pain medication. That's about the time I noticed the wide red streaks (light in color, not veiny) here and there. I can't be sure they are from an infection, the paintballs (which were pink) or just from being clumsy. I plan on heading to medpoint to tomorrow if they are still there and it's still as painful. Don't worry, I'm not taking any chances here as I've done my online research and if these streaks are from infection then it would be in the lymphatic system and can be extremely dangerous. Typically these infections were caused by what was commonly called in the 90's as the flesh eating bacteria. Yikes. I had plans for tomorrow but they may have to be put on hold a while. God, my husband will want to kill me if it turns out it is and infection and I'm told to stay off my feet as much as possible... we have a house to get ready for sale. Yeesh, what a day.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Long Day with more to come

I am one sleepy lady tonight. We went to the local zoo with my dad and step-mom today. We did everything you can do at this zoo, pony ride, gift shop, train ride, see the butterflies. The highlight for me and my dad however, were the galapagos tortoises. They are in a fenced in area but in the fence is low enough that you can touch them. You're only supposed to touch the shells. Some kids had come up before us and threw in some weeds, complete with the root. Mr. Tortoise was eating them and the roots kept getting stuck in his mouth. The poor guy kept trying to hold them down with his foot but they're not exactly flexible creatures. I eventually, with great caution, reached down to touch his neck. I was just curious as to how his skin felt. They are kind of squishy and in definite need of some moisturizer. After a few minutes, I tried again. The damn weed was just driving me nuts. I wanted to get it out of his mouth but I have quite a liking for my fingers. Well, it turns out, this particular tortoise really just loves having his neck scratched. He stood up and stretch his neck out as far as it would go and even looked as if he was going to fall asleep. Eventually, my dad took over and I was able to snatch the nasty roots from his mouth. How often do you get that kind of encounter with a tortoise of that size? I asked my husband if I could have one in the backyard. He said absolutely not. :)

Afterwards we went to Five Guys for some burgers. We decided to sit outside since it was nice out and easier to have the baby outside rather than in. While I was waiting for everyone to bring out the food (I stayed at the table with the little one) a lady asked if the burgers were any good. My step-mom said they were the best she's ever had. There was a lady with her (that I thought looked really familiar) that said 'Oh no, then you've never been to my restaurant and tasted my black angus burgers!' We talked with them for a while and found out that the reason she looked so familiar was that she had done a cooking segment on the local news for a while. They went on to look at some shops and we finished our meal. As we were cleaning up, they came walking back through and we talked some more. Turns out the lady that had the cooking segment is doing an interview for the Food Network tomorrow. All the while I'm thinking, 'Should I ask this lady for her autograph? She could be the next Emeril.' She did say if she got the job and we ever wanted tickets, just to stop by the restaurant and leave our info. She was quite nice and had a great personality for television.

Shawn decided that it would be easier for him and my dad to work on the boat tonight rather than on Sunday. We headed over there after we all ate. I was exhausted from a lack of sleep the night before so I also grabbed a coffee first. I can't believe I managed to stay awake the entire time we were there. Something about being at my parent's houses just causes me to get sleepy, then add on already being exhausted. Usually about eight out of ten times that I go over to my dad's, I end up falling asleep on his couch for a while. Here it is 2:30am, I'm running on four house sleep and still going. Then again, I've been averaging six a night so I suppose I didn't lose as much sleep as I thought. I need to get in a good night tonight however as we have some more busy days ahead of us. Husband has one more week off of work and so far, we have only a few days full of running around for that week. We'll spend the rest of the time scrubbing the house. Tomorrow I take the kittens to the vet. This morning Ryder's eye was so swollen that even though it was open, you couldn't actually see his eye, just the eyelid. He was better this evening but still needs to see a vet. Friday we may be going to the beach. Saturday Shawn is playing paintball all day and I'm still not sure if I have plans or not. I thought I did but she may be busy after all. Wednesday or Thursday I hope to take Jazz to the drive-in movies to see the new Harry Potter movie. Saturday we'll be heading up to Michigan for a fireworks show. Is there time to breath in there anywhere because I just know more stuff will pop up.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hand sanitizer anyone?

Evan doesn't need to see the urologist for another year, at which time they will decide if he needs surgery. I was really hoping it would be done sooner rather than later as he's more likely to be... difficult when he's a year old than now. However, I was very pleased with the doctor we saw. I figured he'd be completely lacking a personality, and it was the total opposite. He was a very nice guy although he had kind of a different sense of humor. One might call it mean. Better than nothing at all though. Now we just have to get through the opthamologist appointment in October and we'll know if he'll need surgery this year or not. He was really good throughout the appointment too, other than being hungry. And I learned that the last name Ansari, is the equivalent of Smith or Jones. (the doctor had someone shadowing him) I also learned that where Evan's testicle is located is the hardest surgery out of all the places for the thing to be stuck. Doesn't make the surgery a lot harder, just harder than it could be. And that urologist don't seem to find a need for gloves when poking around testicles that were just in a wet diaper. Definitely wishing I hadn't shaken the doctor's hand now... twice.

Go Please

Go and vote for Wayne Images. They are my aunt and uncle and have been nominated for the best photographers in Indy for the third year in a row. Vote for them or I will hunt you down. Do it. Now Damnit!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Evan's skin has gotten so bad now that I have to put cream on it, then bandage the area so the cream doesn't get rubbed off. The worst places for the moment are the backs of his legs and the insides of his elbows. They ooze constantly and recently, he's made it very clear that he doesn't like them being messed with. (unless he already has the bandage and cream on, then I don't think it bothers him as much) We're hoping that eventually he'll outgrow the eczema just like most babies.

Jasmine has a ridiculous number of mosquito bites from the weekend. Even the palms of her hands were bitten. She woke me (and herself) up last night from the constant scratching. I put some cream on them all tonight so hopefully I won't be jostled awake. We were at my mom's for the fourth. Which led to a very bad fifth. It looked like it was going to be a pretty boring fireworks show from the neighbors so we bought some alcohol. I don't drink often, at all. I should've thought first before I kept pouring more and more Bailey's. A few hours after falling asleep, I woke up with a hell of a headache so I took some pain medicine and went back to sleep, only to wake up right around the time it would've worn off, with a headache. As the day wore on, I started to feel sick to my stomach as well. It wasn't till I went to bed that I started to feel a little better. I decided to look and see how much of the Bailey's I'd actually drank. In my mind it had to be half the bottle. Um, no... more like the neck of the bottle and about half and inch of the top of the bottle. Wow, I became a light weight. ;)

It's going to be a busy week. Tomorrow is Evan urologist appointment and hopefully we'll know whether or not they want to do surgery. Wednesday we go out to the zoo with my dad and then out to eat. Thursday, off to my mom's to help clean up her barn. Friday, possibly going to the beach. Saturday Shawn is going to play paintball. I'm sure there's more past that but that's as far as my brain is thinking at the moment. My brain is so fried that I could not for the life of me remember my husband's cell phone number the other day. He's had the same number for over a year but it just would not come to me. The message I left on my bosses cell must have been hilarious. I gave her several different numbers and then was like, I'm pretty sure it's ***-****. I went out and asked my husband what his number was and I was way off so I had to call back, leave another message but as soon as I went to say his number, I forgot it again so I just held the phone up to him and he said the number. She says she had a good laugh. I can remember it just fine now... of course. I blame the bonk on the head from the washer the other day. I still have a knot on my head from that beast.

Friday, July 3, 2009


I am suddenly sweating as if I'm in menopause. Stupid baby contraptions. What kind of sadistic SOB designs these effin' things??? I have a co-sleeper for Evan. (life saver btw) It's made by Within Arms Reach. It must have come straight from the depths of hell. Sure, the thing will never suddenly crush your baby while you sleep but to get it together is a first class bitch. The last week or so, Evan wakes up about every hour if me and Jazz are awake and watching tv. Very annoying when you are at the point of paying the corner drug dealer to watch your kids just for a half hour to yourself. (joking of course) This is my peace and effin' quiet time screamer child. All I wanted was to convert the sleeper from side down, to side up. The thing only slides down about half a foot so I thought, shit that should take me about ten seconds to do. Psh, try more like fifty. And now the co-sleeper should have some kind of brain damage after all the shaking it got from me. (and the curse words would've made sailors blush) You have to damn near take every single piece of thing apart to get one tiny little area to move. I'm cursing at this thing saying but I don't want to move THAT effin' piece, I want to move THIS effin' piece. It's the way I want it now but my kids know about ten new words. Well, one of them, the other one was screaming in his baby swing. You know, the thing that is supposed to soothe them. Dude, I need a frickin' break.