Monday, October 20, 2008

I need to think of some witty subject lines...

Baby has been in the breech position for several days now. It's extremely uncomfortable. I don't remember Jasmine spending time in that position while I was pregnant with her, although I'm sure she did. I've been begging baby to move back into head down. Right now there's so much pressure on my back that it hurts constantly and when I wake up in the morning, it takes me a good ten minutes to get moving off the bed because I feel like a creaky old man. Big fat headed baby.
Despite my slow start to the morning, I got quite a bit accomplished for the first time since... I don't know when. Both me and Jasmine got a shower in, afterwards I cleaned the kittens litter box and cleaned up their room. The ferrets got a clean litter box and clean cage. They've been messy little buggers lately too. While I was cleaning their cage, I decided I may give them a bath before the end of the night. Although at that time it just depended on how much time I had. My neighbors dogs were yappier than usual tonight so I had to let the dogs out in small shifts, meaning it took forever to get everyone in and out to potty. Jasmine helped do the laundry. She actually gets mad if I don't let her help. I don't see what's so fun about it and wish she could do it all but she's too short. ;) I cleaned up the kitchen a little bit. The recycling was all done on Friday and yet, it's already starting to pile up. I'll have to bring a bin in tomorrow sometime. While Rocky was outside, I decided to bite the bullet and clean the ferrets. (and then scrubbed the bathtub afterwards, since I realized it was starting to look a little on the dirty side) You should really only do it once and a year and seeing as how I've only had them since last Christmas, I have never given them a bath. The girls like to play in small puddles so I thought maybe it wouldn't be a nightmare. It was a nightmare. Imagine washing three very skinny, long cats at the same time. Bear ended up biting me, AFTER he was out of the bath and dry, and WHILE I was trying to wash Boots. They had been a bit on the greasy side lately and since I've never given them a bath, I wasn't sure if it would help but they look a ton better now. Although, all three are still pouting. Bindi was pretty good, although she wanted out of the bathtub, at least she didn't try to eat me or scratch me within an inch of my life. I've checked on them several times since they've been back in their cage. I always worry when I do something with the animals for the first time. I also got the fish tank cleaned out, which requires emptying 25% of the water (in a 55 gallon tank) and then adding clean water. Rocky is still limping today. I think it's about the same or a little worse than yesterday. I'm almost certain he'll be a the vet's office by the end of the week. Poor dog. I had the energy to do more but by then it was midnight and I like to get Jasmine in bed by 12:30. That way she can watch whichever movie she chooses and still be asleep by the time Shawn gets up for work... usually. Now I'm hungry and want cookies... or a soft pretzel... or nachos. I think I'm stuck with the cookies for now as I have neither of the others. ;)


Adirondackcountrygal said...

My goodness Jamie, too much cleaning and bathing going on there! I hope baby moves, I know how you feel about fat head babies in the wrong spot! Kicks to the cervix hurt!

Lisa said...

You were a busy little bee today weren't you!!! You made me tired just thinking about doing all that with a fat headed baby (your words) pushing on my organs and my back. Cheers to you for pushing ahead.

I hope the little one decides to change position for you - it sounds dreadful.

Beth said...

Is there ANYTHING that makes you slow down, Jamie? Good grief! LOL at the fat-headed baby. I hope the youngun flips soon!

Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

A very busy day, phew!

Indigo said...

I could use your energy. I'm completely whipped and all I managed to do was stain 2 huge doors both sides and polyurthane them. I had to put 2 coats on so double up the amount of sides...oh good grief, I think I have to do another coat again. Not today.

I babysat a friends ferret for a week once. He swore she loved water, he said just put a little in the bottom of the sink and she'll play and you can giver her a bath. I ended up having to call my husband at work, because I couldn't get the ferret detached from around my throat, claws and all (my ex worked below where we lived at that time). (Hugs)Indigo

Wes said...

I love ferrets, I have them most of my life! I still have one left, his nmae is Froto. I could never give him and Sam a bath together, they would scratch my arms too much.

They were brothers, we had got them about four years ago, they were the last two in the cage. They were a little older than I usally got them ,but nobody wanted them. So we picked out Froto first, and felt guilty for leaving Sam behind. So, we bought him too, we had no money left for the rest of the week, but he was worth it!

I noticed you used the name Bindi, does that have to with the Jungle girl? I loved Stevo, and Terry on Crocodile Hunter. We watch "Bindi The Jungle Girl" too, MJ goes "Bindiii" with the song!

I hope you get to feeling better, and that "Little Beauty" moves around the other way! I hope Rocky gets to feeling better too.

I wish for a day that is kind to you!