Friday, October 3, 2008

Forgive my aimless ramblings

I don't know how this baby is lying but this evening I was in a hell of a lot of pain. It seemed like it was trying to turn breech and was having trouble getting in a comfortable position, which meant that it's arms/legs were being shoved into both sides of my rib cage. I'm going to have to ask the OB where this kid's weight was on my ultrasound because it seems huge compared to Jasmine. Speaking of OB's, my next appointment is in almost a week (Monday will be exactly a week) and it's a needle sticking appointment. How many times have I mentioned my hate/fear of needles? Stupid glucose testing. hmpf
Through my abdomen pain, I tried to get a little cleaning done. I seem to be having a bit of nesting early on this time around. I managed to clean the bathroom a little and do a load of dishes before I gave in. I told my husband that we'd be starting on the spare bedroom this weekend. (and I mean it) I can't stand to look at all Jasmine's toys for another week. For those who have never been pregnant, nesting is this extremely (for me) strong urge to have everything clean and in order. I think this usually occurs later in pregnancy. The whole idea is to have everything ready before the baby is born so that you have time to just take care of the baby and not worry about household issues. I wonder what this was like when we lived in huts and gathered our own food? Were we sending the men folk out for more food than we needed just in case of a shortage? My husband has a pretty full weekend due to my nesting. ;) He also has to take the recycling out to the garage since he didn't want to take it down the driveway at 9pm, clean the rabbit cage and I'm sure I'll find a few other things for him to do aside from the spare bedroom. I also told him that I want this floor up in the master bedroom by the end of the month.
With all the cleaning I've been doing, I've found more spiders than I care to see in a year. They're all the same species and they're aggressive. I rarely kill anything if there's an alternative so I've been carefully (and usually with the aid of a long spoon) taking them out in glasses and dumping them on the porch. Mean little monsters. I'm normally not bothered by spiders but these guys (or more likely girls) are ugly and, again mean. They attack my spoons! Everyday I find at least two and usually more. I'm sure it's the colder weather driving them indoors, same with the flies. Although, I'd rather have the spiders than the flies. The spiders are easy to catch, have you tried catching (without killing) a fly lately? Elusive little guys aren't they?


Indigo said...

As long as the nesting doesn't evolve to power tools. I ended up tearing down walls and using an electric saw, drill you name it. Scared the crap out of my daughter's dad. I'm in my own mad scramble to get my home in order before the holidays. (Hugs)Indigo

Beth said...

Haha, at Indigo's comment!

Sounds like your hubby has his work cut out for him!

Ugh, what kind of spiders are they? We have lots of those skinny cellar spiders in the basement, but I pretty much leave them alone. They're quite mild-mannered. I don't think we have any aggressive ones.


Wes said...

I don't mind spider's if they are not poisonous, they are very cool to have around the house. I discovered Black widows, some time back! I can remember the nesting times, but good thing I'm a bit like the "Anal Retentive Cleaner" HaHa


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Hey glad to see you here! Baby sounds busy, I remember those days of feet under ribs and in cervix's. Ouch!