Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rocky Pumpkins

We went pumpkin shopping today. There's a small farm just down the road from my house that has a "petting zoo" (farm animals they bring over from the farm and set up for the month of October), hayride, food and of course, pumpkins. I've been going there for odds and ends since I was a kid, it's RIGHT down the road from my house so I thought why not go there for our pumpkins. I was hoping to get three, two orange and one white but they didn't have any good sized white pumpkins. (which by the way, glow really cool when cut up and a candle is put in it) Jasmine enjoyed petting the farm animals, the ones that came to the fence anways. The sheep were too busy butting heads and the cows were too busy sleeping. (the sheep butted the entire time we were there... the cows had more straw to lay on than I've ever seen in one place) There were baby piggies and I enjoyed them and their snorting the most. I hate to think they may end up someone's dinner but then again, piggies taste pretty good as guilty as I feel saying that. They had a minature horse. He was cute but I'm partial. There were various birds, chickens, turkeys, ducks, pigeons and peacocks. One of the roosters was particularly interested in Jasmine but after my past experience with roosters, I didn't let her get to close to him. Afterwards we went and picked a couple of pumpkins (and two gourds as I previously mentioned, Jasmine is partial to them). I picked the pumpkin that probably wouldn't have found a home right away. ;) Even with food I'm a sucker. Shawn picked one that was near perfect. Next year we'll probably go to a you-pick farm but this year I didn't have the patience for it. (this farm everything has already been picked and set out for you... I believe the actually farm is down the road from the mom and pop store that we were at)
After the farmy fun, we got dinner and went to Target. Nothing exciting. I just wanted to look at the LED Christmas lights. They're ten bucks for a line of sixty. I was hoping to do the tree in all LED this year but I'm not sure if that's going to happen or not with those prices. When we got home, I let the three remaining kittens out. Saffron followed my husband around most of the night, even waking up on my lap to watch him when he got up. Raven got punished for hanging off my curtains and pulling them down. She went back in her room for the night. Sage was already in there. She meows constantly when out of that room. I can only handle it for an hour or so before she goes back. After I put everyone away, I went to see if any of the dogs were outside. Saturdays are my husband's night to feed them and let them outside and he typically forgets to tell me if they're still out when he goes to bed. I saw Rocky's crate was open so I went to let him in. He's usually at the door waiting at night. He wasn't there tonight. I called him quietly but he didn't come. (I have to be as quiet as possible or my neighbor's yappy dogs go nuts) Eventually I went and got the flashlight. Sometimes he goes out in the yard far enough that he doesn't know I'm calling him. It's always been a fear of mine that I will go to let the dog(s) in and no one will come. I will go looking for them and find that some psycho killed them and then kidnaps me. Yes, I've seen too many movies, why do you ask? I'm getting freaked out when I reach the end of the cement and getting ready to go wake my husband up and tell him to look for the damned pit bull. I hear something walking up on the other side of the fence. It's Rocky. OUTSIDE of the fence. Our yard has electric wires across the top and bottom of it and it works. Thousands of volts of electricity go through those wires. Rocky has hit them before and has avoided the fence ever since, no way would he try and go through it. If he hadn't tried to push through the large gate, I would've thought someone let him out of the yard. He was trying to get back in the yard the way he escaped. Some how he pushed his fat little body through a very small opening. Shawn is going to make it more difficult to open tomorrow. We live on a busy road, the dog is lucky not to have been hit by a car. He also started limping badly this morning on his left front leg. To the point that he fell several times. It obviously hurts and sometimes when he puts weight on it, it buckles. I gave him some anti-inflammatory drugs for dogs tonight but it didn't seem to do anything. I think he'll need to go to the vet but he'll unfortunately need to wait till the end of the week when we have money. Xrays will be done I'm sure and I'm also pretty certain it will not be great news. He had an accident when he was about a year old and if he over does it now, he limps but never anything like this. I worry that he may have fractured a small part of the bone in his shoulder at that time. It's very difficult to be sure how hurt a pit bull is. They were bred to never show pain and are pretty good at it. Even today, when he could hardly put any weight on his leg, he took off running when I tossed a frisbee out of my way. (he's obsessed with them) I know it had to hurt and yet, he never showed any signs of pain and wagged when he limped back to me. So on the day that I was supposed to have my three hour GD testing, I will probably be at the vet's office.


Adirondackcountrygal said...

We will be going to the pumpkin patch probably this next weekend. They make these sculptures of funny animals, people etc.. out of hay and paint them and there are also alot of those cutout things for people to stick their heads in and look like Barney etc..Also a hayride and of course lots of pumpkins! I hope Rocky will be ok.

Kelly said...

I don't think I have ever seen a white pumpkin. If I have I dont remember. That would be really neat to see all lit up. I hope Rocky is going to be alright. Make sure you take care of yourself so you can take care of everybody else now okay? Hugs, Kelly

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you had a farmy fun day. I also have never seen a white pumpkin, but bet is is cool, and spooky :o)

Beth said...

Sounds like a fun time at the farm and petting zoo! Martin's has cute little gourds and tiny pumpkins 2 for 99¢. They're really cute!

I hope Rocky will be okay, but don't delay your test too know I'm right!

Love, Beth

Wes said...


I know what you mean about roosters , and chickens. Especially if you go and get eggs, lets just say I know a beak can hurt! I hope your doggy feels better, and that you feel well too! It sounds like you had a good day, and I love white pumkins. Do you bake your seeds after you carve them, I think they are good.
I hope you and your family have a splendid day!