Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So I was having trouble falling asleep, get up to pee (I do that a lot right now) and figure while I'm up I'll check on the fish. Fred had been acting a little more perky earlier and I wanted to see if anyone else had improved any. I'm standing next to the tank and think Damn, something feel warm. The only thing near me producing any electricity is the tank. Weird. I touch the glass and sure enough it's warm. The outside of the fish tank or the inside for that matter should never feel warm to the touch. Shit... SHIT. I dip a finger in the water, really warm. Shit. It should feel cold to me. I check the temperature gauge. It's so high that it's no longer registering. Although I can tell if it came down a degree that it would. That would make it at about ninety degrees. This is a tank that should be about 74 at all times. I take the heater out and it's set to almost the lowest setting offered. Ok, note to self, need to buy new tanker heater on top of the air bubble maker thing that is breaking. I unplugged the heater. I took out about two gallons of water and replaced it with two gallons cold water. You can make a drastic change in water temperature or you'll possibly kill the fish. Basically, my fish were dying because I was cooking them. I never even thought about the possibility. I figured since within the last month I added the cichilds that they must have come with a parasite or something. I didn't realize I was making a stew in my fish tank. I just hope they all last long enough for the water to cool off. Damn.


Kelly said...

I have had that happen before when we used to keep fish. Those heaters are great until they go haywire and jack up the temperature. Hope all the fish survive. Terrible feeling to find the water warm, I know. Hugs, Kelly

Beth said...

Oh no, I really hope they'll be okay!

Wes said...

Good thing you caught it before it got worse. I'm sorry to hear about the heater, and hope your fish well.


Lisa said...

Thank goodness you caught it when you did. I am reading backwards so I know the fish are doing okay!