Sunday, October 5, 2008

I am full of the whines today

My back is killing me. I don't know how many cookies I made and then frosted tonight but I didn't think it through when I started the process. Where the hell do I put them all? The frosting doesn't harden so I can't stack them. Even if I put them all on plates, I still have to cover them somehow and even tin foil will pull the frosting off. And have you noticed that the reynold's wrap stuff doesn't stick to anything anymore? You used to be forced to move at lightning speed in order to keep it from sticking to itself and anything it touches. Now, it sticks to nothing. Isn't that the whole point? What the hell is the use for the stuff if I can't get it to stick to anything? I ended up using pans that were to be used for cakes, breads and who-knows-what. The cookies went in single file, no stacking and then I covered them with tin foil. The pans were deep so the tin foil never touches the cookies, thus, hopefully preserving them without making them... ugly. The frosting was hell to make, just as I remembered. Halfway through my arm was extremely sore and tired so I decided to use the mixer earlier than the recipe calls for. My thinking was why kill my arm when I have a machine that can do it for me. Ironically, earlier in the day, my husband and I had been talking about said mixer and how much hell I've put it through in the two years I've owned it. Even more ironically, it died halfway through making the frosting. I was already having a rough night, spilling everything that I could, forgetting things and just overall pissing myself off. So when the mixers blades started knocking together... the curse words came with it. Something along the lines of you dirty filthy bitch... why today... why? With the F-word thrown in multiple times just for good measure. ;) Because what is a temper tantrum without the F-word, really? I used the mixer until the metal began flaking off the blades and then I thought, well that could be dangerous to eat and went back to arm power. All the while, continuing to curse the mixer. I have a mixer that my grandma left when we bought the house from her but... I can't seem to find the blades that fit the thing. (which I'm pretty sure was one of the first electric mixers made... ever) After the frosting is made, you have to hurry or it will start to get crumbly looking. In my haste to grab more cookies on one of my many trips to the counter, I knocked over a container of candy-ish sprinkles. More cursing ensued. I knocked over it's sprinkle bottle cousin while trying to put the lids on them to put them away when all was finished. My cookies are pretty good looking though, despite all the madness that went into making them. I have no idea how they taste as I was too sore and tired to have much of an appetite for them. Jasmine gobbled one up and said they were very good. Although, she's ridiculously polite for a 3 year old and had already said she liked them before she swallowed the first bite. She's so polite that yesterday an older woman made a comment about it to us and to Jasmine after Jasmine almost ran the woman over. Jazz was very apologetic (without our prompting) and the lady was just so surprised that her age she was aware enough to realize she needed to say excuse me and that she was sorry. I was annoyed at that time of day after Jasmine running like a maniac through the stores and not listening so the woman's comment really made my day. Usually, the older generation is busy telling me what I'm doing wrong and how to do things better. It's nice to have one of them compliment something I've done with my daughter.
My uncle has a bad cold so he won't be coming to dinner tomorrow. Guess he'll get his cake a little closer to his birthday. Now that the cookies are made, it's a big relief to not have a cake to worry about as well. If there's anything left from dinner tomorrow, I'm going to take him a plate.
Funny, just got an email from Kohl's for 50% off all kitchen electronics. Just one of those irony packed days isn't it?
I don't really understand why this pregnancy is so much more uncomfortable than the last. With Jasmine, I would say I don't see why women complain so much, this isn't that bad. The only month I can remember being uncomfortable enough to complain this much was the seventh and that was due to a lot of walking that month. These last few weeks, my back has been killing me, my ribs hurt from this kid shoving it's feet into them and I'm just uncomfortable all over. If I hadn't already had two ultrasounds, I'd be convinced there was two of them in there.


Beth said...

Hmm, I think I'd rather be full of wine! ;)

I'm sorry to hear what a frustrating time you had, and I'm sorry about the demise of Mr. Mixer. (I agree, metal flakes...not good!)

You can go get your new mixer at Kohl's and make another batch!

(ducking and running)

Hope today is better!

Hugs, Beth

Indigo said...

And to think I missed front rows seats to the show....damn and it was R rated as well. Skye was the same way when she was Jasmine's age. I used to say everyone else got to enjoy the angel, I lived with the devil himself. That child was anything but an angel at home. Not so much behavior wise, than a smartass. Someone actually had the gall to tell me that was a sign of intelligence. (Hugs)Indigo

Wes said...

When I bake, it seems to always go crazy! By the time I'm done I lack the appetite to sample it. Maybe it is because I eat so much batter. I hope your Uncle feels better. It is good to hear compliments from other's regarding a child, she seems like she's well mannered.