Thursday, October 2, 2008

VP Debate

I admit it. I have no plans of watching the vice presidential debate. (sorry Beth!) Although I'm sure there are to be some hilarious moments as Palin stumbles her way through. I mean really, the woman can't handle an interview with Katie Couric, how is she going to handle THAT? You can't answer with a 'I'll have to look into that/get back with you on that' with every tough question. And I think when it comes to Palin, asking what her favorite season is, is bound to be a tough question. I really still have a hard time understanding McCain's thoughts in choosing her as his VP. At least Obama chose someone with a brain to be his running mate. I think I will honestly cry if that crazy woman and old man end up winning. I don't care for him but I really can't stand her. And he is OLD. The old part doesn't bother me... if he had chosen a different running mate. I don't like bringing age into it to be honest but if he keels over... help us all as SHE would be our president. Really, McCain chose the female Bush. She says er and uhm a lot less but just as brain dead. How do these people make it this far in politics? There's nothing anyone could say to me that would change my opinion on Palin and I like to consider myself a pretty open minded person on all subjects. I just don't get it.


WWFBison said...

I didn't watch the presidential debate but I think I will watch some of this one. I don't like Palin at all - she is an animal hater and I can't condone that at all so I am looking to see her fall flat on her face. It's too bad really because I don't dislike McCain but I loathe her and hope she fails miserably.

Beth said...

"You can't answer with a 'I'll have to look into that/get back with you on that' with every tough question."

Jamie, no no no. It's "I'll get back to ya!" said with a big grin. Practice today!

I'd guess that there are quite a few of us watching to see if we witness a train wreck. I doubt if it will be that bad, but there should be plenty of laughs for me!


Beth said...

Haha...the word verification that came up right after I left my previous comment is: fuwho. LOL I'm such a fifth-grader sometimes.


Wes said...

I love animals too,more than people most of the time!One of my passions is helping animals in need. I was friends with State park rangers, and helped when I younger. I wish to go back to school, and help animals. I wish to keep educating kids on the importance of nature!