Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Tonight I'm recording via the DVR a show called Freebirthing. (or what I've been calling crazy people who get pregnant (: ) Basically, these women decide they want to birth at home... with no doula, no midwife, no one medically trained in OB or birthing. I heard on the previews one woman say, "This way if something goes wrong I only have myself to blame." I'm all for to each his own but can't these women find a doula or midwife that they are comfortable enough to have just in case something goes wrong. There are things that happen in childbirth that are unexpected and no amount of planning or preparation can prevent. The little thing of having meconium in the amniotic fluid could be extremely serious if you are not trained to deal with it immediately. If baby inhales some of that after they are born, the consequences can be severe for baby, including death. Anything can happen. I just can't understand not wanting to have everything in place in case something goes wrong. I think it's a large part of the reason I was interested enough to set it to record. I'm also interested in seeing how they deal with the pain of an at home birth without a trained professional to help them through it. Maybe after watching it, I'll understand them more and possibly not label them as crazy people. ;)


Wes said...

I think your calling it like it is here. If I were giving birth, I would prefer having skilled people near by. I studied on how to do it, in case I had to deliver MJ in the car, elevator, or at home.The idea of me doing it myself scared the hell out of me.I could'nt shake that fear, till we were at the hospital! I thnk this would too.

Have a good one!

Beth said...

Hmm, I'm with you on this one. We have medical professionals...why on earth wouldn't you want to use them? I've never understood that. If you want to give birth at home, I also don't get that, but if you want to, there are midwives to help.


Anonymous said...

What you are not gonna call your Mom crazy for not taking drugs when she was having you? :)

Indigo said...

Natural Childbirth, no drugs, fine...but to take a chance and not at least have someone there in case of an emergency...sorry it's crazy. It's not the mother's life on the life, it's the childs. Who in their right mind would want to take a chance like that with their baby...(Hugs)Indigo