Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Doesn't that HURT

I'm feeling a bit better today about the gestational diabetes than I was yesterday. The panic has subsided for now. Pregnancy would be quite a bit easier on me if I didn't have such issues with needles. Trust me, if I could just think it away, I would. Many seem to think it's because I work myself up before getting stuck and that's why I pass out, but it really has nothing to do with my frame of mind before. I can be completely fine with the idea beforehand (as was the case with my flu shot last year) and still pass out or come really close. (sometimes I'm not sure what's worse, coming THIS close or actually passing out... both suck) If you've never had the privilege of passing out, it feels awful. You begin to sweat, the room starts to spin and your head just feels funky. Once you wake up, you feel like you've just woken up with the worst flu you could ever imagine and sweat is literally dripping off your face. It's just really an awful feeling. I know once I talk to my doctor and get a paper to go to the other place and have the test done, that I'll start to panic again. The night before and the day of the test will be the worst as far as that goes. My brain starts trying to come up with excuses why I can't go or shouldn't go. It happens every time I have to get stuck with a needle.
The following conversation occurred with my daughter as we were getting ready to take a shower.
Jasmine: That's my vagina (pointing)
Me: Yes it is.
Jasmine: That's your vagina.
Me: Yes dear. *sighing and wishing she'd stop pointing*
Jasmine: That's your belly and the baby comes out there.
Me: No, the baby comes out your vagina. (you watch, I'll end up with a c-section and have to explain why suddenly the baby came out of my stomach)
Jasmine: Doesn't that HURT? (scrunches up her nose)
Me: (laughing) YES.
Jasmine: Why does it hurt?
Me: Well the baby's head is big and your vagina is made small.
Jasmine: Oh, Ok.
Shawn has never really been a fan of the fact that I taught Jasmine proper names for her parts and not cutesy names like peepee or what have you. I think it will make it easier for her to talk about those things as she gets older if she's always used the proper name. It is thought that using the cutesy names makes it seem like there is something wrong with talking about that body part or embarrassing about that body part. Now, I don't want her running around showing the world her who-who but I want her to be able to talk about it if need be without a bunch of "you know, that place, thing, who-who." One incident that embarrassed my husband took place at the grocery store. I was getting some donuts, Shawn and Jasmine were standing about ten feet away. I heard Jasmine loudly say "Daddy that's my VAGINA." I looked and sure enough, she was full out pointing to her crotch. He just looked at me like YOU did this. ;) This was when she was first coming to the understanding that certain parts had names. I, of course, thought it was hilarious. Kids are fun.


Wes said...

"Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina"

I agree with you about the propper terms for the parts, and will follow your path. I too, think that the incident in the store was funny! I hope you have a good day.

"The Party Pooper"

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Aren't kids great? I grew up with a half sister who called her's a po-po, I truly can't remember what we called ours.. LOL

Indigo said...

Out of the mouth of babes..I'm still chuckling over the grocery store incident. I can just imagine the look you got too. Paul gets weirded out about my daughter talking about any kind of body stuff. It's amusing watching her torture him. You should of seen him the first time she mentioned condoms. OMG! I couldn't stop laughing for weeks after that. I was the same way with Skye. I think they grow up to be a more open person. (Hugs)Indigo

Beth said...

ROFL! I think you're right, though. Why teach silly names for what is simply a body part? It's not like we go around talking about our elbows as bo-bos or something like that. Why be afraid to call it what it is?

I wish I had some magic to help you get over your fear of needles. It sounds like a genuine phobia that could take some work. I know you are rational about it and that you know it won't hurt THAT much when it's done (especially if they do it right), but it's not that simple to overcome. As long as you warn them, they'll know to keep you in a position where you won't hurt yourself.

Yep, I've passed out due to hypoglycemia, and it's just as you described it. One second I was standing at the bar (and no, I wasn't drunk) to get an orange juice or a Coke because I could feel it coming, and the next thing I knew, I was waking up with sugar on my lips, and a fireman kneeling over me. Thank goodness my friend was there to tell him what was going on, and he knew what to do. My friend told me later that she was trying to get me the orange juice, and I just keeled over backwards.

I haven't had that happen in years, thank goodness!

Hugs, Beth

Lisa said...

I don't think you are working yourself up over the shots causing you to pass out. I have a terrible time with shots & IV's, my veins literally run away or collapse. I got better since I went through the rabies shots and have been giving injections to the animals at times but it is still not a good situation for me. Sounds like your veins aren't cooperative either.

HAHA....who-who, I love it!! I bet it was hysterical at the store.
That is sooooooooooo funny, wish I could have heard that myself.

Kelly said...

OH boy, I bet he turned ten shades of Kids are so innocent, they dont realize what is proper and not proper to speak of out in public sometimes when they are that young. Kelly