Saturday, October 25, 2008

Movie Guilt

God help me, I just watched the trailer for the chi-chi movie and dare I say, it looks... cute. The movie Appaloosa looks really good but I don't know if she would sit through it. A part of me thinks I deserve to see an adult movie. (I have no babysitter so don't suggest it) The other part of me feels like I'm punishing her by making her sit through such a movie. And then the evil part of my brain says you watch a kid based movie every single night. And then the adult part of my brain says my kid is more important than what I want and I should either skip it all together or see the frickin' chi-chi movie. *sigh* I hate being an adult. What if I bought her a super awesome toy? That would make up for it right? Ease my guilt? Maybe I'll just get a soft pretzel and popcorn from Target and watch a movie at home. *pouts*


Beth said...

I'd go with buying her a toy rather than sit through that chihuahua movie. LOL

Wes said...

I have been watching some adult type movies with MJ lately, and she has been fine. If there was a scary part coming up, I just distract her with a toy or something. She has been up as late 3:00 am, because I have been allowing her naps when she wants them. She has been sick with a cold, and snot has been flowing like a faucet. It has been easier to let her sleep, rather than keep her up grumpy! I watched some of "Frailty" and "The Dead Zone" last night. I would say if you can be patient for a good film, watch a movie at home for now. I know I have been wanting to see an a good flick myself, so it pains me to give you that advice!

Indigo said...

My daughter was colicky when she was a babe. So lots of late nights (she was 3 before she actually slept a full night). And what would be on late at night...horror flicks. Somehow the screams and snarls calmed her right down. To this day she loves horror movies...hmmm wonder if I had anything to do with it.

I couldn't bring myself to see the Chihuahua movie...just not my bag. (Hugs)Indigo