Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Been a while. A long while. First off, my little conundrum. I've been looking for a new home for my doberman, Cash and my pit bull, Rocky for several months. I finally get a guy interested in Cash and after a month of deciding, he comes to get him with his wife. I get a call a day and a half after they take him saying that it's not going to work out, could I call them back. (I was at work) I called back and left a message and have yet to hear from them. My mom says I shouldn't call again, that they probably changed their minds, however I don't want them to take a dog that I love and drop him off in the middle of no where. If I haven't heard anything by Saturday, I might call again just for peace of mind. Rocky went to a new home for about an hour before he was returned. Not because he did anything but because their little tiny dog attacked him and Rocky cried. They thought that eventually Rocky would get sick of the little dog and eat him.

Everything is the same with my place of employment. All good there. I've been with my boyfriend for about six months but it was icky for about six weeks. I was to the point that I was done. I didn't even hear from him for a full week at one point. Something must have bit him in the ass however as he's done a total turnaround. However, while we were on the outs, I made some awesome new friends and had a lot of fun. I'm learning about myself as I go on. It's just been slow going.

Kids are doing great. Jasmine has the attitude of a 15 year old girl. Evan has the attitude of a pissed off two year old. Someone is always throwing something or screaming. The quiet days are a blessing. I hate that I seem to have to work on the nicest days and the days I have off it's either raining or too hot to move. I want to take them to the zoo, the park and the woods. I just need a nice day to do one of them and a day off to do it. I'm thinking of just getting up early one day and driving them to Fort Wayne and going through that zoo. Oh and I want to take Jasmine to Deer Forest due to the fact that one of her little friends told her that all deer's are mean. I'd like to show her that they are not. For now we've been looking at bugs outside. haha