Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We've got a long one

I was just in the basement looking at the stuff we got Jasmine for Christmas. Trying to figure out what Santa is going to be giving. Damn that Santa, does none of the work and gets the glory. He's going to be giving her something on the smaller side. No way is Santa getting credit for the huge dinosaur that was so expensive, it could've put her through college or the dollhouse that she's sure to use with every single toy that she can fit inside it. No, I think Santa will be giving one of the things I bought from the Disney store... all of which was at least 25% off. (and for once really was the cheapest place to buy any of that Disney crap)

My husband thinks we should buy my dad and his wife something for Christmas. We have every year before but a part of me feels like saying we just can't afford it this year. Most years I've bought them a gift certificate, except for one year that I made my dad a photo album of pictures of me and my brother from the time we were little till the present. I'm just not that excited about buying for anyone other than Jasmine, husband and my mom. The only person out of that bunch I have to buy for still is my husband. Which I may end up doing this weekend... I'm just concerned about taking Jasmine with me because she has a big mouth. The more I think about it, maybe I'll wait till I have my mom to distract her for a minute while I grab a gift and pay for it. I also need to get something for my brother and his girlfriend. If we get something for my dad, I'll just make my husband decide on something. The only person he absolutely has to choose a gift for is me so he can take on one more. ;) (his mom doesn't celebrate holidays)

I really need to get to the license branch tomorrow and renew my plastic right to drive. (I know, months ago I said the thing was a year behind but I was wrong... it expires this year) I hate having a driver's license picture for the next four years that has me pregnant. I know, vain but those pictures suck enough already, why make it worse? Shawn's going to drop off my Christmas cards on his way home from work. This year, they will get sent out. Last year, I would say every day that I was going to make them out, and buy stamps... and then actually put them in the mailbox. And it never happened. So if you wonder why I snubbed you last year, I didn't, I was just extremely lazy.

Behind our house is a corn field. For about a month now, I've been finding corn cobs in my house. I had no idea how they were getting there. I just knew I hadn't seen a dog come in with one. Apparently, when they harvested the corn this year, tons of the corn ended up over the fence (I'm not sure if this has ever happened before) and my dogs (ok, so only the Aussie's) seem to think they're a delicacy. I don't know if my husband isn't very observant or didn't care that the dogs were bringing them in. I make them (usually Rodeo) drop them before they come in the backdoor, otherwise they eat all the corn off and then chew the cob into itsy bitsy, painful to the bare feet, pieces. I found another one in the house tonight. Time to have a talk with husband about feet and corn.

I cleaned the ferret cage tonight and while I was doing ferret laundry, (yes they have things I actually have to wash, hammocks, and such) I decided it would be interesting to see how they reacted to snow. As you can imagine, they've never seen it, smelled it or touched it before in their life. I gathered some up in a bowl and set it in the cage. (they're absolutely not allowed out during the Christmas season... ferrets enjoy shiny things, like Christmas lights and they will eat them before you can get them out of their mouths) I wish I would've been recording their reactions. A lot of touching it and then jumping halfway across the cage. Bindi jumped right in and tried to dig to China, flinging snow through the room. It didn't last long however as I had just put a new bed in their cage today. It's not "made" for ferrets but I found it and knew they'd use it so what the hell. It appears to have been a grocery bag but it's so old that the wording is faded. I hung it up in the cage and they were taking turns jumping in and out of it all night. (ok more like shoving each other out of the way to jump in) The ferrets are the main reason I would like to find a cheap sewing machine. Their bedding is expensive and it would be a lot easier to make the stuff myself than to order it off ebay. (the ebay stuff is way higher quality than the stuff you buy at the store) It'd also come in handy for making the dogs something to sleep on since they can't have actual dog beds without eating them or destroying them.

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Beth said...

I'm picturing the ferrets playing with the snow! I bet that was fun to watch!

I agree--your husband can be in charge of your dad's gift!