Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve

I believe I am now the food provider for the little stray kitten. She didn't seem to be around yesterday but has come by the house at least two different times today to eat. The last time I went outside to check her food, it was obvious I had just missed her. The only thing that bothers me is she seems to be after my rabbit. Anywhere there are rabbit tracks, there are kitten tracks. Hopefully, the increase in food will make her a little less interested in Mr. Hops. If I am ever able to catch her, she'll be fixed and get some shots. She seems pretty street savvy so I'm not sure if she would fall for a trap or not. If I don't catch her on my own, I'll borrow one from the rescue.

Tomorrow is sure to be a busy day. Lots of cleaning to be done and lots of baking. I'm making cake balls, cream cheese sugar cookies and chocolate chip chocolate cookies. I was also going to make some cookies with mini M&M's but I don't think I'll feel very up to it after cleaning all day and rolling out the sugar cookies. (god I hate cutting cookies) Oh and I have to make the icing for the sugar cookies as well. By the way, mom, I have NO idea how you're going to bake all your stuff in one day. Our family is going to be on junk overload Christmas day. I'm making those three things and my mom is making a TON of various goodies. My grandma is sure to make something. You'd think we're having a huge get together but it's just us, my brother and his girlfriend, grandma and my uncle. I'm assuming at least one of my cousins will be there, with or without his girlfriend. (please be without!) Not enough people to eat all that junk. Whatever we don't want of my cookies, I'll be sending to my husband's friend's house. He's never too full for junk food. Two days after Christmas is my birthday, which my husband is planning on trying his hand at baking a cake for me.

Today, I had my OB appointment. I'm a little annoyed with the office. They have two sets of doctors, the docs that deliver at one hospital and then the docs that deliver at my hospital. I have been seeing "my" doctors since the beginning of my pregnancy. It seems recently, some of the other doctors have started delivering at "my" hospital as well as their own. Now I have to see the three of them. It would've been nice to have had this taken care of months ago, rather than at the very end of my pregnancy. I'm pretty sure I should've had an exam today but the doc I saw claims they do everything different on that side of the office. I'm also measuring a week behind, although he didn't seem concerned. Unless they lecture me or ask me about it, I just figure everything is fine. (unless I'm in pain or it's something worrying me) Next week, I see another doctor from that side of the building. This one is a woman, the only female in the office that sees OB patients.

I just got up with Jazz so she could go pee. I looked out the window while I was up and saw the kitten had been back again since the last time I was out there. I swear she's messing with my head.


Lisa said...

Merry Christmas to you & your family. I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas.

As for street savvy little one...withhold her food for a day and then put sardines or tuna in. It has worked everytime for me.

Beth said...

Oooo, Lisa is Kitteh Ninja when it comes to luring them in! The Cat Whisperer...LOL!

Ken is still sleeping, so I haven't baked anything yet today, but I'm still planning on those cheesecake bars!

I bet Shawn is excited for you to make his cake balls! [snicker]

Hee heee! I'm in a good mood. I hope you are too. Have a wonderful Christmas, my new friend.

Love, Beth