Friday, December 12, 2008

A little stressed today

I had a package for Christmas delivered today. I have to say, this is my first time using FedEx over UPS and FedEx was a far better experience for me. I received an email the day my package was shipped out telling me when to expect it and then another stating that if my package had to go through Tennessee that it may be a day late due to weather. (it didn't) This afternoon, I received another email stating that it had been delivered. They put it in a place that I was sure to find it, unlike UPS. One time, we weren't home and UPS dropped off something, left it on the front porch (which at the time we NEVER used) and it was days before we realized it was there. With FedEx, even if they had left it somewhere we normally wouldn't look, we would've known to search for it due to the email. (none of which cost me extra by the way) In the future, if I'm given a choice between those two, I will choose FedEx from now on.

I was having major pain today, even when sitting so I made the decision that we would not be cooking. It just hurt to much to stand, let alone stand at the stove for an hour. It's a good thing we went out or I would've been absolutely miserable. After being home for a while, I had a little while where I wasn't in mind numbing pain, so I cleaned up the kitchen floor. Some days I look at the house and feel overwhelmed at the amount of stuff that needs to be finished (or that I would like to be finished) before this kid is born. Jasmine's room needs to be finished up before Christmas. She has some rather large toys coming to her and needs some where to put them. (there is a massive pile of clothes on one side of her room, none of which are hers) I would like the rest of the house as clean as possible (and to stay that way) as I doubt I'm going to feel like scrubbing or picking anything up after having a baby and then the sleepless nights that are sure to come with that. I didn't worry about any of this when I was pregnant with Jasmine because it wasn't my house. We were still living at my mom's and it made a huge difference. I knew things would be taken care of around the house, whereas now it's my house and there's no one around to do it for me. My MIL offered to come help us but I'd rather cut my pinkie finger off with a spoon.


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Sounds like you are "nesting"

Robin said...

If I'm not using USPS, I so prefer FedEx. Besides, I think UPS isn't even open on weekends, so how to retrieve the package (cuz they won't deliver to my condo)?

Beth said...

Put down the spoon and back away, Jamie! ;)

I've used both FedEx and UPS, and I think they're both great. But then I order enough stuff online that the UPS guy knows us now (and knows Sheeba!). He's a peach. The Post Office has also always been great!

I love them all! LOL Hey, I order things online, they bring them to me. How can you not love that?!

Hope you're not having as much pain today, hon.

Hugs, Beth