Thursday, December 18, 2008

To be or not to be

Just sitting here waiting, practically holding my breath. The storm is almost here. Now we just have to wait and see if it'll be as bad (or worse) as they predicted over the last few days. An hour ago, when I checked, the storm seemed to have gained some intensity instead of losing it, as I hoped it would. The only plus so far, it doesn't appear as if our area will end up with any freezing rain. I seem to be checking the local weather channel constantly. The weather seems to have had an effect on the little mean one as well. She's been bouncing between happy, hyper child to demanding evil child within a fraction of a second. There are some days, I really expect to see her head spin around several times and her eyes turn red.

Speaking of evil. I took the outdoor cats back outside tonight. Yes, we're supposed to get snow but it's not going to be bitterly cold till Sunday. (when I'll be bringing them back in) If I allow them to stay in the house for too long, I will be forced to leave them inside the rest of the winter as they will lose their winter fur. As I was taking Minka out in the cat carrier, Jake, evil cat, got completely in the house. Apparently, when I shut the back door, the door to the house opened from the change in air pressure. I walked around the backroom calling for him for a few minutes before the light bulb went off and I went flying into the rest of the house, hoping no one had been injured yet. Saffron is the only cat stupid enough to walk up to him. He's lucky that he's small enough that Jake doesn't see him as a threat yet. The other two cats were hiding in the darkest corners they could find. Jake was a puff ball walking through the house growling. When I went to pick him up, he stiffened in the same manner he had the last time he bit me badly. (badly infected arm, had to go to urgent care, etc) I decided to stick the cat carrier in front of him and shove him in it with my foot, rather than risk picking him up and having him bite me in the face. (yes, he's capable and willing) I set him down (in the cage of course) in the kitchen while I got some water to take outside. The cat gets so worked up when he's in the house with the other cats that he was starting to drool/foam at the mouth when I picked him back up. (didn't help that Saffron had been at the cage bars, sticking his paw in the cage as if to say 'Hey dude, wanna play? Dude? Dude? Dude?) And yes, he has his rabies shot. It's really scary when he starts acting like that. And then in an instant, he's back to being a normal happy cat when I put him in his outdoor house. Even when he was in the backroom, he was fairly normal. Ever since we moved into this house, he's been an evil cat. I'd better let the dogs out to potty before it starts snowing. I'd like to be able to see them when I go to let them back in as the aussie's tend to go to the very back of the property and it's hard to get their attention without using a flashlight.


cw2smom said...

Stay warm and safe kiddo! Oh I bet Jasmine gets a little stir crazy when she has to be inside because of the weather. They've got so much energy at that age. Cats..yikes. I wish you'd rescue me from mine. I am soooo damn sick of pissin' contests. I don't know whether to throw the cats out, or the girls. LOL! Decisions, decisions! :) Lisa

Beth said...

It started here around 2-ish. Kind of a weird, sleety it seems to have stopped for the moment. I'll head off to bed soon, wondering what I'll wake up to...!

Jake walking around like a puff ball...LOL Evil kitteh look like blowfish!

Stay safe and warm,
Love, Beth