Monday, December 22, 2008

Feeling a bit defeated

I mentioned that it's really freakin' cold out right? Right? I wake my husband up for work this morning a half hour early, (due to getting stuck in the driveway last night, we wanted to make sure he had time in case there was a repeat... there wasn't) and he immediately goes outside to start the truck and get it warm. It's not till he's getting ready to leave that he mentions that there was a kitten sleeping in our trash can. (our can has just enough trash in it to force it to stay slightly open, hence how the kitty was sleeping inside it) As to be expected, I ask him a million questions. Are you sure it was a kitten? Are you SURE it wasn't a opossum? Did you try and catch it? He thought it was a little bigger than Saffron and yes, he tried to talk it into coming up to him. The cat hesitated and then ran off. I (of course) decided to go out in the -3 degree weather in my pj's and call for the cat. It was sitting outside of the trash when I went out but immediately ran off. I could only tell that it was dark in color. I called for a few minutes, and then went in the house. I went through the usual, get cat food, put cat food outside where cat had been. Then I started thinking about how cold it was and took a cat carrier outside, put the food in the carrier. I still felt awful. I gave it about ten minutes and when it didn't come back, I let my dogs out to potty. The last one out is almost always the pit bull since he has to go alone. When I let him in, I went to get ready for bed. I turned off the kitchen light, when what do I see? That cat just laying in the middle of the damned driveway. This time, I grab a can of food, opening it as I'm walking out the door. The cat goes to run but stops when it hears the metal of the can. (I swear, even strays and ferals KNOW that sound) I kneeled on the ground for the LONGEST time trying to convince her (from far away, it looked like a dilute calico) to come to get the food. She never moved from the spot she was in... until I stood to try and creep just a few feet closer. Off she went again. By then my fingers were starting to become one with the metal can so I dumped the can in with the rest of the food and went in the house. I hate to think she's going to be out there in this stuff. I mean, this is the kind of cold that people die in just from shoveling their sidewalks. She looked so cold and fluffed up. If she had just let me get a hold of her, I would've brought her inside and put her in a dog crate at least for the night. (my husband suggested just watching to see who won between her and evil cat but we all know how that would've turned out) I wish I would've had something better for her to eat inside of but off the top of my head, a cat carrier is as good as it gets without coming in the house. *sigh*

Update :: I just checked to see if the kitty had come back and eaten anything. She ate everything I put out, wet and dry food, including the small amount of wet food that fell in the snow when I opened the can. I put more out in case she comes back. At least she'll have a full belly.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Poor kitty. They are good at surviving, and if made if past the last couple of nights, then will again.

Beth said...

Awww, I hope cold kitteh will be okay. Ken is right, it doesn't get much colder than this, so I think she might be okay. Keep us posted!

Love, Beth

Kelly said...

Jamie you have a huge heart for animals. I know it had to be so cold out there for you. I hope you can get the kitten soon so she wont be cold anymore. :)

cw2smom said...

Awwwwww! Bless your pregnant heart out there in that cold! Just be careful out there in that snow and ice! Sounds like the kitty is resourceful and with a litte help from you, it should be fine! Blessings, Lisa