Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sorry my blogs are so long when you have so much to do

It is beyond the world of cold outside right now. We have a whole 3 degrees boys and girls. I'm not sure what the wind chill is as the radar isn't picking up any wind but I HEAR it. Stupid technology. It's supposed to continue being this cold through Monday and the wind chills are supposed to put us way into the negative numbers. Holy homophobic pastors Batman! (that's for you Beth dear)

I was aware it was supposed to be getting bitterly cold soon. When we got home from wandering around town, I immediately went to get the outdoor cats. (otherwise I would've put it off till it was even later and colder) I had forgotten that between the time I put them outside and now, there was a bitchin' ice storm. I should've taken an ice pick. Getting the locks open with all that ice on them was enough of a pain in the ass. I knew then I should've went and got Shawn to do it all for me but I didn't feel like watching his eyes roll and then the sigh that would precede it. (although I was scolded for not coming to get him after I explained how bad it was) I went to open the door to their enclosure and thought it felt funny. I wasn't sure how but there was something wrong. At first I thought maybe it was from the ice that was making it feel odd and then I noticed the gangster lean it was sporting. Damn. I don't know when or how it happened but the wood that the hinge is connected to, broke off with said hinge. Well, the cats will be indoors till that's fixed. Crap. It'll be really annoying to have them inside until spring. I'm not sure how my husband can get it fixed before then however or even how bad the damage is to the wood. After cursing the 2x4 for a few minutes, I went to retrieve the cats. Oh wait. I put a few pieces of heavy plastic in front of the doors so they couldn't fly open. I put them there to keep the cats warm and cozy. Now I can't get in. They are not only frozen to the door but also to the ground. Much kicking ensues. I get them loose and moved, door still doesn't budge. More kicking. Finally I get the door open enough that I can squeeze through it. However, not large enough that the cat carrier (that is now holding evil cat) to fit through. Now you must forgive me for what I'm about to reveal but by that time I was tired, pissed and freezing my pregnant ass off. I turned the carrier sideways... with evil cat in it. Hey, I was gentle. He seemed to have forgotten the ordeal by the time we made it indoors, at least he didn't scratch out my eyeballs or even turn into blow fish evil cat. (thank you Beth for that one!)

After Jasmine fell asleep tonight, I decided to go wrap some presents. I had already wrapped one of my moms and my grandma's earlier in the night. (ok so throwing them neatly in a bag doesn't count as wrapping but it's done) Everything is down in the basement for wrapping. Husband thought he would take everything that you could ever need to wrap presents with (except scissors, of course... he bought some damned frustrating thing with a blade that is supposed to be easier to use than scissors... I hate it) when he wrapped mine. I think he likes to torture me. You see, I hate the basement. It keeps me the f--k out. I hear things down there, I always feel like someone is watching me from one of the tiny windows that are at ground level. Most of all, I have this irrational fear that I will become locked down there and somehow die as a result. The room that is safest in a tornado, is the one I am most terrified of. It's made of all cinder blocks and has a giant hole in the wall that requires a ladder to get into. The hole is also finished with cinder blocks and is fairly deep but not very tall. It's like a giant coffin in my mind. I actually only went into the hole on a few occasions as a kid and even then felt uneasy. (for those who don't know, we bought my grandmother's house when she moved in with my mom so I've been in and out of this house, literally since I was an infant) That hole, holds my Christmas and birthday presents right now. My husband is a sadist. There isn't enough curiosity in my body to ever go in that room, alone. *shudders at the mere thought* Back to what I started this paragraph with. I would've preferred (obviously) to wrap presents upstairs but I'd of had a hell of a time carrying everything up those stairs and then going back down to retrieve the rest. (all the presents are also down there to keep little prying eyes from seeing) Therefore, I've given in and decided to wrap the stuff down there and hope I don't get murdered by a homeless axe murderer who broke one of said tiny windows and has been living in my basement. (active imagination much??) Of course, when I got down there tonight, it was full of odd noises, some of which I don't remember hearing down there before. I thought of turning on the radio but decided against it when I realized I may not be able to hear the axe murderer approaching over it. I ended up getting all but one of Shawn's presents wrapped, the two HUGE things of Jasmine's (that giant robotic dinosaur that you see everywhere and a dollhouse) as well as a few other smaller items for her. I also wrapped the present I got for my mom, which was nerve wracking. If even so much as a scratch appears on that present, it will not be by my hand. I didn't even turn it over to wrap it. It's wrapped upside down, so that you actually see the tape seam along with the name tag. I did it for a reason though. This way, there will be no turning over of the present to wrap it and hopefully, no tossing around of the present in the process of unwrapping. And then I set it on the far side of the room with the presents that my husband is forbidden to even touch.

Tomorrow (Sunday) we will be headed out (in the freezing cold) to my dad's for Christmas there. I was hoping to do his house AFTER Christmas so that if he bought her any of the stuff that we did, she would have already gotten it from us and I wouldn't have to take anything back. If I see one dollhouse or one large robotic dinosaur come out of any packaging... someone is going to be bleeding. And if I see both of them? Oh, there will be death. Everything else we bought her, not that important, those two, are the big items damnit and they're MINE to give. MINE. ;) Who knows, we may freeze solid on the way to the car and never make it there. We'll be a little family of ice sculptures for the neighbors to enough till it thaws. Maybe they're even hang a few strings of lights on us.


Indigo said...

I'm in my basement to put the laundry in and bring it up...that's it. Paul still has some of his former wifes stuff down there (she died 6 months before I met him) and now there are things that used to belong to his mother. Can you say haunting? Come Spring I'm hauling most of what's in there out, even Paul agrees at this point it's overflowing.

I wasn't going to go out today, but I'm beginning to think I need to get the grocery shopping and stocking stuffing shopping done for the week. I don't trust the weather and I don't want to NOT have things for Paul's stocking or the animals. (Hugs)Indigo

Adirondackcountrygal said...

I think the eye roll and sigh is preferable to the struggle you went through to get the cats!

Beth said...

I hear ya with the ice storm crap. When I went out to get the mail on Friday, the mailbox was frozen shut. I had to come back and get a screwdriver and chip at it till I got it open. Luckily, the mailman hadn't been by yet, so he was able to deliver our mail. I'm glad I got out there before he came by.

This wind is awful! Ken is venturing out to get his hair(s) cut, and will stop by the grocery store for me. I'm stayin' in! Hope you guys don't freeze your patooties off on the way to your Dad's. I definitely recommend letting the car warm up before you dash out and hop in real quick. In fact, maybe Shawn can pull right up to the door and you can take a running leap and DIVE in!

That's quite a mental picture.

I kind of like our basement, but it's a walkout, so we have a sliding glass door and it's nice and bright during the day. Of course, I suppose that would make it easier for our neighborhood axe murderer (I didn't know we had one, so thanks for the tip!) to just stroll right in while my back was turned. Hmm, something to think about!

Hope you have a good day, and that there is NO DUPLICATION of presents! And no blood.

Love, Beth

Lisa said...

I think your cats staged a coo and realized if they broke the hinge they would get to live inside for the winter!!!! Well done on bringing them all in even though I know you probably aren't really thrilled with it.