Thursday, December 11, 2008

A good clean painful time

Oh holy hell. The last few days have been fairly pain free for once. Then today, wham. It's like some is taking razor blades down my cervix and twisting them as they go. This is the pain that my doctor (male of course) smiles at as I'm telling him about my agony and says that it only gets worse with the more kids you have. It was about that time that I unhinged my jaw and swallowed him whole. ;) And wouldn't you know, the doctor's also claim that there are no nerves in your cervix. Right. The next time I have that pain, I'd like to have a pair of those same doctor's testicles in my hand. I'm now convinced that I'm pregnant with a tasmanian devil with a very large head. It'll be born, the doctor's and nurses will gasp in horror and then it'll tear them limb from limb. And afterwards I'll say I told you so. harhar

I finally did it. I gathered up an entire trash bag of Jasmine's clothes and am sending them to goodwill. The kid is 3 1/2 and I have never given any of her clothes away. I literally have five or six huge rubbermaid deals full of her clothes. It's time to go through them and get rid of those things that I'm not absolutely attached to. Tonight I pretty much said if it's under 4T, it goes. (I was in her bedroom and there were no clothes under 2T so nothing too itty bitty adorable to distract me) Even the fancy dresses are going. Even if I were to have another girl, it's unlikely that I would put her in all the same dresses Jasmine wore for the holidays. It's just too easy to buy adorable things rather than recycle the old. So goodwill is going to be getting a ton of lightly worn girls clothing this week and in the weeks following. At first I thought about keeping them in the basement and then having a yard sale this summer but I hate yard sales. I hate going to them and I hate having them. I'd much rather take just give them all away. I was also thinking of freecycling them but as I stated before, I don't like giving strangers my address. Apparently, we've recently had some issues with our branch of the freecycle network as well. People respond to ads, don't show up and then a few weeks later, the houses get robbed. I'm just freakin' giddy over the fact that I was actually able to get rid of any of her stuff.

I was also able to get around to starting my cake balls tonight. (my husband giggles like a fourteen year old boy each and every time I say cake balls... he will be 90 and still laugh at it, just you wait) It's takes some time so they're not yet finished. Basically, you make a cake as you normally would but keep in mind your going to demolish the thing within an hour of having it out of the oven so don't bust your ass on some fancy cake pan. Afterwards, once it's a little cooler, you crumb it all up in a large bowl and add about 1/2 a container of frosting. I used the mixer to get it all blended. Roll them into balls and place in the freezer for at least two hours. Take them out, dip them in the chocolate of your choice (I'm using the recommended chocolate almond bark and drizzling with white chocolate), allow chocolate to cool, harden and then eat. This is my first attempt with these. They smelled really good but then again, so did those chocolate truffle cookies. (ok so me, my husband and Jasmine were the only people that didn't like them) Mine are currently in the freezer. I don't have any toothpicks to stick them onto while I dip them so I may just wait to go any further till tomorrow. Just depends on how adventurous I'm feeling after Jasmine goes to sleep. Something about this pregnancy has really brought out the baker in me. Everyone my husband works near is in heaven. I can't finish all these baked goods myself so off they go to work with him.


Cw2sMom/Lisa said...

Man..If I lived closer, I'd be helping you with those baked goods! Yum. Nothing better than homemade treats! I am sorry your having pains...I send you comforting thoughts! I like your idea of giving away those things, surely someone will be very grateful! I also like the idea of the fun in buying new stuff for the new one! Enjoy...and get some rest Sweetie! Hugs, Lisa (my verification word..mizingsa=those awful pains in our cervix that we get at the end of our pregnancy. "Once again, the doctor is dismissing my mizingsa pain!" What does he know anyway! LOL!

Beth said...

Mmmm, cake balls. [snicker]

Sorry to hear you're having such awful pain--that sounds terrible. Your doc can thank his lucky stars that you weren't holding his cake balls when he was talking to you! LOL

I think we're going to have a garage sale this spring. Maybe you can make an exception and stop by! :)

Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad that Beth does not bake much, I would be huge.

I think Cake Balls are funny to :o)

Lisa said...

Those cake balls sound good - I've never heard of them before.

I had to howl out loud at your little devil ripping the staffs limbs off. That was good!!!