Monday, December 15, 2008

Baby it's cold outside

The wind is a howlin' out right now. I think the wind tends to freak me out more than any other kind of weather. To the west of me are fields, nothing to block the wind so it always seems to hit our house faster than it would on another block. I always imagine the walls just saying to hell with this and collapsing. Unlikely? However, I have a really active imagination and very little control over it. In the last three hours, the temperatures have went from 50's to 20's. The house is pretty toasty from being above freezing for a day or two but with the wind and steadily dropping temperature, the house will be freezing by mid-morning. The wind just seems to go straight through our walls, causing the house to feel a lot colder. I'm thinking I may have to bring in the outdoor cats in this next week or so if the weather doesn't improve. If they come in, they will not upset the balance of my household and will be kept in the backroom. Last winter, I brought evil cat in and the house was in an uproar for weeks AFTER he was put back outside. And I still have scars from that brief act of kindness towards evil cat. If he needs to come in, I prefer that all of us are able to keep our distance. (and fingers) The only way to do that is to lock him and his friend in the backroom.

I finished up with my grandmother's Christmas present today. Now I just have to get my mom's finished. My husband has been holing himself up in the office for the last several days doing something for me for Christmas. I've been doing my best not to think about what it could be. The more I wonder, the more likely I would be to go snooping. I plan on being extremely good this year and keeping my nose to myself. In past years, I've been so bad that my husband won't even use our home computer to look up my presents or information on them since he knew I would check the history extensively and am able to track where he's been even if he deletes it. I'm better now. Reformed if you will. ;)

We tried a new pizza place tonight. Well, it was only new to me as Jasmine and Shawn had it the night before. It's called (I think) Hungry Howie's. It's ok, nothing to write home about. Honestly, I thought the pizza tasted exactly like Pizza Hut's hand tossed pizza. And maybe Pizza Hut's cheese was a little better but really the same pizza, same sauce, etc. Their cheese bread was pretty decent but wow, I have some terrible heartburn from it. Would I go back? Probably if none of the better places were open but not if I had more choices to me. I'm still a Rocco's girl. (don't bother looking it up unless your local, it's family owned and fabulous) I'm actually hungry now but the heartburn is making even the idea of eating, nauseating. Besides, I should really be thinking about doing that sleeping thing, not the eating thing.


Adirondackcountrygal said...

If heartburn continues to be a problem, ask you Dr. if you can take Nexium. Works great for me, but I'm not pregnant either.. Good luck with evil cat. I have a gift under the tree for me too. Pretty sure its a camera or something like that. I do need a new one.

Beth said...

Brrr, it IS cold outside! At least the wind seems to have died down a bit now. My face about froze when I was taking out the recycling earlier today.

You know, I don't believe I've ever had Rocco's. We just never go out! I read about Hungry Howie's in the paper...another one that opened recently over on Ireland is called Milo's, and I've read that's pretty good.

Stay warm and watch out for Evil Kitty!

Love, Beth

Lisa said...

I was watching the weather and thought of you - I heard it was going to get bitterly cold. Your evil cat make me think of all the times things backfired out of acts of kindness leaving me to say no good deed goes unpunished!

Now behave yourself and don't go snooping!!!