Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Suddenly none of it matters anymore. Not the fact that he left the chicken in the oven to thaw... three days ago. Not the fact that I didn't realize it was there until the oven was done preheating for my cookies. (plastic burning was a give away) Not any of the other things I had been bitching about in my head. All that matters is that it wasn't him. My husband was on his way home from dropping off movies we rented a few days ago. He had been following a vehicle that was driving erratically. He was on the phone with 911 while he followed the man. Suddenly, the car slammed head on into an oncoming vehicle. All I can think is thank god it wasn't him. I manage to think of someone else other than my own family long enough to ask if everyone is ok. The lady had some shoulder pain (air bags deployed and had her seat belt on) and the man that caused the accident had some pretty bad cuts. He says the woman will be fine. Not sure on the guy. If he was drunk (which is my guess) he'll probably be fine. If it was something medical, who knows. My husband counted ten cars that the man almost ran into. Ten families whose Christmas would've been a little less bright. Or maybe not. Maybe this woman will go home, hug her family and be more grateful than ever that she is there to spend another day with them, another Christmas, given a little more time. I know I'll be hugging my family a little tighter. Be a little less quick to anger. And just be grateful for another day with all of them.

Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope you're with the ones you love, safe and warm.


Beth said...

Dammit, Jamie, you made me cry. I'm so glad Shawn is okay. I can see how all is forgiven, even the chicken. I'm glad the other driver is okay, too.

{{big hugs}}


P.S. Word verification is "maromony." Knowing that you'd marry him all over again. :)

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad that Shawn is home safe and sound. Such experiences certainly put things into perspective.

Wayne Images said...

I'm so thankful that he's fine and that he was there to call 911. Merry Christmas! Here's some love! xoxox

Adirondackcountrygal said...

I am so glad your husband is ok. Yes, men can be jerks, but you still love em. Glad no one was killed by that fool drunk driver.. Linda