Monday, December 8, 2008

Food, the good, the bad and the crispy

I don't know what the hell happened. I've made these cookies a hundred times and they've turned out great every single time. Tonight, they came out more like chocolate chip biscuits than cookies. Crunchy things they are. It wasn't till I got out two dozen that the obvious answer came to me. You see, the cookies looked great while I was cooking them till the very last minute and then they flattened out. It didn't matter how long I left them in the oven, they all came out flat. Bastards. I used the exact same ingredients that I use every time and mixed them the same way as always. You better believe the F-word was a popular one in my kitchen tonight. I have a basic understanding of baking, it should NEVER have taken me as long as it did to figure out how to fix them. I added a small amount of flour to the mix until it was thicker. Next batch of cookies came out normal. I KNOW I used the right amount of flour. I'm not sure why they came out all funky. I'm sending the crunchy ones to work with my husband. I was half tempted to toss them but his friends would have a fit if they found out the trash can ate them. Tomorrow I'll probably make some triple chocolate brownies to make up to myself the nasty cookies today. What I really wanted to do was throw the entire plate on the floor and stomp them into oblivion.

I think me and Shawn were still quite exhausted from all the running around yesterday. We never really got up. So when dinner came about, we didn't want to cook so we headed out to dinner. Shawn got one of the more expensive dinners and mine wasn't exactly cheap. We had an appetizer and after a while started to wonder where our dinner was. We had a great waiter and he kept telling us it would be out soon. Suddenly, he appeared and said we'd only be paying for the appetizer seeing as how the kitchen had screwed up and sent out seven orders before ours. I was thinking holy cow that was an expensive meal and we just about got it for free. Our waiter's tip was more than our actual bill. Can't complain about that.


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Cookie disasters stink. Also glad you got your meal for free sort of.

Beth said...

Wow, SCORE! Good thing they realized they screwed up and compensated you for it!

Sorry about the cookie debacle, but glad you were able to figure it out. I bet your effin' kitchen is a lot of fun! ;)