Monday, December 22, 2008

More of the same Brrrrrr

As many have posted before me, it's god awful cold out right now. The temperature is -2 with a wind chill of who knows what. The wind is blowing like mad and even when it's not actually snowing, you still can't see a damn thing because the wind kicks up the snow already on the ground. We had a hell of a time getting home from my dad's house. (go figure half the way back is all fields) Jasmine did not end up with anything I had already bought her. Score one for the parents who don't have to run and return something to Toys 'R Us only days before Christmas. She did get something that I believe my grandma bought for her however. I'm going to have to have a talk with my dad next year to at least let me know what he's bought her so that no one else buys her the same stuff. I got... *shakes head* footie pajamas. You know, the ones that babies wear. They're one piece, zip up and have feet. I'll look like some kind of freaky Easter bunny (with a tumor in it's stomach) when I put the thing on. (which I only did at the insistence of my three year old) While we were there, I had two pepsi's. Normally, I drink water or icee pops. (the frozen slushie things at ever 7-11) I wish I'd remembered at the time why I don't drink pop out of the can while I'm pregnant. The air that comes from carbonated beverages causes me extreme pain after just one so two was... just beyond awful. It didn't hit me till we were getting close to leaving and then I wanted to go out to the car just so I could cry and actually BE in pain, rather than pretend I was completely fine. The ride home was absolute hell. I was getting to the point that I wasn't sure if it was from the pop anymore or if there was something else really wrong. I had tears in my eyes almost the entire ride. Go figure, we had to go around 40mph the entire way due to the blowing snow. We finally get home and I start thinking I'll be able to lay down soon. We got VERY stuck in the driveway. The snow drifted over so badly that it was above the bottom of the doors. If my husband didn't have a 4x4 right now, my car would still be sitting down at the bottom of the drive. My husband had to pull my car up our driveway, which meant, while I was in a great deal of pain, I had to navigate the stuck car. It was only about an hour after being home that I started to feel a little better. No. more. pop.

Looks like this nasty weather is here to stay till at least Christmas. And it may even get worse. You can never be sure how accurate the weather guys are going to be until it's actually snowing. We may end up with only a dusting between now and then or we could end up snowed in. Winter sucks. I think I'll be saying that a lot this year.

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Beth said...

Oh no, I'm sorry you got stuck! And when you just wanted to get inside and lie down...I hope you're feeling better. I had terrible heartburn the other night, so maybe I'm having sympathy pains! :)

I couldn't help it...I LOL'd at the footie pajamas and freaky Easter bunny remark!

Hugs, Beth