Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cats, whining and more cats

By now, I believe most of you have received your Christmas cards from me. (this only applies to those I have addresses for so if you didn't get one, I probably don't have your address... stop sending dirty looks my way damnit) Some of your received a little something... extra with yours and if you didn't, it's because you don't have cats or I didn't know you had cats. I bravely stuffed (and was really concerned that I'd have drug sniffing dogs at my door within a day or so of sending them out) them with catnip. My hope was that from that point forward, your cats would all attack the mailman every time he/she went to drop off the mail, in hopes that one of the packages would have a little something extra in it. I know Beth's cat attacked the mail before she had a chance to open it. Hopefully, there were only a few battle wounds from trying to tear the cards out of your kitties paws. I literally had to lock up the cards the night before I sent them or my own cats would've shredded them. So that was the extent of my evil for the holiday season for those of you that were wondering why your card looked normal. ;)

It's been a day of aches and pains for this household. Husband hurt his leg at some point and time today. He's been hobbling since he got home. The baby has been laying directly on nerves that should never ever be pushed on so I have been doing my own hobbling, bordering waddling. I could not have been happier when dinner was done, I stood up and realized I was no longer in mind shattering pain. Tomorrow, if husband still feels awful he's going to go to the doctor. (normally when he's in pain I don't worry too much, he's always in pain but this time seems a little different) I already have an OB appointment and then I'm going to the license branch to update that little shiny card that gives me permission to endanger your lives on the road.

I gave in. Well, husband convinced me to give in. I brought the two outdoor cats in for a few days tonight. They looked like hell when I got out there. (mom, we're freezing, please help!) So far, evil cat has only attacked Minka once since they've been in the house. I think being surrounded by crated dogs all night is making him nervous, therefore, less likely to injure her too badly. My indoor cats are very aware of the fact that he's back there and have been regarding the backdoor warily. As if any minute the door will burst open and in will wander evil cat. They need not worry, evil cat will not cross that doorway. I have no patience for him or his teeth right now.


Beth said...

Hee hee! It was hilarious--Sheeba knocked the entired stack of mail, and my book that was underneath, onto the floor. I couldn't figure out what his deal was...until I opened the card! It still makes me chuckle!

Glad Evil Cat isn't causing too much trouble. It really IS cold out there!

Hope you and Hubby feel better. :(

Love, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

From our evil cat to yours, thanks for the "special" card :o)

Robin said...

Oh, I love it. I may just have to do this same trick, well, if I sent out Christmas cards (I love them, I love the idea of sending them out, but.....). I'm glad you could bring indoors the outdoor cats in such weather. Perhaps they remember the alternative?! :)

Indigo said...

bwahahahaha...you wouldn't believe what a mess came of that. I read the card, saw the catnip and figured I would give it to them in the morning. I didn't need them going crazy all night...ummm yah right. The tyrants ate and shredded the envelope into tiny bits all over the dining room, and then proceeded to lick and eat half the card. That's what I had left the next morning half a card. I was so relieved I got a chance to read it the night before.

I couldn't stop laughing when I thought of your description, the evil card. My cats heartily thank you for the midnight snack (winks)...(Hugs)Indigo