Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A post is a post

We waited quite a while in my doctor's office yesterday. Jasmine wasn't being very well behaved either. Seems to be expected anymore if we have to wait for anymore than a few minutes. (it's not the wait, she just seems to be a in a mood on the days where we have to wait) Not much more embarrassing as a parent than trying to get your kid to come to you and instead she avoids you by going around a group of chairs. That got her on a time out, which was highly embarrassing for HER considering there were still some people around. Once we got in the room, I asked the nurse if she could do our flu shots and I insisted that the only way she was to do them was if she would still get to leave at the same time, which is why we got our shots before the doctor came in. (it was at the end of the day, we were the last patients) My doctor came in and started asking about my pregnancy. (this is my regular M.D., not my OB) He guessed that I was around five or six months. I kind of smiled at him and said 'Try closer to eight.' He laughed and said well most of the time when women come in here that far along they're walking like this. And then did this hugely exaggerated pregnant belly and walked across the room. I love my doctor. ;) I was actually in there to get my prescription updated for my inhaler since they don't make the kind I normally use anymore. (and I hear the replacement tastes something awful, which my doctor agreed with) Then I asked him about a mole that I have been wanting to have removed. I needed to know how long to make the appointment for (20 minutes) and then I told him I'd been putting it off because I'm such a huge baby when it comes to needles and such. He then proceeded to tell me several times that the procedure would definitely sting. This is a doctor who never says anything is going to hurt. Fantastic. I just keep telling myself it can't be that bad. The numbing medication they use is supposed to be the worst of it and I've had that before. (granted it was in the middle of a contraction and I really didn't feel it at all due to the worst pain of my life coming from my uterus) It still won't be an easy appointment for me to make and then follow through with. He couldn't have said it would tickle?

Today I'm feeling a little better. I was pretty tired several hours ago but it seems to have subsided some. Yesterday I just felt awful. I ended up crying for an hour in the middle of the night because Jasmine just would not go to sleep and my restless leg syndrome was the worst I've ever felt it. I wanted to kick the walls, claw at them, anything to feel something other than the creepy crawlies. After several hours, Jasmine fell asleep and I took an Ambien. I don't know how I would sleep if I didn't have them right now. I hate taking something to fall asleep, (or more like the idea that there is no other way for me TO fall asleep) but it's nice to have the option when sleep is all but impossible on my own. My legs are bothering me tonight but for now it's tolerable as long as I occasionally stretch my legs really well. Much better than 24 hours ago. If I had to feel that every night, I think I would lose my mind. I can't imagine being someone who has RLS really badly. I normally only have it here and there when I'm not pregnant and I can usually fall asleep on my own, even if it does take quite a while longer than normal. While I'm pregnant, it's ten times worse. I don't want a newborn already but last night I was begging for my water to break just to have my body back. I'm just about sick of sharing it with someone else. It's mine damnit, stop messing with the way it works. ;)


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope you got some good sleep last night. Only another month, you can do it :o)

Wes said...


I hope you can feel better soon, and get more rest. I know time is flying, but not fast enough for you. I'm sorry to hear that Jasmine kept you up later than you wanted. Malayna Jane has been doing the stay up late thing for some time? The last couple nights it was before 1:00 in the morning! :) Before that it was on the average of about 4:00 or so? I'm glad that you and the Baby are doing OK! I hope that you will have a good day, and a better evening tomorrow.


Adirondackcountrygal said...

You poor thing. I know having a toddler is hard, and now a baby on the way. I also have the restless leg problem. Drives me nuts too. Get that man of yours to help! I know its easier to say than do.. Linda

Robin said...

I hope that you all feel better and less restless, soon! You will make it:) And, don't worry about blogging; blog if you feel inspired. And, congrats on your real person award, yeah!!

Beth said...

I'm glad you feel a little better. Hang in there, you're almost there!

Several years ago, I had some moles removed, and I don't recall it hurting much at all. It was right there in the doctor's office, and once the numbing stuff took hold, it was no biggie!

Love, Beth