Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Damn cats

Why am I always in the right place at the right time? It's a shitty gift at times, let me tell you. I was tired, didn't feel like doing anything except feeding the dogs, changing the litter box and going to bed. I didn't want anything extra added that list. Who would've thought taking out the cat pooh would've been anything other than ordinary. Our back porch light is out so I have to use a flashlight while going out at night. As soon as I shined it out the door, I saw two eyes shine back. There was a little calico cat seriously considering entering my backyard for a drink of water. NOT a good idea if you're a cat. My dogs will eat a cat if it's roaming their yard. I tried to get her to come to me after I was outside the fence but she was too skittish. No worries, I wasn't going to keep her, just wanted to check her out, make sure she was ok physically and let her go. She went towards the front door however. Being that I would worry about her the rest of the night if I didn't do SOMETHING, I went back inside, gathered up some cat food and a small bowl for water and put it in front of the door. It was only a few minutes before she was eating. I went out again later to try and get a look at her (after she was finished eating) but the food didn't make her any more social. I warned her not to expect that kind of thing often. It's weird to see cats wondering around our neighborhood. Smart people around here keep their cats inside or confined some other way, otherwise you're just asking that they get hit by a car. I just hope she was fixed.


Marty said...

Hi Jamie,
I like your new blog ... looks great. Just thought I'd stop by to pay you a visit, after seeing you on Nutwood Junction!

Adirondackcountrygal said...

I hope the new kitty will be ok too!

Lisa said...

They are attracted to us like we are human catnip! I have the gray stray who is now letting me touch her, get this, only on her nose. How wierd is that??? I feed her twice a day and she has made a home in the hay shed until I can get her in a humane trap and get her checked out by the vet & spayed if needed.

I hope she doesn't get hit by a car.

Indigo said...

Let's see what does this remind me of? Hmm Me! Like Lisa said I think we are human catnip. Somehow they sense we represent food and safety. I don't think there is any cure for it...Don't think I would want it any other way. Hope the kitty stays safe and doesn't get hit. (Hugs)Indigo