Thursday, November 20, 2008


Being pregnant is kind of sucking right now. Baby is laying so that my stomach is hard as a rock. (no, it's not braxton hicks) Oh, and that kind of hurts too. But the restless leg syndrome is the worst of all symptoms I've had being pregnant. I did however, get to eat cake today. ;)

Got the cats some more toys today. I wish we could do it for the dogs but they don't really seem to enjoy them that much. And then when they do... well it only lasts long enough to rip them to shreds. The cats toys are a little more long lived. The fake mice I just bought this past weekend seem to have disappeared except for two. I don't know where they hid the rest of them. Not under the couches because I just moved them yesterday.

My god, my husband needs some bean-o. Breathing in this room is becoming difficult. I think my brain cells are dying as we speak. Why does this never seem to really bother my kid? There must be something wrong with her sense of smell. Lucky kid.


Wes said...


I hope that your legs calm down, and that your pain will ease.

I had a wild kitten that I took in, she would fetch things and bring them back to me. It did not matter, she was like a dog. Her favorite toy was balled up paper.

I hope your morning is kinder to you, and that your day is even better.


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Everyone in this house needs Beano, we are a family of farters, I'm one of the biggest culprits!

cw2smom said...

Those last few weeks of pregnancy can be soooo uncomfortable, I recall vividly! Hang in there Sweetie! Thanks for your funny comment on my Drill Sgt. blog entry! LOL! I so needed that laugh! There must be at least 50 of those little fake mice hidden in my home! They don't have legs, so who knows how the cats manage to lose them! I have found several stuffed into the toes of my sneakers at different times though! Hugs, Lisa

Beth said...

I finally had to throw away a couple of Sheeba's toys (a couple of cheapo stuffed animals) because he barfed on them. The bigger toys stay out, but the little meeces and stuff...who knows where they go?

Hope your legs settle down soon. :(

Hugs, Beth

BlueRidge Boomer said...

My friends cat hides his mice under the refrig.....even my dogs need Bean-o!!!