Friday, November 21, 2008

It's all about the purse

It's snowing here like we lived in the Rockies, not northern Indiana. I don't think at least one of the weathermen was expecting the winds to blow the way they are. "We" weren't supposed to get as much snow as we are. It was "supposed" to be to the areas, well, everywhere BUT us. That's what happens with lake effect snow. There is no way to predict exactly what it will do. Every winter is a big guessing game. When one meteorologist gets it right, every commercial for that news station is all about how they called it and the other guy didn't. Really, you or I could do just as good of a job of calling lake effect snow accumulations with the same equipment. It really is just a matter of the best guess. It's rather frustrating for the everyday person around here however. You will go to bed being told that in the morning it's going to look like a blizzard. You make preparations, bust your ass doing this or that and then get just a dusting of snow. Other times, you're told nothing in advance. When you wake up, you think a flour company exploded outside your door. Some people around here still don't get it. They seem to think that the weather guy should be 100% with lake effect. They don't understand there is no exact science to it. It all depends on how the wind blows across the lake. The slightest change in the direction of the wind, and all that snow goes to the county next door.

Took a quick trip to the mall this evening. I went to bed last night with the intent of doing this before my husband got home from work but I don't like to drive in the unpredictable fluffy white stuff. Once he got home, I casually mentioned it oh, a hundred times in hopes that he'd figure out I wanted HIM to drive. ;) Last night, I was getting frustrated as I still hadn't found anything for Jasmine to wear on Thanksgiving. Every year, I've bought her some fancy thing that she won't ever wear again. I didn't want to do that this time but I still wanted to find something that was a little more... than average. I went looking online at even the expensive stores last night, hoping to at the very least get some ideas. I eventually decided that a jean skirt would be fine as she can wear it again at any time without it being a special occasion. But I still wasn't sure on the shirt/sweater. We went to The Children's Place store to get the skirt. (I could get the skirt at just about any kid's store but they have the kind with an adjustable waistband and she has a tiny waist so it's almost a must have) There were a lot of really cute shirts and sweaters but I eventually went with something a little more casual, a henley with a hood. She LOVES it. I'm not sure how she really feels about the skirt but she really loved the shirt once we got home. (she paid no attention to it in the store, instead preferring godawful ugly and brightly colored shirts) Now that's done. All that's needed is some cute tights... oh and some shoes, which will be worn for Christmas too. I hope this is one the entries that my husband happens to miss reading otherwise, he's already doing the math in his head. Maybe I should title this entry something really boring to divert his attention to a sports site. Maybe something about purses....


Wes said...

Wow, we have not had any snow yet? I hope we don't the next couple weeks. I have been moving tons of stuff to the new place, and have much more to do. I will be getting some tights and shoes for Malayna Jane tomorrow. I love the purse girlfriend, the color is just right!


Beth said...

Ha ha! I'm glad you found a cute outfit for Jasmine, and one that she really likes!

So true about the lake effect. Was it just last year that they forecasted maybe a couple of inches for Thanksgiving, and we ended up with about 10?! NOT great for everyone out driving.


cw2smom said...

I learned something new from this entry! I've never heard of the "lake effect" and must do a little more research! Forever a West Coast girl...except when I go to TN to visit our condo! I've had to learn about Tornado Alley there and when visiting family in OKC! YIKES! Guess it's one thing or another wherever we live! Lisa
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