Saturday, November 8, 2008

Looking for a distraction

Heart burn is killing me. Really. I think I'm dying as we speak. It actually feels like I'm being stabbed all the way through my chest.
I've been looking for a new digital camera for a while. The current digital is a point and click. I thought it would make my life easier and the pictures would be about the same quality as a SLR. I was so wrong. Don't get me wrong, the camera takes adequate pictures but I miss my SLR. The only SLR I have is a 35mm. Yeah, FILM. You all remember that stuff right? It's a Canon Rebel T2. I love that camera. I love the quality of the photos that it takes. The ONLY thing I don't like about it, is that it's not a digital. It sucks to take all those photos, only to find that you could've taken half a dozen of them better if only you'd been given a chance at the time. Originally I was looking to get a Nikon D40 as my next DSLR but I love that old Canon so much that I think I'm just going to get the Canon Rebel DSLR. It'll be a while before I can afford it as the price is a little steep but it'll be worth it when it's here. By the way, the photo at the top of the page was taken with my old Canon Rebel T2 before I knew ANYTHING about photography at all. Is it any wonder why I love that camera?
We took Jasmine to see Madagascar 2 tonight. It was a spur of the moment decision, although not surprising considering both me and my husband have wanted to go to the movies for the past several weekends. It was a cute enough kids movie with MANY innuendos throughout. Quite a few times I was like 'Can they really put that in a kids movie?' But then I realized that no one under 13 would really get the meaning behind it. It was opening night so there were a lot of parents and children there. Despite that, almost every single kid was well behaved. I actually thought the parents were far worse than the kids. One woman sat on her cell phone through the first thirty minutes, talking at a regular volume. Nice example for your kid lady. Jasmine loved the movie and that was what was important in the end. The movie is partially responsible for the awful heartburn I'm currently having however. I don't know that I'll EVER eat another pretzel with cheese again. Ok, I will but not while I'm pregnant. No food is worth this much discomfort. Wow, never thought I'd say that. I love food. ;)


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

When you get ready to buy a new digital, take your lenses with you, I found that my lenses would only work with Canon, and did not want to abandon my 35mm lenses :o)

ada said...

please make sure it's just heartburn and nothing more serious.

Wes said...

We were thinking about seeing that same film this week. I know my wife ate more tums than me when she was pregnant! I used to take them all the time, but for over a year I stopped taking them? These last couple weeks have been like death as well! I hope you feel better, and you don't feel that pain again! Please have a great day tomorrow.